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Alcoholic beverage

Types Of Alcoholic Beverages

An alcoholic beverage is something everybody is familiar with. There may be very countries in the world, if there are any for that matter, which does not have some or the other sort of alcoholic beverage in it. Some have banned it due to the threat of addiction, while others are making billions of revenue [...]

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History Of Alcohol

Alcohol is something which everybody is familiar with. There may not be anybody who wouldn’t know what alcohol is what the implications are. Even children know what alcohol is though they may not know the implications of having it or the consequences related to it. It is quite widely used all around the world and [...]

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Alcohol And The World

One of the universal problems the world faces today is the number of alcohol addicts in various parts of it. You find that it is something which most people are concerned about and want to put a stop, but are unable to do so because of various reasons. Alcohol addiction is a phenomenon which each [...]

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Alcoholism: Disease or Choice?

No one questions that excessive alcohol consumption is a devastating illness. The effects extend from the user to their family and, in the cases of drunk drivers, to other innocent people whom the user would have otherwise never met. The effects that excessive alcohol consumption can have on the body, as well as judgment, can [...]

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