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You can Have Your Sanity Back, Through a Higher Power

Image via Wikipedia If you have been living in the world of the addict for a long time (and many people live in it for years before they even admit to themselves that they have a problem at all), then you are no doubt aware of how it grants you a false sense of power [...]

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Make a List, and Just Check it Once

Now that you have asked your higher power to have all of your internal issues removed from you, it is time to make yourself a little list. Do not worry, you will not have to buy all of these people gifts. They are not necessarily the good little children of the world. This is a [...]

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It’s Time to get all Guru

At this stage of the game, it is time to get into the fast track of your personal development. Some people say that if you want to improve at something, then you need to find someone who is better at it than you are and hang out with that person a lot. In that case, [...]

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Asking to get Better

It has been said that a person can not improve themselves. We are all subject to our shortcomings, our faults, and our petty little human problems. Unfortunately, this is a condition of being human, and it is something which we can never escape as long as we are still tied to this feeble mortal coil. [...]

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Making use of a Higher Power

Image via Wikipedia Okay, you have admitted that you have a problem with using. It has taken over your life, and now you want it back- your life, that is, not the deluded haze you knew when you were using. And you have finally figured out the fact that you are not the most powerful [...]

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