Prescription Drugs : The Doctor Said So

Addiction does not care what kind of job you have or what kind of car you drive. It does not matter the house you live in or the amount you paid for your clothes, addiction affects people of all walks of life. It does seem that addiction to prescription drugs affects more white collar workers or upper middle class people, so to speak, than it does others. The specific reasons for this are unclear but are likely to be the feeling of legitimacy that prescription drugs have, the doctor gave them therefore they are permissible to take.

Those that suffer with chronic pain for whatever reason are the ones most likely to be addicted to prescription drugs. They are taking them for a valid reason to begin with and sometimes take more than they should or become dependent on round the clock doses in order to function. The first step in dealing with an addiction of this type is to talk to the doctor so that the pain medication can be switched or adjusted, while still addressing the chronic pain issue. This is a very hard addiction to deal with in that the medication is needed for quality of life and functioning with the pain.

Others that become addicted to pain medication are those that continue to take it after the need has passed, such as a surgery or injury situation where healing happens and the pain is gone. What was a need has now become a habit and professional help is needed to kick that habit. There are also cases where people abuse substances that were not prescribed for them, but for another family member or friend. This is a situation where it is no different from using street drugs but for some reason. Sometimes people believe the prescription drugs to be better; sometimes they believe them to be safer. Whatever the reasons drug addiction is drug addiction and the treatment for addiction to prescription drugs is much like treatment for other substance abuse issues such as alcohol and other drugs.

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