Time to use That Higher Power

Just a little while ago, you finally admitted that there was a higher power that can help you to stop using. And then you admitted to this higher power (as well as to another human being) the exact nature of your faults and past misdeeds. Now that you have done all of that, it is time to finally accept that your higher power is going to cleanse you of your bad character traits. Now don’t be prideful, and act as if you don’t have any character flaws. If you did not, you would be perfect, and they would probably have nailed you to a cross or something. You have faults, and you have even admitted them. Now the time has come to accept that a higher power will let you overcome these faults.

Overcoming faults is something that we can all work on within our own limited spheres of influence. But a funny thing happens when we admit to ourselves how little power we really do have- that little bit of power grows. When we accept that we are going to need the power of something beyond ourselves to keep on the clean and sober path, we open ourselves up to being able to stay in line with that higher power. While you always make the decision not to use today, and to avoid situations that would cause you to use, it ultimately comes down to a surrender.

Having the ability to finally surrender our fate to a higher power is what gives us the power to live a better life. And while that might sound like something a hippie would say, it is actually true. Seriously, get yourself to a point where you understand that there is a power that will allow you to release your faults- they are the real reason why you used, aren’t they? You have plumbed the depths of your problems, so now it is time to start moving up.

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