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Making use of a Higher Power

Making use of a Higher Power

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Okay, you have admitted that you have a problem with using. It has taken over your life, and now you want it back- your life, that is, not the deluded haze you knew when you were using. And you have finally figured out the fact that you are not the most powerful creature in the universe. Maybe you have a hang up about this whole “God” thing. And maybe you are not too keen on putting a label on your higher power. Maybe “The Universe” works better for you as a higher power. Or maybe there is a genuinely good group with a seriously noble objective that you can submit your energy to, instead of the endless pursuit of pleasure (or the relief of pain) that will ultimately destroy you.

It almost does not matter what you select as the “God” that you submit your recovery to. All it has to be is something greater and more powerful than yourself. Too many people have gotten hung up on the religious overtones that come out of submitting your cleaning up process to a “God” tends to bring up, and ended up sabotaging their own recovery as a consequence of doing so. While it is never a good idea to get too hung up on the details of things in life, it is important for you to stay clean and sober.

This is why, once you have figured out what you can submit your recovery to, that you actually do it. Something very bizarre and unexpected tends to happen when people really admit to their own powerlessness. They become acutely aware of the places in their own lives where they really can be powerful, and as a result they become more powerful over other things. Just like lifting progressively heavier weights makes your muscles get stronger, admitting to where you are weak makes your ability to control your life stronger. Find yourself a god, and use it.

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