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American Outreach http://www.americanoutreach.org Helping Those Less Fortunate Thu, 10 May 2012 07:03:55 +0000 en hourly 1 http://wordpress.org/?v=3.3.2 Life After Bankruptcy: Effective Ways to Rebuild Your Credit http://www.americanoutreach.org/life-after-bankruptcy-effective-ways-to-rebuild-your-credit.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/life-after-bankruptcy-effective-ways-to-rebuild-your-credit.htm#comments Sun, 15 Apr 2012 06:56:42 +0000 Randy http://www.americanoutreach.org/?p=1309

When the economy is uncertain, it’s no wonder why so many previously financially stable families and businesses find themselves struggling more than ever before. When it comes to maintaining a business in a tough economy, it’s not always easy—and sometimes, business owners are all but forced into a bankruptcy filing.

Image Courtesy of SignatureListings.com via Flickr.


Fortunately, a bankruptcy doesn’t equal the end of financial freedom for a family or small business. In fact, there are plenty of ways to bounce back after a financial hardship. Getting credit after filing for bankruptcy can be intimidating, but thankfully, it’s not impossible. All you need are a few simple tips on how to rebuild a financially bright future after a difficult fiscal year—or years—and you’ll soon be on your way to financial freedom and fiscal responsibility in no time.

Ask a Cosigner

After a bankruptcy filing, applying for any amount of money will be tricky. With a speckled financial history, banks might not trust a bankrupt person right away. This is when your trusted team of family members, friends and business colleagues will become imperative. In a shaky economy, a bankruptcy filing doesn’t equal irresponsibility, and someone should step forward to cosign a loan or lease.

Lean on Loved Ones

A bankruptcy filing doesn’t just hurt financially. In fact, it can be an emotional strain on an entire family. Be honest with yourself and your loved ones, and never try to live a life you can’t afford. It’s important to share your financial struggle, and lean on loved ones for support and encouragement.

Start Small

Once you’ve begun to feel more comfortable in your new financial place, you’ll want to start small financially before recreating your pre-bankruptcy life. Borrow small amounts of money and consider renting rather than taking on a huge mortgage. Baby steps will help you regain your financial sea legs.

Now that you have an essential financial toolkit for rebuilding your life and your bank account after a bankruptcy, facing an uncertain economy shouldn’t be so scary. In fact, as long as you’re armed with the right knowledge base and a great team of legal and financial professionals, setting all the right documents into motion—should the time ever come—shouldn’t cause an extra headache. Remember to have a strong financial plan in place, should your business ever need a boost, and know the right people to call and ask for help.

Getting a business back on track is similar to getting a family budget back on track after a bankruptcy filing, and it’s imperative that all your employees or family members know the drill. Keep a trusted team around you, and remember that a bankruptcy isn’t the end of your future, and you’ll surely face the business world with a great amount of confidence.


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Advantages of Getting a New Flat in Pittsburg Area http://www.americanoutreach.org/advantages-of-getting-a-new-flat-in-pittsburg-area.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/advantages-of-getting-a-new-flat-in-pittsburg-area.htm#comments Fri, 02 Mar 2012 06:05:48 +0000 admin http://www.americanoutreach.org/?p=1304

Finding the perfect rental property is challenging. Pittsburgh has a lot to offer if you know what you are looking for. Here are a few things that Pittsburgh can offer someone renting or buying a new flat in the area.

Image via Wikipedia

A Great Environment for Young Professionals

Living close to work is a draw for many young professionals. Many apartments in Pittsburgh are located within walking distance of a central business district. If walking isn’t an option, there are shorter commute times than in many cities of comparable size, and the city has an excellent public transportation system. Most commute times are under 30 minutes, with the average being 25 minutes. For those who travel frequently for business or pleasure, the Pittsburgh International Airport is located just 15 miles from downtown.

Green Living

Green living can also be very appealing in real estate. Pittsburgh has primarily been known for the steel trade in the past. In the recent years, however, Pittsburgh has been making strides toward high technology and especially toward building more energy efficient homes. Newer buildings in the area will be putting green technology to work, which could be a selling point for young professionals and young families who want to be conscious of the state of the environment around them.

Entertainment Options

Whether a tenant is interested in sports, fine dining or the performing arts, Pittsburgh has a lot to offer. It is home to three major league sports teams; the Pittsburgh Pirates in baseball, the Pittsburgh Steelers in football and the Pittsburgh Penguins in Hockey. Great restaurants and performing arts venues are also located in the area, including a symphony orchestra, ballet companies and operas.

Education Opportunities

Pittsburgh is home to some great colleges. Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh are both located in the city, and several other universities are located nearby. Young families may also be drawn to the charter and magnet school options in the city for their children.

Green Space

Pittsburgh is located where two rivers join to form the Ohio River. Many of the neighborhoods on the edges of the city offer tree-lined streets. The city is also located near the Appalachian Mountains. Great parks and recreation areas can be found nearby.

Knowing what a city has to offer, no matter what city you are looking for property in, is important. The more you know about the area, the better you will be able to find selling points for potential tenants.


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How DWI Attorneys Can Help You http://www.americanoutreach.org/how-dwi-attorneys-can-help-you.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/how-dwi-attorneys-can-help-you.htm#comments Wed, 15 Feb 2012 20:21:06 +0000 admin http://www.americanoutreach.org/?p=1296

When you are faced with a DWI, or driving while intoxicated charge, you will have a decision on whether or not to hire an attorney. While some people choose to represent themselves in court, you can lessen the burden by hiring an attorney to handle the complex court process.

Image Courtesy of Flickr

Aside from reducing the burden brought about by a DWI charge, hiring a DWI attorney has many other benefits. The following is a look at exactly how a DWI attorney can help you if you are facing a DWI charge.

Help Keep Your Driver’s License

The most common consequence of being found guilty of DWI is having your license suspended. If the violation is committed in New York, a New York DWI Attorney can help you try and keep your driver’s license. Some of the things that an attorney can do for you include:

  • Fighting against license suspension
  • Applying for privileges to allow you to drive if a license is suspended
  • Reduce amount of time a license is suspended

Arrangement for Rehabilitation

Many people who are facing DWI charges are facing a struggle with alcohol or drug addictions. A DWI attorney can work with the court system to arrange for rehabilitation or counseling services instead of facing jail time. These rehabilitation and counseling services can help you overcome your problem, and avoid future DWI charges.

Get Evidence Thrown Out or Excluded

A DWI attorney can also help evaluate your DWI case and determine if any of the evidence that was collected should be excluded. Excluding evidence can help your case, and this could also be the difference between finding you guilty or not guilty.

Evidence can be excluded for the following reasons:

  • Violation of your civil rights
  • Improper handling of evidence on the part of law enforcement
  • Improper filing of evidence or paperwork

Settling for a Reduced Charge

DWI attorneys are able to argue in court for you to be charged with a lesser charge. For example, if you are facing a felony DWI charge, an attorney might be able to get the charges lessened to a misdemeanor charge.

Getting a charge reduced can benefit you in various ways. A reduced charge can be the difference between jail time and community service, and can even help you to keep your license. A reduced charge will also carry reduced fines, which means the DWI charge will not dramatically impact your financial situation.

Facing a DWI charge can be frustrating and scary. Hiring a DWI attorney can help you navigate the confusing and frustrating legal system..


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Preparing for Your Kid’s Education http://www.americanoutreach.org/preparing-for-your-kids-education.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/preparing-for-your-kids-education.htm#comments Sun, 08 Jan 2012 18:17:28 +0000 admin http://www.americanoutreach.org/?p=1282

Image by Nino James via flickr

As the cost of primary and college education continues to rise, no time is too early to consider the best way to prepare for your child’s education. Since the best investment you’ll ever make will be for your kid’s future, proper planning can be vital. Even the most detailed plans can go awry, so be prepared to implement income wisely and observe your spending habits.


Reexamine Expenditure


One of the easiest ways to approach a viable plan for education funding is to examine your current spending habits. Posing the “need versus want” question for all expenses will help you allocate your funds. Once you have the extra funding for your kid’s education plan, you can put away a small savings that can become their “education piggy bank” for future use.


Get the Kids Involved


Although you can’t expect them to contribute as very young children, ask them for a reasonable amount of money to go towards their own college funds, once they are at working age. Even five dollars per week for a couple of years can really add up to be a significant source of funding for the future.


Teach them Expenditure Responsibility


As your child gets ready to enter a costly higher education program, make sure that they are aware of ways to protect themselves from excess spending, as well as other options for when things inevitably get rough financially.


Quick and Safe Short Term Loans


Educate your kids on options like an online payday loan. When they’re in college, they could incur additional expenses that won’t be covered by their student loans alone. This includes financial emergencies that should be settled immediately to avoid falling deeper into a financial hole. Adding to that, there are also emergency cases in which they have to resort to personal loans just to settle their immediate financial woes, so teach them when or where they’ll have to use these options. Help them deal with emergency financial situations, so that even in time of immediate need, they’ll know what to do.


Get Creative


If you or your kids have a creative hobby or can produce something you think is profitable, don’t hesitate to sell those things and venture into a small business just to earn money. Don’t be ashamed to ask for permits from your town in order to hold a college education car wash. Get your kids’ friends involved to help out.
As long as you have shared important information with your child, they should be able to complete their education with a little bit of help and advice, and a lot of creative budgeting. Teach them how to manage their college budgets, how to watch out for those who offer high percentage rate credit to them, and be sure they understand the importance of dealing with reputable sources.





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More Women Get Graduate Degrees than Men http://www.americanoutreach.org/more-women-get-graduate-degrees-than-men.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/more-women-get-graduate-degrees-than-men.htm#comments Wed, 07 Dec 2011 23:52:43 +0000 admin http://www.americanoutreach.org/?p=1273

There are some who still believe it’s a man’s world, but the statistics tell a different story. If a good education means a good job, and a good job gives you money and power, then the boys are in trouble. Since 2000, more women have received graduate degrees than men. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Master’s Degree: Women earn 60% of all Master’s Degrees
  • Doctorate Degrees: 48.8% of all Doctorate Degrees are held by women
  • More White Women: That’s the rub. Minorities still linger behind whites when it comes to higher education

sheepskin finally arrived

Image by G A R N E T via Flickr

Why Do Fewer Minorities Get Graduate Degrees?

There are a number of theories on why minorities still linger behind women in education. Some theorize that it’s due to a poor elementary school education from schools in poor neighborhoods. When you put it into a cool infographic, it seems that a number of things limit minorities from getting a higher education.

One of the first roadblocks for minorities is that many come from homes where the parents have very little education. It could be that these children simply haven’t been exposed to college graduates. They are less likely to travel a long distance to go to school, so the education is limited to what’s close by. Hispanics and Asians stay the closest to home. The good news is that their parents were big on dreams. They want their children to have the opportunities they didn’t have.

Does This Mean Women Are More Motivated?

Image via Wikipedia

Everything from women’s rights to better job opportunities likely play into the fact that more women are seeking advanced degrees. Statistics do show that most graduate degrees are in business or education. It doesn’t take a PhD to know that there are many female teachers and female business people. Motivated women are going to advance their careers through education.

What Does the Future Hold for Educated Women?

Since more women are getting graduate degrees, expect to see them holding down some of the most important jobs in America. These include:

  • Chief Executive
  • Physician or Surgeon
  • Lawyer
  • Computer and Software Engineers and Managers
  • Managers in Business and Technology

See all of those management positions? Anyone who’s ever been a mom knows that women have excellent management skills. It makes sense that more women would advance their education to grab the top jobs in today’s job market.

As women and mothers continue to embrace higher education, we can hope that their vision and determination gets passed down to their children, and that all minorities will be able to realize their dreams.


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The Issue of Drug Abuse in Medical Malpractice Cases http://www.americanoutreach.org/the-issue-of-drug-abuse-in-medical-malpractice-cases.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/the-issue-of-drug-abuse-in-medical-malpractice-cases.htm#comments Thu, 02 Jun 2011 13:00:38 +0000 admin http://www.americanoutreach.org/?p=1216

For anyone involved in a medical malpractice case against a physician, it may be wise to seek out any substance abuse records along with the doctor’s basic medical records.

With drug abuse problems among medical practitioners increasing, it would only strengthen your case by obtaining any information on the physician that would fall into this category. While it is generally more difficult to obtain any substance abuse records, certain federal regulations require that they be disclosed in certain circumstances, so seek the advice of medical malpractice Southern California attorneys to see if obtaining drug abuse records is even possible. Federal law extends confidentiality to medical practitioners who have been diagnosed or treated for drug abuse, perhaps in a rehab setting, but some cases involving physicians and drug abuse may be made public.

In cases where doctors have failed to keep proper prescription records or have abused prescription drugs themselves, the state board may revoke medical licenses. If a doctor is under the influence of self-prescribed drugs at the time of mistreating or misdiagnosing a patient, and this results in the harm or death of the patient, drug abuse will play a major factor in any medical malpractice claims.

While there have been increased measures put in place to lower the risks of medical malpractice, it does happen and is almost inevitable. This is also true of doctors and medical staff abusing prescription and illegal drugs. Taking immediate action in the form of seeking legal advice and questioning the medical establishment will better help your chances of winning your case



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The Growing Trend of Teen Alcohol Abuse http://www.americanoutreach.org/the-growing-trend-of-teen-alcohol-abuse.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/the-growing-trend-of-teen-alcohol-abuse.htm#comments Wed, 25 May 2011 13:37:47 +0000 admin http://www.americanoutreach.org/?p=1224

A wreath Kolsch Beer - LA Times of Kölsch. 

Image via Wikipedia

Teens face a great deal of challenges as they move through the various aspects of their young lives. From difficulties at school, to trying to fit into the social demands set forth by peers, there is a lot to keep track of. It is as a result of these many challenging aspects that teens enter an experimental phase in which they have access to and try a lot of different substances such as marijuana and alcohol for the first time. Unfortunately, those that do go the route of sampling alcohol for the first time tend to be focused on the social aspect and peer pressure pertaining to the manner than the consequences that can persist with consistent abuse.

Reasons for Teen Alcohol Abuse

When it comes to abusing various drugs at early ages, teens are faced with more opportunities than their parents would like to know. Among some of the most common reasons as to why teens try alcohol for the first time is when they are faced with a social situation that pressures them to do so. These situations typically occur in a party type of atmosphere, where there are plenty of contributing elements that push towards making the decision,

In addition to the various situations, there are also a wide variety of reasons that push teens to look for alternate ways of dealing with the stresses of life. From the difficulties of the bad economy forcing parents to work longer hours, to funding being cut from education and extra curricular programs, the reasons that teens turn to alcohol abuse have never been more prevalent,


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The Growing Trend of Substance Abuse in Americas Youth http://www.americanoutreach.org/the-growing-trend-of-substance-abuse-in-americas-youth.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/the-growing-trend-of-substance-abuse-in-americas-youth.htm#comments Wed, 18 May 2011 13:37:45 +0000 admin http://www.americanoutreach.org/?p=1223

Resized image of Ritalin-SR-20mg-full.png; squ... 

