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Addiction Treatment Through Friends and Family

Not every type of addiction requires medical treatment, but never the less, some sort of treatment is necessary for you to take back control of your own life. Addiction often leads to you letting go of your own life and relying on something else to rule you. This may make you happy for a specific [...]

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Some Pregnancy Pain Can Be Treated by a Chiropractor

Image via Wikipedia Labor is not the only thing that is painful to a pregnant woman. Many women experience muscular pain and headaches due to pregnancy related issues throughout their pregnancy. She cannot take traditional medications as she could develop a substance abuse problem too. As an expectant mother gains weight, her center of balance [...]

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Risk Factors of Substance Abuse in The Family

Substance abuse results from a complex interaction of the individual, the family, the peer community, and a variety of societal factors. The result of various surveys through the years shows that substance abuse is generational. When there is a history of substance abuse in the family, it substantially increases the risk for abuse and dependence [...]

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Substance Abuse Invades the Family

Image via Wikipedia Drug addiction is a disease that claims victims and entangles all those around the victim into a perpetual crisis mode. Drug addiction is more dangerous to the family unit than if a armed robber slipped in the back door in the dead of night and stole every valuable piece of jewelry. Many [...]

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