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More Women Get Graduate Degrees than Men

More Women Get Graduate Degrees than Men

There are some who still believe it’s a man’s world, but the statistics tell a different story. If a good education means a good job, and a good job gives you money and power, then the boys are in trouble. Since 2000, more women have received graduate degrees than men. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Master’s Degree: Women earn 60% of all Master’s Degrees
  • Doctorate Degrees: 48.8% of all Doctorate Degrees are held by women
  • More White Women: That’s the rub. Minorities still linger behind whites when it comes to higher education

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Why Do Fewer Minorities Get Graduate Degrees?

There are a number of theories on why minorities still linger behind women in education. Some theorize that it’s due to a poor elementary school education from schools in poor neighborhoods. When you put it into a cool infographic, it seems that a number of things limit minorities from getting a higher education.

One of the first roadblocks for minorities is that many come from homes where the parents have very little education. It could be that these children simply haven’t been exposed to college graduates. They are less likely to travel a long distance to go to school, so the education is limited to what’s close by. Hispanics and Asians stay the closest to home. The good news is that their parents were big on dreams. They want their children to have the opportunities they didn’t have.

Does This Mean Women Are More Motivated?

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Everything from women’s rights to better job opportunities likely play into the fact that more women are seeking advanced degrees. Statistics do show that most graduate degrees are in business or education. It doesn’t take a PhD to know that there are many female teachers and female business people. Motivated women are going to advance their careers through education.

What Does the Future Hold for Educated Women?

Since more women are getting graduate degrees, expect to see them holding down some of the most important jobs in America. These include:

  • Chief Executive
  • Physician or Surgeon
  • Lawyer
  • Computer and Software Engineers and Managers
  • Managers in Business and Technology

See all of those management positions? Anyone who’s ever been a mom knows that women have excellent management skills. It makes sense that more women would advance their education to grab the top jobs in today’s job market.

As women and mothers continue to embrace higher education, we can hope that their vision and determination gets passed down to their children, and that all minorities will be able to realize their dreams.

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