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The concept of substance abuse has always been a threat in the minds of everyone who considers it. However, this simple forethought to some people is quickly becoming a reality for our nation. Through various problems pertaining to a slacking economy, as well as the growing amount of cuts to education and outreach programs, Americans youth has entered a difficult time in our country’s history. In addition to the environmental factors pertaining to children and teens looking for escapes through substance abuse, the epidemic surrounding prescription drugs has acted as a fuel to the fire, providing an easy substance in which they can utilize for negative purposes.

Prescription Painkiller Abuse

Among one of the most widely abused types of prescription drugs is painkillers. The main reason for this is due to the fact that they have been an easy substance to come by. Doctors have been seemingly handing out prescriptions for these drugs over the course of the past two decades, providing a wide supply in the mainstream for teen access. When the difficulties of the economy hit, those people who still had prescriptions, regardless as to whether or not they needed the pills any longer, would instead fill their prescriptions to sell. This is still a problem that has only gotten worse as more youth fill the demand.

Street Drugs

While in fact the threat of street drugs for Americas youth has taken a backseat to the prescription drug epidemic, it is still very prevalent. Among one of the most commonly utilized drugs is marijuana. This controlled substance has been around for so long that most people do not even consider it illegal.



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Prescription Drugs Provide Easy Facet for Substance Abuse http://www.americanoutreach.org/prescription-drugs-provide-easy-facet-for-substance-abuse.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/prescription-drugs-provide-easy-facet-for-substance-abuse.htm#comments Mon, 09 May 2011 13:37:43 +0000 admin http://www.americanoutreach.org/?p=1222

Novamoxin Prescription Drug - Amoxicillin Trih... 

Image via Wikipedia

Prescription drugs are a commonly used commodity in our society currently. While in fact prescription drugs have been around for quite a while, they have begun to seemingly exponentially gain more of a presence in the mainstream over the past two decades. Through this growing exposure and increased commercial marketing, people are finding there seems to be an answer for every ache and pain imaginable via a prescription. Due to this fact, it is more common than not to find a prescription drug of some kind in the everyday household now than ever before.

Prescription Painkillers

Among one of the most commonly used types of prescription drugs are the various painkillers. These drugs are prescribed to people extremely often, and when compared to other drugs, are easy to come by. The various affects these types of drugs provide is subjective in nature, but desirable among those looking to find a substance to abuse that is inexpensive and or easy to get their hands on.

Through this correlation of how easy painkillers are to come by and the affects they provide to people looking for a high of some sort, the wide array of painkillers are among some of the most commonly abused drugs currently. From elderly individuals who eventually get hooked on them by continuously filling prescriptions, to teens stealing their parent’s pills; this particular aspect of substance abuse is quickly spinning out of control and turning into an epidemic.  While in fact street drugs such as marijuana still pose a formidable threat, prescription drugs, and in particular, painkillers, are quickly moving in and overshadowing the “competition”.


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Health Care During Pregnancy http://www.americanoutreach.org/health-care-during-pregnancy.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/health-care-during-pregnancy.htm#comments Thu, 24 Mar 2011 07:17:27 +0000 admin http://www.americanoutreach.org/?p=1210

As we all know there are three crucial stages during pregnancy. Each stage or trimester consists of three months. These are called the first trimester, second trimester and the third or last trimester. Women and their babies undergo several changes and developments during these stages. Every stage has its own set of precautions for expecting mothers to follow. Pregnancy is not a disease and you are not unwell. You just have to be careful as you are directly responsible for bringing another life on earth.

There are several people and elders who will give you several advices while you are expecting. However not all of them are useful. For suggestion and questions it is important that you seek consultation with your obstetrician or gynecologist. They will tell you the kind of precautions you must take while are pregnant. All those women who smoke must quit smoking while they are pregnant. It is important for you to realize the harms of smoking for you and your baby.  Similarly it would be beneficial to not to drink alcohol during these days. These substances may have adverse effects on your new born child and create problems during child birth.

A balanced and nourishing diet is very important for expecting mothers. Balanced diet means incorporating appropriate proportions of proteins, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, and fats. Fluids like juices and water play and important role in completing a balanced diet. A regular and balanced diet will provide nourishment for you and your baby. Your baby is directly dependent on you for nutrition.  However it is important not to put on huge amounts of weight during pregnancy. Light exercises during pregnancy will help you stay fit and active.


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Why Should We Workout Everyday http://www.americanoutreach.org/why-should-we-workout-everyday.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/why-should-we-workout-everyday.htm#comments Wed, 16 Mar 2011 07:17:25 +0000 admin http://www.americanoutreach.org/?p=1209

Workouts are the basic requirements for a fit body and mind. It is very important to workout everyday. Workouts may be done in gyms, at homes or on grounds. Working out in groups is also beneficial as it can be very inspiring. However it may also have adverse affects if you are not serious enough, spend all time frolicking with each other and end up doing nothing. If you are overweight it is important for you workout and shed all that extra weight.

Hitting the gym can be very beneficial for people who feel lonely. While you go to the gym and workout with several other people, you can make new friends. It is very important for you to see and meet new people and keep yourself socially active. Certain members in the gym may also provide inspiration and fuel you desire for a healthy body. Under the guidance of a qualified gym trainer, you can successfully work out and gain a proper physique and a healthy mind.

Workouts are an excellent way of fighting depression. If you have lost confidence in yourself and don’t see anything that you are capable of, take up exercising daily. Through exercises you will surely discover a new you. This transformation will guide you to live a healthy and fit life. If you choose to exercise in gyms, you may also find new friends and people to share you thoughts with.  It is very important for you to find motivation from within. You will also feel confident when people compliment you on your accomplishments.

Exercises help in controlling several diseases. Diabetic patients may easily keep their blood sugar levels under control by exercising daily.


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Alcohol Addiction In Men http://www.americanoutreach.org/alcohol-addiction-in-men.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/alcohol-addiction-in-men.htm#comments Mon, 28 Feb 2011 16:57:14 +0000 admin http://www.americanoutreach.org/?p=1188

Alcohol addiction is very common among men. Today’s society does not ban alcohol consumption. However there are certain legal age limits for the consumption or alcohol. Men are often attracted to alcohol due a number of reasons. Some men take up drinking very early in their lives. There are several factors that influence them to take up such habits.

In several families it is a daily norm to sit with drinks during meals. Therefore boys don’t find anything wrong with the habit of drinking. They think it is ok to drink as it helps them to be a part of the circle. However they fail to understand the importance of the set age limit. Untimely habits can go a long way in ruining a man’s life. If men begin drinking when they are boys, they get used to it very soon and addiction takes place. They do not realize their limits. They continue with it till their physical system gives up.

The causes of alcohol addiction in men are immense. Men may take up this habit due to extreme stress. Various levels of stress are present at workplaces as well as household. Some of them tend to enjoy the ‘light headed feeling’ they get after being drunk. However with everyday drinking, you system becomes immune to certain levels of alcohol and require you to raise the bar. This is the time when people start consuming more than they can actually absorb.

Lack of confidence may be one of the major causes of alcohol addiction. Several people transform themselves to be the kind of person they want to be after they are drunk. They can easily become someone they hero worship after a couple of pegs.


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Changing Lifestyle Has Become A Major Contributor For Rising Healthcare Costs http://www.americanoutreach.org/changing-lifestyle-has-become-a-major-contributor-for-rising-healthcare-costs.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/changing-lifestyle-has-become-a-major-contributor-for-rising-healthcare-costs.htm#comments Wed, 23 Feb 2011 16:57:12 +0000 admin http://www.americanoutreach.org/?p=1187

As the saying goes change is not always good. Healthcare costs have been increasing across world in the past couple of years. One of the major reasons attributed to this is the changing lifestyle of people. Other common factors include genetic disorders, addictions, lack of knowledge on good nutrition and poverty.  In some countries, healthcare has become inaccessible to people below poverty line. It has put a huge burden on the government.

Growing income levels and double income family are a major factor cited for the change in lifestyle. Lifestyle changes like eating junk food, having food outside frequently as there is no time to cook at home, unhealthy habits or addictions like use of nicotine, drugs, alcohol has further increased the health care costs. Some other factors contributing to healthcare costs are long working hours, working on different shifts, stress and tension. These changing habits results in various health problems such as obesity, respiratory problems, sleeplessness, hypertension and in worst cases of addiction it can even result in cancer or death.

Lack of health insurance also makes the matters worse. And with the recent economic depression many people have lost their jobs and millions are still below the poverty line. These people cannot afford a medical insurance.

Healthcare system as a whole also has to be modified and be in tune to the need of the patients. Sufficient healthcare workers, hospitals in both rural and urban areas will help tackle most of these issues. As the saying goes prevention is better than cure, healthy eating habits and lifestyle and creating awareness of these things can help prevent rise in healthcare costs.


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Risks Of Using Drugs http://www.americanoutreach.org/risks-of-using-drugs.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/risks-of-using-drugs.htm#comments Sat, 19 Feb 2011 16:57:10 +0000 admin http://www.americanoutreach.org/?p=1186

When you look at the risks of using a drug over a limit, you find that there are many problems. The problems can be easily identified when the way they are taken in and the effects are discussed. Drugs can easily stick onto your body and make its effects be known to you. Taking a drug over a certain limit would make the person addicted to it.

One of the major risks of taking drugs is contracting contagious diseases. This occurs when you inject the drug into your body without sterilizing the needles first, or without using clean needles. This would cause many diseases, some harmless while others very harmful. The occurrence of AIDS among drug addicts is mainly due to the use of used needles.

There can be addiction, of course, something which is known to everybody. Drug addiction is something which is a major concern of the public health and many steps are being taken to curb it. Though all the governments have banned the use or trading of drugs like cocaine, etc, you find that there are agents who can still manage to get the drugs into the country and supply it to the people.

Drug tolerance would make the drug ineffective in your body. This is usually seen in patients who have used a drug for a long time. For example, say you have a headache and you take the medicine for it. If you take it regularly then you find that you have immunized yourself from it over a period. This makes it difficult to treat you with the same drug.

Physical dependence is another side effect. All these leads to the fact that any drug should be taken in moderate quantities so that the person taking it will not have problems in life, which can also lead to greater problems than those at the present.


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Administration Of Drugs http://www.americanoutreach.org/administration-of-drugs.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/administration-of-drugs.htm#comments Wed, 16 Feb 2011 16:57:08 +0000 admin http://www.americanoutreach.org/?p=1185

There are many different ways by which you can administer the drugs into your body. When you say the word drug, it has a lot of meaning. It can imply towards a medical material used to cure the diseases, or it may be something which is used to intoxicate you. A drug is generally used to describe the medications that are available in the market.

When you think of the ways of taking in a drug, you find that there are many. You can get the effects of a drug into your body quite easily and in different ways. Strong drugs won’t take much time to get the effect into your system, while the lighter ones would have to be administered on a high dose so that you get a kick and feel the effects sinking into you.

One of the ways of administering the drug into your body is to take it orally. This is a very easy option. It is usually seen in medical purposes. For intoxication you rarely find a drug which can be just swallowed. Oral consumption is a common way of taking in the tablets which are required to cure you from the disease or malady ailing you.

Another way of making the drug get into your body is to inject it. This can be used both for medical purposes and for intoxication as well. Injecting the drug into your body gets it directly into the blood stream. The effect would be much quicker and effective than when swallowing it. it is because of this that most people and the medical professionals as well go for injections when major diseases are present.

Sniffing the drugs is also a way getting it into your body. Drugs are something which needs to be carefully handled. It would need a lot of difficult sessions to get rid of the habit.


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Drugs And People http://www.americanoutreach.org/drugs-and-people.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/drugs-and-people.htm#comments Mon, 14 Feb 2011 16:57:07 +0000 admin http://www.americanoutreach.org/?p=1184

A drug is anything that can help an organism to function properly. It was something which was associated with medical field a long time ago but today it has many implications. Drugs can be referred to the intoxicating ones which would cause it to have a negative effect on the person who takes it. The drug addiction can be quite bad and tough to quite.

The medical field has a lot of drugs for various purposes. It has a lot of medications that are used for the cure of sneezing to the cure of cancers and related diseases. The traditional medical field follows the use of medicines for many purposes and these are called drugs. So, when speaking in terms of medicine, drugs are something which can cure you.

When thinking of the negative effect of drugs, they are something which is used to abuse oneself. There are many drugs like these available in the market. Though it is banned, you know that it is commonly used by people and are something which can be achieved if you try. These drugs can have a negative effect on your body leading to many complications.

The drug abuse is something which has been a major concern of the people all around the world. There are teenagers who get into the habit of taking drugs simply because they feel it is ‘cool’. It can be quite cool to do something against the rules, or have a rebel. But the not so cool part comes in when the habit kicks in and you start getting complications.

There have been many rehabilitation centers set up to help people get out of their habits. It is usually due to the initiative of the government or due to the societies in the country who are keen to help the people get out of the habit and lead a normal life.


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Alcohol And Cancer http://www.americanoutreach.org/alcohol-and-cancer.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/alcohol-and-cancer.htm#comments Sat, 12 Feb 2011 16:57:06 +0000 admin http://www.americanoutreach.org/?p=1183

Alcohol is one of the products in the world which are widely consumed and have been used by various cultures and religious for many years. They have different classes, like that of an upper class of elegance and delicacy, meaning the wine, and the class of casualness and taken on a daily basis, meaning the beer. The list can be endless if you look at what each country is providing.

Alcohol has been closely linked to cancers. If you look at the risks of alcohol, cancer is the first and top most one due to the act that alcohol consumption over a limit can be carcinogenic and lead to many types of cancers. There are seven types of cancers believed to be linked with alcohol consumption.

The main cancer regions when consuming alcohol are the mouth or oral, breast, rectum, liver, esophagus, pharynx and larynx. All these are vital areas, a damage to which can lead to several problems of imbalances and similar problems in the body. Women are especially susceptible to these risks than men.

It is bad enough that alcohol consumption can cause various types of cancers. But the most devastating thing is that even if you do get treated for the cancer and has it removed form your body, you still has a chance for recurrence. This means that the cancer can come again similar to how it was at the first leading to the alcohol being one of the killers of people around the world.

