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Illegal drug trade

Alcohol and Drug Abuse and Effects on Medications

Besides having a detrimental effect on your body, alcohol and drug abuse can also interact with other medications that you may be taking for a physical condition. These interactions can cause the medications to either not work as they should or not work at all. Antibiotics are a class of medications that can be rendered [...]

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Teenager Abuse of Marijuana

Image via Wikipedia Many teens in the United States of America expiration with drugs at some point in time. One drug that has become ever-prevalent is Marijuana. Over time, Marijuana has gained popularity and in turn is now called by many different names which it owes to prevalent drug-culture, such as: 420, pot, weed, Mary [...]

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Teenager Abuse of Synthetic Cannabinoids

Image by kr4gin via Flickr Many teenagers abuse drugs such as marijuana which are available from illegal drug dealers, or with a prescription, in some states, from legal dispensaries. This is difficult for many drug abusers as employers around the United States of America enforce random arbitrary drug screenings, from urine tests to rarer tests [...]

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