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Vulnerability To Substance Abuse

A question that many users and non-users have is why do some substance users become addicted, while others do not. Several human chromosomal regions that contain genetic markers are associated with vulnerability to substance abuse in humans. But we’ll leave the technical language there. Addiction, whether alcohol, illegal drugs or prescription drugs, is a disease. [...]

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Teenager Abuse of hydrocodone

Image via Wikipedia Although teens across the country are suspect to fall under the influence of peer pressure into experimenting with drugs such as marijuana, many succumb to a more dangerous habit of abusing drugs commonly used for medicinal purposes. The teens are usually first introduced to such drugs, not through colleagues but as prescriptions [...]

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Teenager Abuse of Marijuana

Image via Wikipedia Many teens in the United States of America expiration with drugs at some point in time. One drug that has become ever-prevalent is Marijuana. Over time, Marijuana has gained popularity and in turn is now called by many different names which it owes to prevalent drug-culture, such as: 420, pot, weed, Mary [...]

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Substance Abuse and Detox

Detoxing from an addict substance is a process that applies to any individual terminating the use of any substance or drug to which he or she is addicted.  The ultimate goal of the drug detox program is to eliminate toxins and the residuals of drugs from the body.  If this is not done, the drug [...]

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Long-term Affects of Substance Abuse

Both alcohol and drug abuse have long-term affects on almost every organ in the body. There are some organs that receive a higher impact immediately such as the brain and the digestive system. The most devastating short-term and long-term effect is that alcohol and drugs both, hijack the brain’s normal “reward” pathways. This hijacking results [...]

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