Apart from cancer, alcohol addiction is something you have to be wary of. You can get addicted to alcohol quite easily and it would be difficult o get over the habit once it forms a strong base in you. If you feel that this is the case, try to get a strong grip on yourself or check into a rehabilitation center.


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Types Of Alcoholic Beverages http://www.americanoutreach.org/types-of-alcoholic-beverages.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/types-of-alcoholic-beverages.htm#comments Wed, 09 Feb 2011 16:57:03 +0000 admin http://www.americanoutreach.org/?p=1182

An alcoholic beverage is something everybody is familiar with. There may be very countries in the world, if there are any for that matter, which does not have some or the other sort of alcoholic beverage in it. Some have banned it due to the threat of addiction, while others are making billions of revenue from this product of nature alone in a single day.

Alcoholic beverages are of different types. What distinguishes them as different alcoholic beverages may be the way they are prepared, or sometimes the content of alcohol intoxication in them, or event he way they taste. All have different characteristics, like smell, color and so on. It would be good to know about the different types of alcohol and their properties.
Beer is perhaps the most widely used type of alcoholic beverage. It is the third largest drink consumed all around the world after water and tea, which goes on to say it is like a staple food for some people. The use of beer in the daily diet can be good if used in a moderate level. If you exceed a certain limit you may probably end up getting more harm done than good.

Wine is something which everybody is familiar with. It can be thought of as something which is sophisticated and formal in some cases. They are thought of as very elegant and delicate. Good wines are hard to come by but there are some magnificent wine makers who produce the very best of its kind. France is one of the major countries producing wines.

The spirits are also used in making alcohol beverages. The liqueur is the best example of a spirit which is used widely. Beer and wine are the things which are widely used and have the most popularity. Among the beer lager and ale are quite popular. Where wine is concerned, there are many, it depends on the quality of the products or the fruits with which it is made. There are still many more varieties of alcohols.


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History Of Alcohol http://www.americanoutreach.org/history-of-alcohol.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/history-of-alcohol.htm#comments Mon, 07 Feb 2011 16:57:02 +0000 admin http://www.americanoutreach.org/?p=1181

Alcohol is something which everybody is familiar with. There may not be anybody who wouldn’t know what alcohol is what the implications are. Even children know what alcohol is though they may not know the implications of having it or the consequences related to it. It is quite widely used all around the world and is one of the major concerns of the people when alcohol addiction is mentioned.

You know that alcohol is widely used all around the world, and you also know that alcohol addiction is very harmful for health. But how exactly did the whole product come about? The history of alcohol beverages is something which is a bit hard to trace. This is because alcohol has been used for many purposes in many contexts, like social gathering, religious rituals, etc.

When you look at the countries which have records of using alcohol in them, you find many. In fact there are many parallel instances where you have the records of more than two countries mentioning the use of alcohol at the same time period. The amazing thing is that it is believed by some experts that beer might have been the staple of the food before bread.

The ancient Egyptians have well documented resources indicating the use of beer as a beverage for daily staple. China too have established that they have been using alcoholic beverages for a long time, as long as 7000B.C. India also have a history of making beverages from grapes, rice, wheat and so on to provide the warriors and the general people.

Greece and Rome are not far behind. They had a way of making beverages in various forms like spicy, dry and so on but had a way of drinking in moderation and with limits. The alcoholic beverages of all the countries merged gradually, with each sharing its resources with others and so, people around the world got a chance to have a taste of every alcoholic beverage from different parts. Alcohol has certainly a big history. Don’t go behind it.


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Anything can be an Addiction http://www.americanoutreach.org/anything-can-be-an-addiction.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/anything-can-be-an-addiction.htm#comments Sun, 06 Feb 2011 13:24:57 +0000 admin http://www.americanoutreach.org/?p=1043

We live in a world in which there are an awful lot of things that a person can become addicted to. After all, the same chemical processes that rewards us for doing a drug are present and operating when we feel a reward for shopping, gambling or doing any number of different types of activities that can be described as addictive. In a sense, you could theoretically become addicted to pretty much any kind of activity. And the addiction process looks very similar no matter what you might happen to be addicted to. Fortunately, no matter how pervasive and damaging an addiction may grow to become, you can overcome it. While it will certainly not be easy, there is help available for any kind of an addiction.

When a person becomes addicted to an activity (such as eating, shopping, playing a video game, or even texting), they feel an emotional rush that rewards them for performing that activity. At least, this is what they experience in the beginning of their addiction. As time goes on, however, they begin to experience nothing more than a sense of comfort when they practice their vice of choice. After a long enough time, this level of comforting becomes so powerful that the addict feels as if they need to indulge in their vice, or they could suffer physical harm from not doing it.

There really is no limit to what kinds of things can become addicting. Even something as normal as counting or driving can become an addictive behavior. And just as doing drugs can interfere with the important parts of life (such as one’s career and personal life), doing any other kind of addictive behavior can be just as devastating to you. Fortunately, there are resources out there which can help you, such as MichaelsHouse.com. There, you can find out the signs of an addiction, and what kinds of treatment options are available for you.


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Alcohol And The World http://www.americanoutreach.org/alcohol-and-the-world.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/alcohol-and-the-world.htm#comments Sat, 05 Feb 2011 16:57:01 +0000 admin http://www.americanoutreach.org/?p=1180

One of the universal problems the world faces today is the number of alcohol addicts in various parts of it. You find that it is something which most people are concerned about and want to put a stop, but are unable to do so because of various reasons. Alcohol addiction is a phenomenon which each country in the world opposes to but is unable to express it or impose a restriction on.

The discovery or the use of alcohol can be thought of as something which has been going on for centuries. This is because you can get ethanol, which is the main constituent of alcohol when concerned with the chemical structure and make up, in many ways. Ethanol can be found in fruits which have been under controlled fermentation to give the product.
The use of alcohol can vary; some can use it for the social purposes, which implies that one would use it for functions and parties to make their friends relaxed and free. Some can take alcohol for religious reasons, perhaps in some rituals or something similar. Some can also be taken in the geographical context; some countries have a beverage more in quantity than the others.

Alcohol is something which is common in all the countries, though it is banned in some as well. Alcohol consumption is not something that can harm you in itself but addiction is a great possibility when you consume the beverage, which has led to the requirement of banning it in some countries. But even though it is banned, people find some way or the other to form alcoholic drink which may not be strong.

Perhaps the most consumed alcoholic beverage is the beer. It is widely used all around the world and can be a drink with varying degrees of intoxication. Some beers don’t have the alcoholic property while some has in the moderate form, apart from this some beers can be highly intoxicating. It depends on the type you are using. The alcohol is certainly spoiling the entire world. Need to stat away.


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Creating Awareness A Major Factor In Preventing Addictions http://www.americanoutreach.org/creating-awareness-a-major-factor-in-preventing-addictions.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/creating-awareness-a-major-factor-in-preventing-addictions.htm#comments Wed, 02 Feb 2011 16:57:00 +0000 admin http://www.americanoutreach.org/?p=1179

Addiction can be described as an overdose of anything which leads to deterioration of the normal functioning of the body. The sad part is it not only affects the person it also affects the people around them. Some of the common addiction is nicotine and alcohol. Drug addiction is also on the rise now. In recent studies it’s cited that cigarette smoking affects people around them more than the person who is using them. Passive smoking kills more people than people who are actually smoking. Alcohol addiction is also common and affects million of homes. Drug abuse is another emerging problem and one can say it’s a socio economic problem.

Some of the major reason contributing to these addictions is said to be a low self esteem, lack of affection and care at home, over indulging of parents on children, lack of disciplined life, greed for money and power. Most of the addictions can be avoided among youngsters if parents take time and effort to bring the children in a disciplined and secure life. Some of the alcohol addictions start with wrong companionship. Drug addictions starts with hanging out with the wrong crowd.  We can say nicotine use is like a slow poison but an overdose of alcohol or drug addiction can kill that person.

Creating awareness in the young age can help prevent most of these problems. Education institutions and healthcare providers should highlight the consequences of addictions. Nicotine addiction has emerged as a major factor contributing to cancer and respiratory disorders. Alcohol addiction affects the entire family and is the main cause for family disintegration. Drug addiction is seen as a social stigma and even families do not know how to handle the issue. But the good news is there are different rehab programs for these addictions. With proper guidance and support from the family and friends people can come out of these addictions. Pharmaceutical companies have come out with medically approved nicotine patches or gums which can be substituted for cigarettes. It enables them to quit cigarette over a period of time.


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Substance Abuse Alters Your State of Reality http://www.americanoutreach.org/substance-abuse-alters-your-state-of-reality.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/substance-abuse-alters-your-state-of-reality.htm#comments Sat, 22 Jan 2011 10:45:28 +0000 admin http://americanoutreach.org/?p=80

You do not have to be a heavy substance user to mess up your life or to alter your mind and consciousness. The affects are immediate and the mental and physical fallout for years are astounding. To portray the belief to kids, teenagers or whomever cares to experiment, that drugs are cool is deceiving and hypocritical.

Within seconds of when drugs enter the body, dramatic changes occur in the brain. The normal five senses are bypassed and instead the drugs go directly to activate the brain’s reward circuitry.  This causes a jolt of intense pleasure. It is this first jolt that the addict always remembers and tries to replicate. It is this first jolt that spurs the addict to take drugs one more time, one more day in search of experiencing again that first jolt of pleasure.

Generally speaking, under normal circumstances, different people have different realities because of their experiences in life and perceptions of life. A very organic state of reality is that of respect to one another, wanting to be a contributing member of society, loving family and friends and engaging in life.

The abuse of drugs dramatically affects the brain. The result is that the brain attempts to compensate by reducing the number of dopamine receptors. Dopamine receptors are prominent in the central nervous system. Dopamine receptors control the signaling that moves and adjusts the behaviors of an individual. This is behavior that the drug addict has no control over and the root of destruction. When talking to a drug addict, the drug responds, not the boy or girl; man or woman beneath the drugs.

The brain proceeds to adapt to the presence of the drug and the area of the brain that is affected increases. Again, the substance abuser now has a brain that is altered in the regions responsible for judgment, learning and memory. The altered reality drives the drug user to develop a drug-seeking behavior which is driven by a habit that is as natural as an involuntary muscle reflex. This is how a drug user transforms into a drug addict.


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Helping a Loved One Find the Way http://www.americanoutreach.org/helping-a-loved-one-find-the-way.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/helping-a-loved-one-find-the-way.htm#comments Fri, 21 Jan 2011 21:01:57 +0000 admin http://www.americanoutreach.org/?p=1029

Suppose you have a brother, sister, mother, father, uncle, aunt, cousin, nephew, niece, or just plain friend out there who has a substance abuse problem. What do you do? The answer is pretty simple and plain as the nose on your face.

You recommend a rehabilitation center.

It’s basically tough love, but there’s no better way around getting a good result. In the long run, your loved one will benefit tremendously. Some centers even accept certain health insurance policies, which are an important game changer when dealing with costs. Doing research helps as you look up numbers and surf online for anything local, convenient, or if necessary out of state—so long as you find a center that can take your loved one’s insurance.

What if he or she doesn’t have insurance? Well, the answer to that is also simple: encourage the person to get insurance!

Recognize that it’s easier said than done, though, as it takes comparisons and some time to find the right policy that works best for your loved one. Once he or she gets to compare insurance quote options, you have a basis to move forward and select and appropriate plan that would be accepted by a treatment center specialized in the right kind of help. Again, though, stress that there’s no serious rush to it. You don’t want to push too fast and get a slightly bad policy for whatever reason. But exercise immediacy in the decision. You want the best possible treatment and financial outcome. Anyone else who would care about such a person would want the same thing, too.

So take heed, if you do see signs of abuse, take action, make sure insurance is available, and get them the help they need. Ultimately, they would thank you in ways you wouldn’t even imagine—because they’d realize their lives would depend on it.


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Now it’s Time to Come Clean http://www.americanoutreach.org/now-its-time-to-come-clean.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/now-its-time-to-come-clean.htm#comments Mon, 10 Jan 2011 03:27:01 +0000 admin http://www.americanoutreach.org/?p=971

Now that you have made your inventory, the really scary part happens. You have to actually admit this stuff, not just to yourself and to a higher power, but also to another person. Yes, you have to tell somebody all of that bad stuff- what you did, what happened to drive you into using, and all of your faults. If you are terrified of what will happen when you share all of that stuff with somebody else, you are not the first person to feel that way. It is a scary process by design- in essence, you are scaring yourself into getting a whole lot tougher. By this point you probably have a month or two in at least, so the worst of the physical withdrawal symptoms are over.

Unfortunately, the mental and emotional part of withdrawal is the really bad part. Not that you needed anybody to state the obvious like that. Now that you are not high all the time, you actually care about the conversations you have with other people. And with that being the case, admitting to all of the bad things is terrifying. The best way to do it is to find someone you actually trust, and that you think will still care about you even after you have come clean about all of the nonsense in the past, and just do it.

The conversation might end up with embarrassment, and it may end up with some tears, but it will show you what kind of a relationship you have with that person. If your relationship is shallow, they will not care about the stuff in the slightest. If they become annoyed or disgusted with you over it, you have a fake relationship that was probably due to end soon enough anyway. But if they actually become closer to you as a consequence of your most intimate sharing, that is a person and relationship that’s worth fighting for in life.


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Alcoholism: Disease or Choice? http://www.americanoutreach.org/alcoholism-disease-or-choice.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/alcoholism-disease-or-choice.htm#comments Wed, 05 Jan 2011 08:51:39 +0000 admin http://www.americanoutreach.org/?p=1026

No one questions that excessive alcohol consumption is a devastating illness. The effects extend from the user to their family and, in the cases of drunk drivers, to other innocent people whom the user would have otherwise never met. The effects that excessive alcohol consumption can have on the body, as well as judgment, can be intense. It can lead to a series of problems ranging from heart disease to liver failure as well as permanent loss of certain motor skills. There is no question that the effects of alcoholism are far reaching. So why is there still a debate raging?

The debate isn’t about the harmfulness of the usage, but rather the reason people use. There are some out there that believe it’s a disease. They believe it is something that takes hold of a person, and they must struggle to control it. This is the common thinking, but it isn’t the only way of thinking. There are those out there that believe that alcohol abuse is a choice. There are those that believe that the impaired decision making, motor skills, and impaired ability to drive or operate simple household appliances are all just a choice. While this is a theory that has some merit, it appears in most cases to be just a theory.

In 1991, The American Medical Association decided that alcoholism is a disease. Those who believe it is not can flush that theory away. However, there are studies that suggest that while alcoholism is a disease, it is not generally hereditary. The studies showed that not all alcoholics come from parents who suffered from the disease. If you know of someone who is suffering from alcoholism, whether you believe it is a disease or a choice, you must attempt to get them help. Try looking on rehab-international.org for rehab facilities in your area that can treat alcoholism.


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Are Electronic Cigarette Companies Helping or Hurting Stop Smoking Efforts? http://www.americanoutreach.org/are-electronic-cigarette-companies-helping-or-hurting-stop-smoking-efforts.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/are-electronic-cigarette-companies-helping-or-hurting-stop-smoking-efforts.htm#comments Tue, 28 Dec 2010 10:17:33 +0000 admin http://www.americanoutreach.org/?p=933

UNSPECIFIED - NOVEMBER 10:  In this handout il...
Image by Getty Images via @daylife

Currently the FDA has imposed a ban on the import of electronic cigarettes. However, those retailers who were able to procure electronic cigarettes (sometimes shortened to “e-cigarettes” or even “e-cigs”) before the ban took effect are still selling them, so some are still available.

Whether or not an electronic cigarette company is helping or hurting stop smoking efforts, however, depends on whether or not the electronic cigarette being manufactured delivers nicotine through a water vapor filter or whether the filter contains no nicotine. If nicotine has been added to the filter, when the smoker inhales, just as if smoking a regular cigarette, some nicotine liquid is going to be taken in with the water vapor.

There are electronic cigarettes that do not contain nicotine. Rather, they contain menthol or other flavorings that are inhaled through a filter along with the water vapor. The “illusion” of smoking is given, as the e-cigarette is puffed just like a regular cigarette, “smoke” is expelled, and the user is holding a device just as he would a cigarette. For some people, it is these actions that they say help them to keep from smoking regular cigarettes.

Many people say that even if an electronic cigarette does deliver nicotine, it is still safer than smoking a regular cigarette because none of the other tars or chemicals produced when ordinary tobacco is burned are present. Others say that so little, if any, nicotine is delivered that smoking an e-cigarette actually helps them quit.

If an electronic cigarette does contain nicotine, it cannot be sold to minors, just as regular tobacco products cannot. If you have a child who is in possession of an e-cigarette device, you should check to see if it does contain nicotine. Even a little may have the propensity to lead to a lifelong “regular” smoking habit.

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Forging Your Inventory http://www.americanoutreach.org/forging-your-inventory.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/forging-your-inventory.htm#comments Thu, 23 Dec 2010 03:36:52 +0000 admin http://www.americanoutreach.org/?p=1018

While the term “inventory” might sound like something you would find in a role playing game or on a store’s list of stuff to sell, it is actually one of the most important parts of your recovery. But then again, there really are not any unimportant parts to recovering, so maybe it is just the first important part that requires you to write it down on paper. Simply put, you have got to go dredging in your own mind and emotions, and pull up all of the junk that you tried to bury underneath the stuff you used. This is not a pretty process, and it has made many a strong person break down in a lot of ways. This break down, however, is a very good thing.

After all, this is breaking down the barriers that have been keeping you from living a good life. And it is also breaking down the walls that have kept other people away from you. Believe it or not, there are most likely some people who care about you, no matter what terrible things you may have done to them. And it isn’t because they are masochists, necessarily. They may care so much about you that they would be willing to forgive just about anything that you could ever do to them. The first step is in getting it all out there, though.

Don’t worry, you will not be sharing this with the entire world, at least not yet. You might eventually find that you actually want to share all of the crap you did, and what you felt, and where it all came from. But at that point you will be talking about a different person than the one who had to use. It’s a difficult thing to explain, but when you are really ready for it, the knowledge will be there. It will be a lot more clear than any Internet article could ever explain it.

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You can Have Your Sanity Back, Through a Higher Power http://www.americanoutreach.org/you-can-have-your-sanity-back-through-a-higher-power.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/you-can-have-your-sanity-back-through-a-higher-power.htm#comments Tue, 21 Dec 2010 03:37:39 +0000 admin http://www.americanoutreach.org/?p=1021

OK Power Label
Image via Wikipedia

If you have been living in the world of the addict for a long time (and many people live in it for years before they even admit to themselves that they have a problem at all), then you are no doubt aware of how it grants you a false sense of power over your own life. The problem is, you have little to no power over anything. And the longer you go on using, the less power you end up having over your life. This may not sound right at first, but the problem with using is that pretty much everything you have starts going toward keeping up the high that just keeps back sliding. After awhile, you just never seem to have enough of anything.

All of your money goes into your habit after awhile. If you can hold down a job, you often find that by the time you have come down from your high, you no longer have money for the little luxuries like rent, gas for your car, or for anything to eat. For a time, you thought you could keep things together, and get high all you wanted while everybody else either didn’t notice or didn’t care. But unfortunately, at some point you finally realized what was probably getting obvious to everybody else- you were seriously out of control. And the bad news is, you will never be in control on your own.

The good news, however, is that you can regain a sane existence in your life. However, there is a small wrinkle in that plan- you have to resort to a higher power, in order to do so. If you have had a hard time swallowing your pride enough to even admit that you have a problem in the first place, then admitting that there is something more powerful than you could be a real doozy. When you admit this, though, you can move on to step 3.

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Time to use That Higher Power http://www.americanoutreach.org/time-to-use-that-higher-power.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/time-to-use-that-higher-power.htm#comments Sat, 18 Dec 2010 03:35:28 +0000 admin http://www.americanoutreach.org/?p=1008

Just a little while ago, you finally admitted that there was a higher power that can help you to stop using. And then you admitted to this higher power (as well as to another human being) the exact nature of your faults and past misdeeds. Now that you have done all of that, it is time to finally accept that your higher power is going to cleanse you of your bad character traits. Now don’t be prideful, and act as if you don’t have any character flaws. If you did not, you would be perfect, and they would probably have nailed you to a cross or something. You have faults, and you have even admitted them. Now the time has come to accept that a higher power will let you overcome these faults.

Overcoming faults is something that we can all work on within our own limited spheres of influence. But a funny thing happens when we admit to ourselves how little power we really do have- that little bit of power grows. When we accept that we are going to need the power of something beyond ourselves to keep on the clean and sober path, we open ourselves up to being able to stay in line with that higher power. While you always make the decision not to use today, and to avoid situations that would cause you to use, it ultimately comes down to a surrender.

Having the ability to finally surrender our fate to a higher power is what gives us the power to live a better life. And while that might sound like something a hippie would say, it is actually true. Seriously, get yourself to a point where you understand that there is a power that will allow you to release your faults- they are the real reason why you used, aren’t they? You have plumbed the depths of your problems, so now it is time to start moving up.

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Open Up A Health Savings Account & Start Saving for Life http://www.americanoutreach.org/open-up-a-health-savings-account-start-saving-for-life.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/open-up-a-health-savings-account-start-saving-for-life.htm#comments Fri, 17 Dec 2010 13:51:53 +0000 admin http://www.americanoutreach.org/?p=935

The HSA, or the health savings account, is a government initiative in which either the individual solely or in contribution with the employer saves money for health-related expenses. The HSA is not levied any taxes—it is a tax-free account. However, not everybody can contribute to a health savings account.

There are three conditions that determine one’s eligibility for HSA:

  • The person has no other medical coverage, such as Medicare. You can have other types of insurance related to accident care, disability, or long-term care.
  • The person has HDHP, that is, a high-deductible health plan.
  • The person is not a claimant to someone else’s tax returns.

On fulfilling all the conditions above, one can open a health savings account. Top affiliate programs have impressive full-length reviews on some popular medical healthcare plans and on prescription medicines. You can use these as resources for buying legitimate and recommended medical plans.

As per the 2010 HDHP coverage rules, an individual can contribute up to $3,050 to the HSA while the HDHP coverage for the whole family cannot exceed $6,150. If the HSA functions with an employer contribution, then the total contribution amount cannot exceed the annual limit set by the government.

All contributions made to the individual or the family health insurance account should be in the form of cash only. No stocks, bonds, or property is accepted as investment. Also, if the person seeks Medicare assistance after running the health insurance account for a while, all payments to the account must be stopped immediately. However, the amount available in the savings can be used for paying medical expenses without paying any taxes.

For many individuals, a health savings account is a good way to set aside the money they might need during a medical emergency.

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Keep up the Inventory http://www.americanoutreach.org/keep-up-the-inventory.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/keep-up-the-inventory.htm#comments Thu, 16 Dec 2010 03:33:11 +0000 admin http://www.americanoutreach.org/?p=996

Did you think that the inventory you did awhile back (okay, maybe it was a long time ago) would be the only one that you would ever need to do? You did not seriously think that, did you? The big difficulty with all of this personal development stuff is that it will really never end. You will still be developing up to your dying day, whether you like it or not. And while you could look at this as a horrible burden that you have to carry around, you can also look at it as a chance to improve in some small way every single day. How are you getting better right now? Take a personal inventory of it, if you are not sure.

After all, your inventory is not just about the bad things in your life. It is also not just about bad things, in general. Just as you have good traits and bad traits, you also have the ability to put them down equally into your continual inventory. In this way, it is almost like a regular journal or diary of your life. You might not think of yourself as a great person, but you do occasionally perform a great act or two. You almost can’t help it after awhile. So don’t be too down on this task being asked of you.

Ultimately, you will probably find that keeping a running “ticker” of the good and bad things that you do will turn from being an unfunny blooper reel into being more of a highlight reel, with time. After all, you would be amazed at how much more socially capable you are when you are clean and sober than when you were high most of the time. And that says nothing of your increased motor skills and coordination. Over time, you may even find that you can be a real benefit to other people, instead of being a laughing stock or burden.

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Make a List, and Just Check it Once http://www.americanoutreach.org/make-a-list-and-just-check-it-once.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/make-a-list-and-just-check-it-once.htm#comments Wed, 15 Dec 2010 03:34:10 +0000 admin http://www.americanoutreach.org/?p=998

Now that you have asked your higher power to have all of your internal issues removed from you, it is time to make yourself a little list. Do not worry, you will not have to buy all of these people gifts. They are not necessarily the good little children of the world. This is a list of all of the people whom you have hurt, as a result of your using and what it has caused you to do in life. You have already made a list of all the things you did, and begun the process of moving past them by admitting them to yourself, your higher power and another flesh and blood person. Now it is time to mentally prepare to reconcile with all of the people whom you have hurt, so you can continue to move on past the bad days.

Soon enough, you will actually be acting on this list you are making. But for now, just writing down whom you have hurt and mentally preparing yourself to make amends to them is enough of a labor. This is going to really require you to swallow the last bite of your pride- it tastes terrible, but that means it is really good for you. After this… well, there are still five more steps, and they will also be scary and difficult. But at least you are moving right along.

Start out however you like. Some people start out with the most recent people they have hurt (maybe as recently as the last time they used, or even when their physical withdrawal symptoms were in full effect). Some other people start out in the distant past, with the first people that they can remember ever hurting with their usage (back a long time before they could be bothered to care). Still other people start out in order of the people they believe they hurt the worst. Make the list as you will.

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How’s Your Spirit Doing? There are Others, you Know… http://www.americanoutreach.org/hows-your-spirit-doing-there-are-others-you-know.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/hows-your-spirit-doing-there-are-others-you-know.htm#comments Sun, 12 Dec 2010 03:31:51 +0000 admin http://www.americanoutreach.org/?p=983

The Eighth Dalai Lama, Jamphel Gyatso
Image via Wikipedia

You know, a really neat thing happens when you really get your own life together properly. You start to not only attract more positive opportunities into your own life, but you also attract other people who need help way more than you do. Once you have gotten to the point where you are able to see the spiritual aspects of where you were and how far removed that is from where you are now, you start to get a whole different perspective on where your life can end up going. Not only can you pursue the path of helping yourself more and more, but you can actually help others. This is kind of a trip, for people who have never had anyone else look up to them before.

Think about where you were, not even that long ago. Some people say that when you meditate for awhile, you have a spiritual awakening. Maybe it comes about as a result of taking the time to really evaluate your life, and maybe it comes as a result of simply shutting up all of the chatter that we usually carry on inside of our minds. If your mind used to be clouded with drugs, and then was clouded with doubt and fear, finally clearing out all of that junk is like turning on the bath fan and watching the steam get sucked out.

You start to see a whole lot more, both in your life and in that of the other people who share your problem. And what is really interesting is that when other people with your problem find out that you were in their shoes not so long ago, they may actually start to ask questions of you. Now, you won’t turn into the Dalai Lama, or anything. But you may end up having a few diplomas from the school of hard knocks. And unlike some degrees, those are the kind that people really do respect.

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Substance Abuse and Alcohol Poisioning http://www.americanoutreach.org/substance-abuse-and-alcohol-poisioning.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/substance-abuse-and-alcohol-poisioning.htm#comments Sun, 12 Dec 2010 02:21:11 +0000 admin http://americanoutreach.org/?p=74

Some typical alcoholic beverages.
Image via Wikipedia

Alcohol poisoning occurs when the percentage of alcohol circulating in the bloodstream is elevated to a point so high that it is dangerous. It is so dangerous that the person loses consciousness and then slips into a coma. It may be so dangerous that the drinker dies. When an individual drinks a lot of alcohol, or drinks alcohol rapidly, there can be a lag time before medical complications show up. “Sleeping it off” can work but only if there is another individual available to wake up the drinker periodically during the night. “Sleeping it off” can progress into a coma, and even to death. If the drinker has decided to “sleep it off” it is important to sleep on his or her side to prevent choking on vomit while asleep.

Alcohol depresses the nerves that control involuntary actions. The gag reflex prevents choking so when that reflex is depressed, the person with alcohol poisoning may choke on vomit which would cause death by asphyxiation. The blood alcohol level can reach such a high level that it affects the part of the brain and nervous system that controls breathing and the heart beat. And for a person who is prone to alcohol poisoning, alcohol poison can totally stop either or both of these functions.

When an individual slips into a state of unconsciousness or even into a coma from alcohol poisoning the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) continues to rise. The reason for this is that alcohol is still in the stomach and in the intestine so it continues to enter the bloodstream and thus circulate throughout the body.

An intoxicated person can die of exposure as alcohol affects the body’s thermostat and it also affects the drinker’s perception of heat and cold. A drinker can feel warm while his body temperature is actually dropping to dangerous levels.

The individual must remember that consuming five or more alcoholic drinks in one sitting can lead to alcohol poisoning. Alcohol poisoning is a serious threat, There are about 50,000 cases of alcohol poisoning reported annually in the United States. It is a fatal threat to at least one person every week.

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Recognizing the Signs of Addiction http://www.americanoutreach.org/recognizing-the-signs-of-addiction.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/recognizing-the-signs-of-addiction.htm#comments Sat, 11 Dec 2010 21:59:43 +0000 admin http://www.americanoutreach.org/?p=931

Addiction is a real and serious disease. In fact, most people in America are affected in one form or another by addiction. Either we are suffering from the disease ourselves or we have a friend or family member who has an addiction problem. The first step to helping those we love free themselves from addiction is to know the signs. Below are the top three signs of addiction.

1. A sudden desire to avoid responsibility. Most people with an addiction will start to skip work, fail classes, and even neglect children. A sudden lack of responsibility, especially in a person who has been responsible in the past is a sign.

2. Problems in relationships. Do you fight more? Are those around you easily irritated? Do you get in arguments over seemingly silly things? Those addicted to drugs or alcohol will find themselves the subject of more arguments.

3. Abandoning activities that used to be enjoyable. Much like the lack or responsibility, those addicted will stop enjoying things they used to like to do. If you know someone who used to love a game of 3-on-3 basketball and they’ve stopped joining you, it could be an addiction issue.

It is important to understand the signs and symptoms of addiction, but the most important thing to remember is that there is help. And help equals hope. A great place to start on the path to recovery is Rehab-International.org. You can find the answers you need to regain control of life.

Don’t fight the fight of addiction alone. Enlist friends, family members, and the professionals. If it’s someone you love that’s got the addiction problem, remain supportive and available. Support from loved ones is one of the greatest help in overcoming addiction. No person is an island. Remember to let those you love into your life and help fight the good fight.

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It’s Time to get all Guru http://www.americanoutreach.org/its-time-to-get-all-guru.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/its-time-to-get-all-guru.htm#comments Sat, 11 Dec 2010 03:30:56 +0000 admin http://www.americanoutreach.org/?p=981

At this stage of the game, it is time to get into the fast track of your personal development. Some people say that if you want to improve at something, then you need to find someone who is better at it than you are and hang out with that person a lot. In that case, you had better be spending time with some truly amazing people. After all, the process of personal development tends to end up going a whole lot further than “I will not use today.” It never gets easy, but you can probably remember how hard it was in the beginning. And comparatively speaking, it is probably turning into less and less of a big deal, most of the time.

Now is the time to get all spiritual. If you have never meditated or prayed seriously, give it a serious effort. You have your higher power, and you have seriously asked it to remove your character flaws. Some people say that you need to pray as if it were all up to God, and then live as if it were all up to you. This is the time when you actually do that, and either prayer or meditation (depending on which one you are more comfortable with) is a great way to do that. Meditating has actually been proven to make people smarter over time, believe it or not.

Consider the fact that your higher power is your spiritual overseer and superior. Does it or does it not make sense that in order for you to become a better person in general, you need to spend plenty of time communing with the very power that you have already admitted is what gives you the ability to live a sane life in the first place? This is just the sensible continuation of that knowledge, after all. So when you get to work meditating, who knows what kinds of insights you’re going to find?

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Vulnerability To Substance Abuse http://www.americanoutreach.org/vulnerability-to-substance-abuse.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/vulnerability-to-substance-abuse.htm#comments Thu, 09 Dec 2010 16:00:48 +0000 admin http://americanoutreach.org/?p=48

A question that many users and non-users have is why do some substance users become addicted, while others do not. Several human chromosomal regions that contain genetic markers are associated with vulnerability to substance abuse in humans. But we’ll leave the technical language there. Addiction, whether alcohol, illegal drugs or prescription drugs, is a disease. With disease the medical researchers have discovered that some diseases are hereditary. They may be transferred from generation to generation by genes, etc Other medical conditions are not passed genetically but physically, mentally, there is the propensity for certain conditions.

Vulnerability to addiction does differ from person to person just like the risk factors vary. However there are some specific factors that increase vulnerability

Family history of addiction
Scientific findings show that children of alcoholics are about four times more likely to develop alcohol problems. People with a family history of alcoholism will have, more than likely, a higher risk for becoming dependent on alcohol so they should approach drinking with extreme caution. Maintaining moderate drinking habits may be harder for them

Abuse, neglect, or other traumatic experiences in childhood
Any type of trauma in an individual’s childhood will plague them through adulthood unless there is time taken to heal those issues. If they are not healed, the individual will continually, through life attempt to find a soothing balm or a Band_Aid to make the hurt stop. Alcohol and drugs very often are that soothing balm or Band-Aid. If the substance users feels relief from the nagging pain while using then it will wear off, so the only thing to do is use more to take the pain away again.

Mental disorders such as depression and anxiety
This can be the same as childhood trauma because there’s pain. True, alcohol and drugs take that pain away for just about as long as till the morning dawns on a dreadful hang-over headache. The substance abuser will then realize he or she not only has a headache but a heart ache as well. The answer to the drug addict is more of the same or hurt forever.


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Addiction–A Brain Disease http://www.americanoutreach.org/addiction-a-brain-disease.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/addiction-a-brain-disease.htm#comments Wed, 08 Dec 2010 23:29:42 +0000 admin http://americanoutreach.org/?p=159

Addiction is a brain disease. Initial drug use may be voluntary, however, once the addiction develops the control the substance abuser had is drastically disrupted. Addicts become substance abusers because they like the way it makes them feel, of that pleasure of that first “jolt” then they repeat it the second time and the third time and so on. Although some people may try a drug, take a drink or eat a donut and never become hooked, almost all have the capability to become addicted. Users cross a threshold and undergo a transition to addiction. It is all a function of the brain.

Drug Use Results in Brain Structure Changes
Long-term drug use causes profound changes in brain structure and function that result in uncontrollable compulsive drug craving, seeking, and use because the drug retrains the reward system. All people learn to survive by a reward system that operates from the basis of the brain’s limbic system. When an individual does something that aids in survival, like eating or exercising, the brain’s limbic system rewards by releasing dopamine. Dopamine is a chemical that gives a good delightful feeling. Everyone, addict or not, likes that feeling so the behavior is repeated.

All substances of abuse cause the brain to release high levels of dopamine which are equal to two to 10 times the amount the brain normally releases. This is what gives the drug addict the “rush” or “high.” So it could be said that substance abuse is a learned behavior from the brain’s reward center.

Struggles of The Brain
The amount of dopamine released is abnormally high so the brain struggles to regain its normal chemical balance as the substance begins to dissipate. As the brain struggles the addict is experiencing a hangover, or withdrawal, from a substance. Part of the struggle the brain experiences is determining how much dopamine to release considering this substance that is accelerating the dopamine release. So what does the brain do? Limits the amount of dopamine it produces. What does the addict do? Takes more drugs thus taking the next step in drug addiction.


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Using a Prepaid Credit Card for – Purchases http://www.americanoutreach.org/using-a-prepaid-credit-card-for-purchases.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/using-a-prepaid-credit-card-for-purchases.htm#comments Wed, 08 Dec 2010 06:38:56 +0000 admin http://www.americanoutreach.org/?p=925

Crane Paper Company in Dalton produces the pap...
Image via Wikipedia

If you work outside the home (or work from home, for that matter) and are able to set aside some money each payday for what you consider “splurge” purchases—you know, expensive cosmetics or skin care products, mani-pedis, things like that—you may want to consider putting that amount on a prepaid credit card. Doing this can give you many advantages.

For starters, you will know exactly where the money is because you know where you have stashed the card. This way, you can be sure that no one else can get their hands on it (unless it’s an emergency, of course).

Second, you will know exactly how much is on the card because you’re the one who loaded the card with that amount. This one has dual advantages—you know how much your purchases are likely to cost and you know how much you can spend. You can use this information to decide the best splurge purchase to make.

Third, you can show your husband exactly how much you did spend; if you feel you need to. Some husbands consider this none of their business (after all, it’s your money). If this is the attitude he takes, then that’s great! If, however, you’re the type of wife who wants to be open and honest about your spending, then you have the receipts and documentation to show him.

Last, using a prepaid credit card will allow you to keep this money separate from the family finances. That way, there will be no confusion as to where that amount of money went and why it was spent.

If you happen to have any money left over on the card after your splurge purchases have been made, you can then use it to help with household expenses (if you want) or to buy something special for someone you care about.

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Making Amends to People http://www.americanoutreach.org/making-amends-to-people.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/making-amends-to-people.htm#comments Tue, 07 Dec 2010 03:29:22 +0000 admin http://www.americanoutreach.org/?p=978

Are you ready to make amends to all of the people you hurt in the past? Well, that was the most recent step that you finished a little while ago. Now that you are mentally ready to do it, it is time to ante up and actually do the do. If you are a little scared right now… aren’t you used to being terrified yet? It isn’t as if you have been simply coasting along on a comfortable course so far. You have had to sing for your supper all the way through this thing, and it will probably never get easy. But at this point, you are an elite, intrepid recovery warrior. There isn’t much you can’t handle. This is your chance to really make things better.

Now, a lot of people that you hurt in the past will take your attempts to make amends with a grain of salt. If they are still consumed with bitterness, they will see anything and everything you do as either a lie, an attempt at manipulation or just a way to put down your own guilt. Remember that you can not change their minds, if they are dead set on hating you for what you did in the past. But nonetheless, you must make your best efforts at this- for yourself, not for them.

This does have a sort of narcissistic edge about it. For that reason, it could be called impure if a person just wanted to lob insults at you to make themselves feel better. But at the same time, making amends to people is also designed to be a genuinely good action. Ultimately, it is about healing the relationships that you damaged with your habit. The ones that are worth saving will most likely heal in time. As for the ones that refuse to heal, letting them go is just going to have to be a part of your recovery process. Do your best.

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Asking to get Better http://www.americanoutreach.org/asking-to-get-better.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/asking-to-get-better.htm#comments Sun, 05 Dec 2010 03:28:17 +0000 admin http://www.americanoutreach.org/?p=976

It has been said that a person can not improve themselves. We are all subject to our shortcomings, our faults, and our petty little human problems. Unfortunately, this is a condition of being human, and it is something which we can never escape as long as we are still tied to this feeble mortal coil. We can never grow beyond a certain level as long as we are still alive. We can never be God, in this form, no matter what one may believe about our ultimate potential or what we can be in the next world. However, there is a power beyond all of us, isn’t there? You have admitted to it, and you have even accepted that this power can remove your imperfections.

Now is the time to basically get on your knees and ask this higher power to make of you a perfect creature. It is not a quick process- you will not live long enough to be perfect, even if you end up giving Methusala a run for his money. But in the end, humbly asking for your imperfections to be removed of a being that actually has the power to do something that amazing is how it is ultimately going to happen for you. Now that you have finally accepted this as a fact, it is time to act on it.

Remember that beliefs which are locked up in your mind and heart can not express themselves fully. This is an action, not a thought. You have to really ask your higher power (and remember that it does not matter if you call it “God” or something completely different than that), and be ready for and believe that this power can take away your inner problems. This is like a personal exorcism, only hopefully minus the pea soup. That stuff never comes out. If all else fails, you could always ask to be made perfect in the nude, or something.

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How Prescription Drug Abuse Happens http://www.americanoutreach.org/how-prescription-drug-abuse-happens.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/how-prescription-drug-abuse-happens.htm#comments Thu, 02 Dec 2010 08:40:20 +0000 admin http://www.americanoutreach.org/?p=928

When most people think about drug abuse, their first thoughts may be of the “junkie” on the street corner looking for his next fix or a crack cocaine user bent over his pipe. While these are examples of drug abuse, many people may not realize that they are not the only examples.  The fact is that prescription drug abuse is becoming more prominent, with more and more people being admitted for this type of abuse each day–whether on a voluntary or involuntary basis.

You may wonder how a prescription drug can be abused. After all, you have to have a doctor’s permission to get the drug, and the exact dosage and length of time for which it is to be used is clearly printed on the prescription and the label. So, how can this happen?

Prescription drug abuse can happen in many ways. For example, a person may continue to take a drug, especially one for pain, long after it is needed. Rather than taking it for the shortest amount of time possible, then switching to an over-the-counter medication that may work just as well, they continue to take the prescription drug.

Eventually, they build up a tolerance; the drug just doesn’t work at well any more. When this happens, they take more and more of the drug and the addiction continues to grow.

As the addiction worsens and the need for the drug grows, the person will turn to different ways of getting the prescription drug. These can include forging prescriptions, buying prescription drugs from other people, and even stealing from family members or others.

If you suspect someone in your family is addicted to a prescription drug, look for signs of this, such as missing medications and unusual or suspicious behavior. Notify your family health care practitioners of your suspicions so that they can monitor the calls for prescription drug refills.

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Making use of a Higher Power http://www.americanoutreach.org/making-use-of-a-higher-power.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/making-use-of-a-higher-power.htm#comments Wed, 01 Dec 2010 03:25:45 +0000 admin http://www.americanoutreach.org/?p=967

Powerful Stuff
Image via Wikipedia

Okay, you have admitted that you have a problem with using. It has taken over your life, and now you want it back- your life, that is, not the deluded haze you knew when you were using. And you have finally figured out the fact that you are not the most powerful creature in the universe. Maybe you have a hang up about this whole “God” thing. And maybe you are not too keen on putting a label on your higher power. Maybe “The Universe” works better for you as a higher power. Or maybe there is a genuinely good group with a seriously noble objective that you can submit your energy to, instead of the endless pursuit of pleasure (or the relief of pain) that will ultimately destroy you.

It almost does not matter what you select as the “God” that you submit your recovery to. All it has to be is something greater and more powerful than yourself. Too many people have gotten hung up on the religious overtones that come out of submitting your cleaning up process to a “God” tends to bring up, and ended up sabotaging their own recovery as a consequence of doing so. While it is never a good idea to get too hung up on the details of things in life, it is important for you to stay clean and sober.

This is why, once you have figured out what you can submit your recovery to, that you actually do it. Something very bizarre and unexpected tends to happen when people really admit to their own powerlessness. They become acutely aware of the places in their own lives where they really can be powerful, and as a result they become more powerful over other things. Just like lifting progressively heavier weights makes your muscles get stronger, admitting to where you are weak makes your ability to control your life stronger. Find yourself a god, and use it.

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First Step To Treating Addiction http://www.americanoutreach.org/first-step-to-treating-addiction.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/first-step-to-treating-addiction.htm#comments Tue, 30 Nov 2010 04:36:23 +0000 admin http://www.americanoutreach.org/?p=915

Addiction comes in many forms and often the problems we do not see as addictive can turn into something uncontrollable. Realizing an addiction is the first step towards treatment. Once you are able to deal with the fact and understand that you are addicted to something, you will feel the need to do something about it. It is not easy to come to terms with your addiction or even realizing that you are addicted to something. It can take over your life and hinder your everyday living but with a little understanding you too can help your self.

Listen to the people around you and if they see a change in you, they will inform you. Whether it is through a joke or your family telling you that you are doing something wrong, do not take it too personal. First think about what they are saying because chances are they care about you and they are just trying to make you aware of something you do not realize. Your good friends and family care enough about you to bring awareness and help you if you let them. So realizing that you have a problem is definitely the first step to treating your addiction.

Once you realize that you have an addiction, think about what it might be, because your friends and family will only tell you so much, so that you do not feel inadequate about it. Realization will lead you to seek the help you need and often you will be open to options and listen further to what people have to say. Overall you will be happy that you were able to take care of the problem and you can go on to continue your life like you have always done. First steps are the hardest but once you are aware, you will begin the recovery process.

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Addiction Treatment Through Friends and Family http://www.americanoutreach.org/addiction-treatment-through-friends-and-family.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/addiction-treatment-through-friends-and-family.htm#comments Sun, 28 Nov 2010 04:35:42 +0000 admin http://www.americanoutreach.org/?p=912

Not every type of addiction requires medical treatment, but never the less, some sort of treatment is necessary for you to take back control of your own life. Addiction often leads to you letting go of your own life and relying on something else to rule you. This may make you happy for a specific period of time but eventually you will realize that it brings more problems than happiness. Certain addictions do not require medical or professional help and the best people to help you overcome your problem are your good friends and family.

Close friends are as good as your family and letting them into your life instead of distancing yourself from them will allow them to help in anyway possible. At times all you need is for someone to listen to you so talk to someone you feel close to. You may feel that you do not want to burden people close to you with your problems, but that sort of thought will do nothing but dampen the closeness. Friend and family can guide you towards the right direction and since you know them, you can trust them. All it takes for you is to realize that you have an addiction and the willingness to kick the bad habit.

Friends and family members do not want to see you suffer and for certain types of addiction, they are your best drug. Rely on them and open up to them and you will start to see a change in your life right away. It will not only bring you emotionally closer to them but you will know that you can count on them through the rough times in your life. Enjoy their company and at the same time relieve the addictive nature that you have developed. If this does not work for you then there are many other options available.

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Chronic Gambling Is An Addiction http://www.americanoutreach.org/chronic-gambling-is-an-addiction.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/chronic-gambling-is-an-addiction.htm#comments Fri, 26 Nov 2010 04:34:00 +0000 admin http://www.americanoutreach.org/?p=910

Gambling for many is a past time and a fun thing to do once in a while. While some win, most people stand a better chance to loose but your eagerness to win can lead to an addiction like none other. Once you are addicted to gambling, whether it is going to casinos or a regular poker game that involves some money, you personally will not see it as a problem. Your attitude will change and others around you will notice how regular you are becoming at these events. Here are a few ways to realize that you have become a chronic gambler.

* When you do not see this as a leisurely activity and you spend more time thinking about the possibility of winning, you will find yourself at more of these events on a regular basis. People will notice you and remember you and times even the staff at the casino will warn you if they notice you visiting too often.
* Chronic gambling is addictive to the point that, as much as you will work hard to earn your pay check, you will itch to spend it. Your calendar will revolve around getting that cash to go out and spend it in the hopes of increasing it. After a while it is not about the winning or loosing, but more about how comfortable you feel in your gambling surroundings.
* Another way to realize your addiction is when you start to turn down almost every invite to a social function because it seems that you had already planned to spend that time at a nearby casino. This not only takes you out of your social circle, but it puts a distance between you and your friends.

Help is available for you as long as you are willing to and accepting that chronic gambling has become a major part of your life.

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A Few Things That Can Lead To Alcohol Addiction http://www.americanoutreach.org/a-few-things-that-can-lead-to-alcohol-addiction.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/a-few-things-that-can-lead-to-alcohol-addiction.htm#comments Tue, 23 Nov 2010 04:33:13 +0000 admin http://www.americanoutreach.org/?p=908

Alcohol addiction is an extremely dangerous type of addiction and if it not treated in a timely manor, it can take over a person’s life and become lethal. While some alcohol addiction is seen as genetic, there are others that someone can develop due to certain things in their life. Regardless this addiction does not start until a person begins to abuse alcohol to shy away from their problems rather than taking care of them. Below are a few things that can lead to alcoholism and often someone other than the person abusing this will notice the issues.

* Depression is a major player in the road to alcohol addiction. Often depression can lead to excessive drinking and since alcohol reacts with chemicals in your body and takes your mind to a certain place, it seems like the best way for them to suppress their depression. Before treatment begins it is important to figure out the underlying reason for their depression.
* Financial worries can lead to drinking to get away from the problem. People have been known to lock themselves away for days at a time and drink till they fall asleep and continue the same routine once they are awake. Financial worries can take over a person’s life and without the proper help, more harm is cased than good.
* The tendency to drink on a regular basis can be cause by boredom and loneliness. There are little friends and family can do since it is up to the person to make an effort to get more involved in things. If you are able to help, then the best way is to include them in activities that they will enjoy and encourage them to find something that will keep their mind off drinking. The next step would be to encourage them to get professional help for their own benefit.

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Can a Person Be Addicted To Junk Food? http://www.americanoutreach.org/can-a-person-be-addicted-to-junk-food.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/can-a-person-be-addicted-to-junk-food.htm#comments Sat, 20 Nov 2010 04:32:17 +0000 admin http://www.americanoutreach.org/?p=905

Cheetos are commonly considered a junk food.
Image via Wikipedia

I strongly believe that a person can become addicted to junk food and quite fast. Like other addictions, junk food can cause several problems inside a person’s body. From obesity to organ failure has been seen as a side effect of excessive consumption of junk food. Like all other types of food, it should be taken into account that excessive consumption can be extremely dangerous. We often don’t have time to sit down and enjoy a healthy meal and due to the time constraints, we turn to junk food. These types of food, whether fried or loaded with fat, is easily accessible and a fast way to take care of our hunger.

It is faster to go to a drive through than prepare a meal at the end of a busy day. While this is a solution once in a while, it should not become an everyday thing. The cost and ease of access in getting these types of junk food when you are hungry can alone lead to addiction. There are people who live on junk food and it gets to a point in their lives where they do not enjoy eating anything else. This is an unhealthy practice that can have severe effects in the long run.

For those who are addicted, like every other addiction, it is important to realize it and then look for solutions to get some help. Before the damage is done to your body, you should see a dietitian and plan a proper diet that you can follow on a regular basis. Your health is of utmost importance and without your health, you will lave little to live your life. One of the best ways to maintain your health is with a proper diet so eat well and take care of your junk food addiction before it is too late.

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Health Insurance and Addiction http://www.americanoutreach.org/health-insurance-and-addiction.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/health-insurance-and-addiction.htm#comments Tue, 16 Nov 2010 04:31:33 +0000 admin http://www.americanoutreach.org/?p=903

With the several health insurance you can buy at the moment, many of them see addiction as a disease and as a result they will cover the cost of rehabilitation. Once you realize that you are addicted to a substance, the best way to get better is through medical help. Since medical help can get very expensive, many people choose to live with their addiction rather than receive the treatment they need. Well you should not be afraid of treatment and by continuing with your addiction, you actually end up spending a lot more than you would, on medical help, in the long run.

When you purchase a medical plan, you should always read the fine prints and ask as many questions as you can. Most major medial insurance policies cover addiction problems and since this is not a cosmetic treatment, it is covered under medial treatment. From therapy to out patient programs and prescription medication that one needs, is covered. There is nothing to feel embarrassed about and only the proper help will get you back on your feet before you know it. You may have to take care of the co-pay but the minimum amount of co-pay is nothing compared to the benefit of getting well. Look on the bright side, the co-pay is also considered a tax deductible so you have a winning situation.

It is not just the corporate insurances that cover the cost of addiction treatment but some of the best coverage is through the low cost government health care. Your wellness is of concern to your doctors and your government just as much as your family. So if you do have a problem you want to take care of but you are not sure of how much treatment will cost, simply call your health insurance company and get the information you need.

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Addiction Affects Everyone Around You http://www.americanoutreach.org/addiction-affects-everyone-around-you.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/addiction-affects-everyone-around-you.htm#comments Sun, 14 Nov 2010 04:30:27 +0000 admin http://www.americanoutreach.org/?p=901

Addiction is a disease that not only affects you but it also affects your close friends and family around you. Once you are addicted, it is difficult for you to notice how other around you reacts to your disease. Whether it is substance abuse, drug addiction, or addiction to prescription medication, it changes your everyday life in a way that it makes it harder for others to interact with you. Daily temperaments and mood swing make it difficult for your loved ones and caring for you is made that much harder. Without the proper treatment, you can cause others to fall apart without even noticing any change.

For the friends and family members of those who are going through this terrible process, it is important to show your love and talk to them as often as possible. Neglecting them will make you feel worst and that is not a good thing for them either. As a caring person it can take a toll on you as many of you are not trained to handle such behavior, but with proper encouragement and help, you can make them understand how important their well being is to you. Often friends and family members feel helpless and as a result they too slip slowly into depression. It is not a healthy environment and you must keep in mind that you can only do so much.

As a support, be there for them but take care of your self first. If need be, you too should seek some professional help so that you are made aware of how to handle the situation without it affecting you so much. It is a hard disease to deal with and without the right medical attention, both you and the loved one you are trying to help will suffer certain consequences.

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Ways To Bring Awareness To An Addict http://www.americanoutreach.org/ways-to-bring-awareness-to-an-addict.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/ways-to-bring-awareness-to-an-addict.htm#comments Fri, 12 Nov 2010 04:29:12 +0000 admin http://www.americanoutreach.org/?p=899

For those who are addicted to substance abuse, it is hard for them to come to terms with the terrible disease they are suffering. For them the first step to recovery is awareness and then admitting that they have a problem. More often they will not admit to the problem and as a result you as a support will have a challenging time taking care of them. There are several things you can do to help out someone you have noticed is abusing things. Here are a few ways you can help them by making them aware of their problems. It is not easy but, if done the right way with the care, you can help them in a way that they can not imagine.

* Sit down with them and speak to them about their problem. Rather than pin pointing their addiction, ask them about their depression and the underlying problem. You have to get to them gently as you do not want to embarrass them in any way and make them feel worse.
* Often you alone can not get the word across and make the person aware of their disease. For you the best way would be to bring together a group of people who love them and care for them. Sit down and discuss how their behavior has affected you in a negative and emotional way. If they can see the negative impact they are having on you, then they stand a better chance of trying to get help.
* Show them you love them and at times tough love is the best solution. People who are addicted are often shy about asking for the one thing they need to feed their addiction so this will help them ease out of it slowly.
* As always if you cannot help, then seek professional help. That is the best thing to do.

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Smoking Is A Terrible Addiction http://www.americanoutreach.org/smoking-is-a-terrible-addiction.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/smoking-is-a-terrible-addiction.htm#comments Tue, 09 Nov 2010 04:29:02 +0000 admin http://www.americanoutreach.org/?p=896

A cigarette butt, lying in dirty snow.
Image via Wikipedia

Unlike other drugs and alcohol, smoking is a more common addiction that is not looked down on as much as the rest. Social smoking from the young age leads to occasional and then turns into something that can not be controlled. Once you develop the addiction fully, it begins to seem like there is little you can do when the urge comes. For many, a cigarette after meals or one after completing a stressful project is more of a reward. After a long period of time it seems to become an instinct and eventually you will find yourself lighting a cigarette without even realizing it.

For many it seems to relax them when driving or when faced with a difficult task. The truth is, nicotine will relax you for only a few minutes but the smoke you inhale will remain in your body for years to come. It is not looked down upon, like other addictions but knowing the side effects, it should be looked at just as severely. Lung disease is just the start of the side effects and more often, heart disease and cancer is also a side effect of smoking. Smokers in general have a shorter life span and if you do not give up the bad habit at a young age, it is more difficult as you get older.

Some know and understand the danger yet they continue to smoke. This is like every other addiction but when you are ready to give you, you have to get yourself mentally prepared to do so. For those who do not have the will power to quit on there own, there is help out there for you. Medicine and therapy are just two ways to help you kick the habit. Once you are ready, a little research will give you information on what is right for you.

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Peer Pressure Among Teens Lead to Addiction http://www.americanoutreach.org/peer-pressure-among-teens-lead-to-addiction.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/peer-pressure-among-teens-lead-to-addiction.htm#comments Sat, 06 Nov 2010 04:26:55 +0000 admin http://www.americanoutreach.org/?p=894

Teenagers more than other groups of people are prone to becoming addicted to drugs and alcohol. There are various factors that lead to teenage addiction but the main reason they start using any controlled substance is to be able to fit into a group. Teenagers are not as aware of the dangers of substance abuse and due to that reason alone they will try out things that are not considered healthy. Peer pressure to smoke will lead them to light a cigarette or some other forms of addictive drugs so that they too can be seen as the cool kid in their group. It is a way for them to fit into their community and at times the fear of rejection from their friends will get them to join in.

Teenagers are known to do the exact opposite of what adults tell them and without the proper knowledge, they are unable to say no. In these groups, saying no is a sign of weakness and little do they realize that, no is stronger than saying yes at times. Parents and teachers should try to educate them as much as possible on the dangers of substance abuse. Once your child is aware they will develop the understanding. When you are young, you are enthusiastic about trying something new because everyone else is doing it and you do not want to be left out.

There are several programs including DARE, which are available for teenagers to attend and learn about the dangers. If they are not informed from a young age, they may end up harming themselves in a very lethal way. Always listen to your kids carefully and if you feel that they may be doing something dangerous due to peer pressure and they can not stop, you need to take immediate action.

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Work Place Substance Abuse Prevention Program http://www.americanoutreach.org/work-place-substance-abuse-prevention-program.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/work-place-substance-abuse-prevention-program.htm#comments Wed, 03 Nov 2010 04:25:47 +0000 admin http://www.americanoutreach.org/?p=888

365/253 my work place
Image by mccheek via Flickr

Most major companies have programs for their hard working employees that they can attend in order to prevent any kind of substance abuse. Work place ethics ban employees from using certain drugs and alcohol while on the job but companies understand that certain employees will still hide and use things while at work. While this can be a cause for dismissal, your employers want to see you healthy and as a way they encourage you to get the help. If you or any other co workers show signs of addiction, you should consult with the proper people at work and see what can be done to make it better for your life. Your employer stands to loose a hard working employee and you have a greater chance of loosing your paycheck.

Addiction, at times, prevents us to think properly and the wrong decisions we make can cost us a lot more than we can imagine. For employers, they also want to have a healthy working environment where employees are happy and productive. For this reason and work place security, your employer will encourage you to seek help. Your health insurance will cover most of the expenses and with the support you receive just from the people at work, you will be on the road to recovery.

Abuse is dangerous and loosing what you have worked for is not worth the trouble. As soon as you are ready to take control of your life, check with your work and health insurance first. You can even get some paid time off, in order to take care of the problem at hand. It is safer than you think and you stand to get better with your eagerness to get that help. Most employers are understanding and will help you since it will help them create a better work environment for you and other employees too.

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Good Versus Bad Addictions http://www.americanoutreach.org/good-versus-bad-addictions.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/good-versus-bad-addictions.htm#comments Mon, 01 Nov 2010 04:24:42 +0000 admin http://www.americanoutreach.org/?p=884

When we think of addiction, most often we think of the negative impact it has on you and the people around you. Not all addictions are considered bad and some can actually help you with your everyday life. Other addictions which are more common as a bad habit will hinder your everyday life and your performance. Let’s discuss the good addictions first so that we can discuss the bad ones later. Certain things you do in your life whether it’s a religious belief or your eagerness to work to improve your lifestyle can be considered a good addiction. Both you and everyone else around you stand to benefit from these types of addictions. Though going overboard can be stressful, with the right attitude, you stand to improve yourself. Good addictions will lead you to success and live a healthy life. We rarely speak of the good addictions as they are nearly not as interesting as the bad ones.

Bad addictions on the other hand can stand between you and your future. With addictions from drugs and alcohol, you are less likely to perform to the best of your ability. Such bad addictions can be very lethal if proper treatment is not received. You will not only harm yourself with bad addictions, but you will end up creating an unhealthy environment for your family and friends too. Bad addictions do not bring success and sadly, many people don’t even realize that they are addicted to something before it is too late. This is nothing to be proud of and you will suffer the consequences and bring your family thorough this painful journey. For those of you who can admit to their bad addiction and realize that you need to do something about it, there is always help available. Acceptance is the first step on your road to recovery.


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How To Notice Closeted Addicts? http://www.americanoutreach.org/how-to-notice-closeted-addicts.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/how-to-notice-closeted-addicts.htm#comments Sat, 30 Oct 2010 04:23:40 +0000 admin http://www.americanoutreach.org/?p=882

While it is easy to notice some people and pinpoint their addictions, there are others who are completely closeted about it. For those people it is even more dangerous as they do not let you into their lives enough for you to understand. With closeted addicts, you do not see them or hear about them abusing any sort of substance since they are not very public about it. Unless they can admit the addiction to themselves and get some much needed help, it will be hard for you to notice them. Here are two common traits of a closeted addict.

* In the case of a closeted alcohol addict, you will know that they enjoy their drinks just as much as anyone but what you don’t see it that when they are back at home, in their own comfort zone, they become regular drinkers. If you constantly smell alcohol on your friends and family and they always seem to have an excuse for it, chances are they are hiding something. Speak to them and let them know how you feel and offer them your help.
* Addiction to drugs is another thing that most friends and family members will miss about a person. A closeted drug addict will not let you see their bad habit and for their soul purpose of finding company they will seek people you do not know. They will always have an excuse to stay away from events unless they have no choice but to attend. In order to help them, you need to first find out about their addiction and the only way to do it, is to follow them. Pay them a visit whenever you can and eventually you will notice their habits. Follow your suspicions as they are often correct. Help will save their life so as a good friend try to get them the help they need.

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Simple Ways To Kick The Bad Habit http://www.americanoutreach.org/simple-ways-to-kick-the-bad-habit.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/simple-ways-to-kick-the-bad-habit.htm#comments Wed, 27 Oct 2010 04:21:53 +0000 admin http://www.americanoutreach.org/?p=879

Many bad habits require professional help, but there are others you can take care of by yourself. It has been said time and time again that the first step towards recovery is acceptance. Once you accept the fact that you have a bad habit, there are certain things you can do to kick this habit. If you realize your addiction at an early state, then you can do a few things to take control of your life. Here are some cases and what you can do on your own. For people more into their addictions, please seek the professional help you need before it turns into something life threatening.

* Alcohol abuse is very common. It starts with a few sips and the next thing you know, you have had several glasses. For those of you who get addicted with the first sip, but you do not need it all the time, try to stay away. At social gatherings, instead of taking that alcoholic drink, order something else. You will refrain from over drinking and still have a great time.
* For food addicts, try to control what you eat. You do not have to give up the things you like, but a little research and portion control will help you understand the benefits of healthy eating. Before you know it, you will have a completely new outlook on food and you will do whatever is necessary to maintain your healthy habit.
* Gamblers often turn to gambling due to boredom. So each time you crave to go out and gamble, find something else that you can do with that time. Invite a friend to go out or find a person to spend the time with. Positive influences in your life will provide you with unlimited entertainment and you will soon realize that you can do a lot more with your time while saving money.

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Childhood Problems Can Lead To Future Addiction http://www.americanoutreach.org/childhood-problems-can-lead-to-future-addiction.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/childhood-problems-can-lead-to-future-addiction.htm#comments Sat, 23 Oct 2010 04:20:57 +0000 admin http://www.americanoutreach.org/?p=876

Research shows that problems during childhood are one of the main reasons for future addiction. Kids often find it difficult and embarrassing to talk about problems they are experiencing and as a result, their bottled up emotions are expressed in the wrong form, in their future. Kids face bullying but in order to show their family how strong they are, they often shy away from speaking about it. Being bullied can hinder a child’s ego and as they grow older they tend to lack in the area of self confidence. This can lead to joining groups of people similar to them, in their teenage years. They start experimenting with dangerous things and before they realize it, they can end up developing an unhealthy addiction.

Problems at home, such as family fights or divorce, leads to psychological problems. If you do not take the time to explain to your kids regarding your situation and listen to what they have to say, they feel neglected. Not being able to talk openly with your parents at a young age can eventually lead to other ways to get rid of your sorrow. Kids are known to start using drugs, alcohol, and prescription medication to suppress their feelings. This is unhealthy and life threatening if you can not help take care of your kids problems. If you are not able to help, yet you realize that there is a problem, then seek professional help. With help from someone who knows how to talk to your child and guide them in the right direction, they have less of a chance of developing any harmful addictions. You kids need you when they are younger the most, and the best environment you can provide for them is by being there for them. Both you and your child will benefit from this in the future.

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Alcohol and Drug Abuse and Effects on Medications http://www.americanoutreach.org/alcohol-and-drug-abuse-and-effects-on-medications.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/alcohol-and-drug-abuse-and-effects-on-medications.htm#comments Fri, 22 Oct 2010 10:19:41 +0000 admin http://www.americanoutreach.org/?p=835

Besides having a detrimental effect on your body, alcohol and drug abuse can also interact with other medications that you may be taking for a physical condition. These interactions can cause the medications to either not work as they should or not work at all.

Antibiotics are a class of medications that can be rendered less helpful or completely useless, especially if alcohol abuse is the problem. Certain antibiotics, such as those used to treat tuberculosis, provide a combination of isoniazid and rafampin—two chemicals needed for the medication to work. Chronic alcohol use and excessive drinking can contribute to reduced levels of both chemicals in the bloodstream, which inhibits the antibiotics’ effectiveness, thus causing the tuberculosis to worsen or at the very least remain unimproved.

Warfarin, more commonly known by its brand name Coumadin, is used to reduce the risk of contracting blood clots, or to keep other clots from forming if one has suffered with them already. It is the formation of blood clots that can cause heart attacks or strokes, and alcohol reduces this medication’s effectiveness.

Alcohol and drug abuse may also affect how erectile dysfunction (ED) medication works or can make the side effects of such medication worse. You may want to obtain more information on Cialis medication or whatever type of ED medication you use, especially concerning side effects, as this could be dangerous.

Besides having a direct effect on how medications work, alcohol and drug abuse can also cause one to forget to take the medication. Certain conditions rely on a steady amount of the medication remaining in the system in order to be controlled or treated. Forgetting to take the medication, even just one or two doses, can upset the balance enough to cause the condition to worsen or return. This can have serious, even life-threatening complications.

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Alternative Treatment for Substance Abusers http://www.americanoutreach.org/alternative-treatment-for-substance-abusers.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/alternative-treatment-for-substance-abusers.htm#comments Wed, 20 Oct 2010 04:17:07 +0000 admin http://www.americanoutreach.org/?p=874

once you have come to realize that you have a problem with substance abuse and you want to get the help you need, you are not limited to the treatment methods available out there. Many of us choose to go with alternate medication to help with our recovery. With something like substance abuse, you have the choice of alternate treatment too. Here are a few proven treatment methods that have helped people in the past.

* For drug addiction, alternative Chinese herbal medication has been known to treat patients for a long time. These types of medication do not involve western medicines and often there are little to no side effects. For these treatments either do a little research online or have a loved one do the research for you and find you the best treatment facility out there for you. There is no harm in trying and you only stand to gain from it.
* Several addictions are a result of stress and depression. Acupuncture has been a way of depression and stress treatment for thousands of years. It is safe and there is no medicine to take. You have to find the best people out there who can perform acupuncture. Keep in mind that proper treatment and the end result depends on your complete cooperation and regular attendance.
* Therapy is a great way to kick addiction. You can choose not to take any sort of medication and with someone specialized to help you through conversation, you gain be become more aware and less addicted. It will also give you a chance to finally speak of the problems you have been facing, and as a result you will feel less of a need for any kind of substance to suppress your feelings. It is healthy and you will become a much fulfilled person, upon completion of your treatment.

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Outpatient Treatment Options For Substance Abuse http://www.americanoutreach.org/outpatient-treatment-options-for-substance-abuse.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/outpatient-treatment-options-for-substance-abuse.htm#comments Mon, 18 Oct 2010 10:47:42 +0000 admin http://www.americanoutreach.org/?p=809

Conversation between doctor and patient/consumer.
Image via Wikipedia
Battling substance abuse is very likely the biggest fight of a recovering addict’s life thus far. When the knowledge is clear that help is needed, the addict needs to know that there are several treatment options available. This is important because knowing the options will help reduce the fear the newly recovering addict is sure to be feeling. Fear of withdrawals, fear of the unknown and fear of being alone and without family close by.

While in most cases of serious substance abuse, inpatient treatment is highly recommended, there are outpatient treatment plans that can help the addict get started on the road to recovery. Outpatient treatment services are decimated, meaning the different services such as medical, psychological, therapy et cetera are not all in one place as they are with inpatient treatment programs. While this is not necessarily a roadblock, it does pose some wait time issues and therefore sometimes less effective help for the addict seeking treatment. First, when seeking any treatment for substance abuse, have a medical doctor perform a complete and thorough examination of the patient’s condition. This will help to determine which method of treatment will offer the addict the best care with the highest chance of success.

Outpatient programs consist of therapy appointments, counseling, group meetings, daytime hospital programs, evening sessions, just to name a few. While all of these can be effective, the success of the recovery program depends on the recovering addict. To get the most effective care, where all needs are met and a break from the stresses and temptations of substance abuse, it is likely that inpatient treatment will be recommended over an outpatient program, at least to start the recovery process with. Once the patient has had time to withdraw from the effects of the addiction on his body and learn to process his feelings and deal without the substance once abused, then the road to recovery has a chance at being a successful one.

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Addiction Treatment For Teens http://www.americanoutreach.org/addiction-treatment-for-teens.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/addiction-treatment-for-teens.htm#comments Sat, 16 Oct 2010 10:46:15 +0000 admin http://www.americanoutreach.org/?p=799

The world of addiction is a difficult and scary one for any adult, let alone a vulnerable, insecure teenager who is still developing and changing every day. Trying to make sense of life and dealing with a substance abuse addiction is challenging enough without having to deal with adult treatment centers or methods. Adult treatment centers are confusing and not geared towards the specific needs of teenage addicts and therefore do not have a very high long term success rate when dealing with teens.

Teenage addiction treatment centers should provide teens with a safe place to confront and overcome their problems that are at the root of the addiction. A place set up with teens in mind and a program designed specifically for teens will provide for all of their needs during the recovery from addiction process. Teenagers need stability and understanding as they battle their addiction and learn new ways to confront and solve problems. A proper teenage addiction treatment center will provide this stability and the staff necessary to help them progress in the healing process of recovery.

The type of treatment plan that should ideally be in place in a quality teenage addiction treatment center is on that is, first of all, completely designed from the ground up with teenagers in mind. A safe space where they can discuss their problems with peers of the same age that are going through their own addiction recovery is a big factor in a program for teenage addicts. A reputable program will provide effective therapy opportunities where adolescent issues are treated with respect and concern as part of the recovery road. Parents simply must play a very active role in helping the teenager battling addiction. The treatment program should include family therapy, comparable education opportunities while away from their school, compassionate yet firm and appropriate discipline as the teens learn to control their anger and confront their problems. Teen addicts who are part of a treatment program geared for them have a high rate of success in an addiction-free life.

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Cell Phone Addiction Or Just The Modern Way? http://www.americanoutreach.org/cell-phone-addiction-or-just-the-modern-way.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/cell-phone-addiction-or-just-the-modern-way.htm#comments Thu, 14 Oct 2010 10:44:49 +0000 admin http://www.americanoutreach.org/?p=796

When it comes to the world of addiction, everyone has heard of or even been affected by addictions to such things as alcohol, drugs or gambling, just to name a few common addictions. However, in this day and age, the current trend of heavy cell phone usage has some people wondering where the line between heavy usage and addiction can be found? It really does come down to each person and the details of each life.

With the widespread use of cell phones and email for plenty of good reasons, the popularity and high use of such is understandable and often positive. Yet in recent years there seems to be an alarming increase in people who are unable to draw lines with having their electronics in their lives and not let them be their lives. This is often the case with teenagers and texting on their cell phones. While we understand that during the teen years friends and connections with friends are the focus of their lives, it is important to be sure your teen is getting food, exercise, rest and has healthy habits overall. All this while yet realizing teenagers are going to be on that phone much more than you think is good, but remember to put it in perspective.

When the cell phone or texting usage is for adults in their work, it is often justified as opposed to that amount of time being okay for a teenager to be involved with their phone. It is important for parents to remember that focusing on friends and social activities is a teenager’s work for at least a little while. Try seeing things from the teen’s perspective and letting them have some room to text their way. If need be, you can step in and ask that meals be phone free or encourage exercise by suggesting a fun activity. Most healthy teens can spend a lot of time texting and still spend plenty of time doing other positive activities in life.

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The Electronic Age: Screen Addiction? http://www.americanoutreach.org/the-electronic-age-screen-addiction.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/the-electronic-age-screen-addiction.htm#comments Tue, 12 Oct 2010 10:41:42 +0000 admin http://www.americanoutreach.org/?p=775

This little piggie uses his cell phone #111
Image by Nemo’s great uncle via Flickr
In this day age of rapidly growing technology, when it sometimes feels like an hour after you buy new electronics there is a new version available, there is an emerging trend of electronic addictions to consider. Whether these obsessions with electronic devices are addictions or merely fixations is something that remains to be seen or could be a matter of opinion. As with most addictions that we are familiar with, such as substance abuse or gambling, the criteria is similar in determining if there is a problem with things such as cell phones or eBay.

People’s dependence and enjoyment of cell phones has risen to rapid heights in recent years. The cell phone and texting technology has replaced telephones and even email in some cases. While it is a good thing in many ways, it does shrink the world to where stress from work can reach you anywhere if given the chance. That’s reason number one to limit your cell phone and email habits to checking messages at certain times and only responding to family during your time off. When using these electronic media devices gets in the way of a good lunch talk with a friend or your kid’s soccer game, then it might be a problem that needs some attention.

Professional treatment is not typically necessary in the case of cell phone or email – addiction’ but rather an evaluation of your life and what you want to give to your family and your job. Being present in the moment is important in every circumstance, none more so than when spending time with family. Cuddling on the couch and watching a movie with your spouse should not be punctuated with frequent cell phone or email checks in general. Your kid’s ball game deserves your attention, so that when your child looks for you, you’re all smiles and paying attention. Simply thinking about your use of these devices can show you if you want or need to make any changes. Overall, technology is a good thing and is here to stay and grow.

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Common Causes of Substance Abuse http://www.americanoutreach.org/common-causes-of-substance-abuse.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/common-causes-of-substance-abuse.htm#comments Thu, 07 Oct 2010 10:40:08 +0000 admin http://www.americanoutreach.org/?p=773

Substance abuse is a problem found everywhere, although it is often a hidden problem that both the addict and loved ones hide from other people until something happens and the secret is out. The major question asked by loved ones and those dealing with substance abuse is often -why’? Why did this happen? The specific answer to that is often elusive, yet there has been quite a bit of research that has helped to narrow down a few possible causes that make a person vulnerable to addiction.

A big question mark and often a most interesting one to study, is the aspect of genetics in relation to addiction and substance abuse. Genetics play a big role in the predisposition of some people’s vulnerability to substance abuse that leads to addiction. When there is a genetic link or an inherited propensity for addiction, this does not necessarily mean the person will be an addict. It just means that the risk factors are higher. Another concern in the incidence of substance abuse is mental health and mental illness issues. So often the victims of mental illness have a higher incidence of substance abuse than the average person. Those afflicted will abuse alcohol or drugs in an effort to self medicate or feel better about themselves.

Environmental causes are another notable reason for the abuse of drugs and alcohol. If someone is exposed to the acceptance of drug and alcohol throughout their lives growing up, such an environment can influence them to think it is acceptable and therefore they sometimes experiment and abuse them. An abusive situation can also lead to addiction in that in order to cope or escape the situation, the victim will use substances. Mental health and environmental reasons are why substance abuse treatment centers advocate therapy as part of the healing process, for the addict to try and learn about themselves and why they abuse substances. Once those reasons become clear, they can be dealt with and life can be good again.

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Prescription Drugs : The Doctor Said So http://www.americanoutreach.org/prescription-drugs-the-doctor-said-so.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/prescription-drugs-the-doctor-said-so.htm#comments Tue, 05 Oct 2010 10:39:10 +0000 admin http://www.americanoutreach.org/?p=771

Addiction does not care what kind of job you have or what kind of car you drive. It does not matter the house you live in or the amount you paid for your clothes, addiction affects people of all walks of life. It does seem that addiction to prescription drugs affects more white collar workers or upper middle class people, so to speak, than it does others. The specific reasons for this are unclear but are likely to be the feeling of legitimacy that prescription drugs have, the doctor gave them therefore they are permissible to take.

Those that suffer with chronic pain for whatever reason are the ones most likely to be addicted to prescription drugs. They are taking them for a valid reason to begin with and sometimes take more than they should or become dependent on round the clock doses in order to function. The first step in dealing with an addiction of this type is to talk to the doctor so that the pain medication can be switched or adjusted, while still addressing the chronic pain issue. This is a very hard addiction to deal with in that the medication is needed for quality of life and functioning with the pain.

Others that become addicted to pain medication are those that continue to take it after the need has passed, such as a surgery or injury situation where healing happens and the pain is gone. What was a need has now become a habit and professional help is needed to kick that habit. There are also cases where people abuse substances that were not prescribed for them, but for another family member or friend. This is a situation where it is no different from using street drugs but for some reason. Sometimes people believe the prescription drugs to be better; sometimes they believe them to be safer. Whatever the reasons drug addiction is drug addiction and the treatment for addiction to prescription drugs is much like treatment for other substance abuse issues such as alcohol and other drugs.

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Myths About Addiction http://www.americanoutreach.org/myths-about-addiction-2.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/myths-about-addiction-2.htm#comments Sun, 03 Oct 2010 10:37:46 +0000 admin http://www.americanoutreach.org/?p=769

The powerful entanglement of addiction is one that, typically, a person cannot get out of without professional help and a strong support system of family and friends. Addiction is when a person is completely at the mercy of the substance or alcohol they have become addicted to. The substance has manifest changes in their body and well as their mind and they truly believe they must have it. This becomes a battle for the person’s life between the loved ones and the addiction.

There are plenty of myths floating around about addiction, some rooted in fact, and others just random suppositions that have been mistakenly believed as true. One of the biggest myths is that addiction can be overcome if the person truly wants it to be so. Now, this can be true if a person seeks professional help, but the myth comes about when people say – oh he could stop if he wants to’. The acts of abusing drugs for a long time change a person’s brain so that the intense desire to use is powerful and overrides everything else. When the compulsion becomes a part of the brain, it takes more than just willpower to change things. Conversely, having an addiction does not mean the person is doomed to a life of addiction until it eventually kills them. The changes that have been made in the brain through the course of the addiction can be treated and even reversed with the proper therapy, both mentally and physically.

Another crazy myth is that addicts will not seek treatment until they hit rock bottom, until something catastrophic and terrible happens to them such as a drunk driving accident or a marriage ending. This is not true, in fact, the earlier in the addiction that treatment is sought, the better the chances for a full recovery and a fulfilling, addiction free life ahead.

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Taking Care Of Drug Addicted Babies http://www.americanoutreach.org/taking-care-of-drug-addicted-babies.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/taking-care-of-drug-addicted-babies.htm#comments Fri, 01 Oct 2010 10:34:33 +0000 admin http://www.americanoutreach.org/?p=759

Shiny and colored objects usually attract Infa...
Image via Wikipedia
Everyday there are babies born already addicted to drugs due to their mother’s drug abuse during pregnancy. Drug withdrawal is a scary and sometimes painful process for any addict and this is no exception for the drug addicted newborn. Their little bodies must go through the withdrawal process the same way an adult must. The pain and confusion is overwhelming to anyone, much less a tiny baby who has no clue about comfort, pain, joy, fear and so forth. All a drug addicted baby can do is battle the withdrawal symptoms and cry. Hopefully the care the baby receives is knowledgeable in caring for drug addicted babies and can provide comfort as well as necessary medical intervention and care.

Taking care of drug addicted babies requires special training in order to know what their little bodies are going through and how to handle the fallout. Medical training is one thing, for doctors and nurses can be aware and implement necessary measures as needed. But once the medical status is stable, the baby simply had to get through the withdrawal process and this take a lot of patience, love and tender touches to get the baby through. This is why it is important that medical staff, foster parents and the parents if they are in the picture must all learn how to best soothe and comfort the baby who feels like the world outside of the womb is a painful and terrifying place.

The possible long term effects of being born drug addicted are many, some manifest and some do not. All caregivers of newborn addicts can do is hope to love and comfort the baby enough to ease the withdrawal and help the baby learn the world is not all scary. The foster parents or parents who care for a the baby must learn about the possible side effects in order to be on the lookout for things to crop up in the future. While the world is an unknown one for the future, there is plenty of hope when unconditional love is present.

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Gambling: When Fun Turns Furious http://www.americanoutreach.org/gambling-when-fun-turns-furious.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/gambling-when-fun-turns-furious.htm#comments Thu, 30 Sep 2010 06:59:24 +0000 admin http://americanoutreach.org/?p=735

Gambling Problem?
Image by jasonfrench via Flickr

Gambling at games such as poker, horse races or athletic games can be fun sport for a lot of people, especially those who enjoy visiting such luxurious and exciting places such as Las Vegas, Nevada, where the casinos are a magical land unto themselves. Gambling is also something that can become a problem for some people to the point where they ruin important things in their lives and hurt loved ones along the way. At what point does the game of gambling become a serious gambling problem? When does a gambler cease to be a fun sport and become a furious spender?

An impulse control disorder such as gambling brings an exciting sense of almost-giddy anticipation to the player before the game, feelings of intense pleasure during the game, then feelings of extreme guilt and remorse when it is over, with increasing amounts of time and money having been thoughtlessly spent. There are several clear symptoms of when gambling is no longer a fun hobby and has become a problem.

•Preoccupation- re-living previous gambling experiences and making plans for the next one.
•Higher Stakes- an intense need to gamble for higher stakes, with increasing amounts of money in order to get a bigger thrill.
•Slacking work and home life- taking inordinate amounts of time from the job and family time to spend it gambling instead.
•Lying- hiding the fact that gambling is happening.
•Money Problems- borrowing or stealing money from others to gamble with.

As is the case with most impulse control problems, there are inevitable and often serious consequences to problem gambling. Usually the first problem surfaces in the form of money troubles. When money issues begin to cause problems with family members,with planning for the family’s financial future and getting the bills paid on time, then gambling has become a serious problem in need of attention and intervention.

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Dual Diagnosis: What is it and How is it Treated? http://www.americanoutreach.org/dual-diagnosis-what-is-it-and-how-is-it-treated.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/dual-diagnosis-what-is-it-and-how-is-it-treated.htm#comments Mon, 27 Sep 2010 06:58:05 +0000 admin http://americanoutreach.org/?p=729

treatment #3
Image by the|G|™ via Flickr

In the world of substance abuse treatment when a patient presents with symptoms of a mental disorder as well as needing treatment for drug or alcohol addiction, this is called a dual diagnosis situation. Dual diagnosis happens quite often in substance abuse treatment centers. Whether the substance abuse is present first or the mental disorder is present first is not always easy to ascertain. Whatever the case may be, the treatment plan must be designed to fully address both problems, not giving emphasis to either one or the other but intensively treating both at the same time.
Sometimes it seems that the mental problems may have surfaced first and lead the patient to abuse substances in order to feel better-this is called self-medicating.

Other times it appears that the substance abuse came first and led to the development of mental issues. It is a challenge for the physician to tell which problem is the primary problem to treat, for so many symptoms of severe alcoholism or drug addiction impersonate the symptoms in many types of mental illness. The best thing to do in order to begin treatment right away is to detoxify the patient. Detoxification is when the patient is removed from any presence of alcohol or drugs and the body withdraws from the effects of the substance abuse. Complete withdrawal must happen before the physician can properly evaluate the patient and put together an effective treatment plan.

Once the patient has been detoxed and the body recuperates from the withdrawal process, the dual diagnosis can be determined and a two-pronged rehabilitation treatment program that will address both problems can begin in earnest. Rehab involves therapy that utilizes one-on-one sessions as well as group sessions, education about substance abuse addiction, and a focus on overall body health including nutrition and exercise. The goal of rehabilitation is to bring the body back to health, ready to enjoy life free from addiction.

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How Sober Houses Aid the Recovery Process http://www.americanoutreach.org/how-sober-houses-aid-the-recovery-process.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/how-sober-houses-aid-the-recovery-process.htm#comments Thu, 23 Sep 2010 06:56:54 +0000 admin http://americanoutreach.org/?p=726

When a newly recovering addict leaves the intensive, nurturing environment of inpatient treatment, the real world can be quite a shock. Being in charge of a brave new sober world can be overwhelming and scary while being exciting at the same time. This is the time where Sober Houses come into play. Sober Houses are secure, professionally designed communal living situations where newly sober residents can land immediately after rehab treatment.

Residents of Sober Houses have strict rules to abide by in order to continue living there. The penalties for breaking those rules vary from monetary fines and essay writing to immediate ejection from the Sober House premises. Some of the rules for recovering addicts residing at a Sober House include:

-An absolute zero tolerance policy regarding any type of drugs or alcohol on the premises. This includes such medicine cabinet things as cold medications and after shave because of the high alcohol content these things contain.
-A zero tolerance policy is also in place pertaining to violence, sexual activity on the property and stealing of any kind.
-Zero tolerance for unexplained absences or violations of curfew times.
-Frequent surprise, random checks that residents agree to submit to when they move in.
-Each and every resident must have a job, be actively seeking a job or be a full-time student enrolled in vocational training or an accredited school. If a recovering addict is disabled, they must do what they can for the community or the house.
-Each person living at the Sober House has at least one daily chore to complete in the keeping up of the home.
-All residents will share a bedroom with a least one other person.
-Every resident must attend a set minimum number of meetings each week

While rules may seem stringent or stifling, remember they are in place to provide the newly recovering addicts with a safe situation from which to learn to control their new lives, supported yet free.

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Sex Addiction: Changing the Focus http://www.americanoutreach.org/sex-addiction-changing-the-focus.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/sex-addiction-changing-the-focus.htm#comments Sun, 19 Sep 2010 06:55:41 +0000 admin http://americanoutreach.org/?p=717

Tiger explains how sex addiction clinics work
Image by robertodevido via Flickr

Sex Addiction is a trendy buzzword in the celebrity news pages as of late, thanks to such high profile names such as Tiger Woods and Jesse James, just to name a couple. Is sex addiction a real problem or is this label a cop-out for bad boy behavior? Theories abound on both sides of the coin when it comes to this one. While sex addiction may not be classified and defined in the medical books, and maybe it should not be specifically so, there is no denying that there is obviously a fixation out there.

For a person to admit to a problem with sex addiction, it typically takes a traumatic situation that wreaks havoc on their lives and the lives of those they love. An event such as an arrest, a job loss, a health crisis or the ending of a marriage is significant enough to bring the sex addiction problem to the forefront where it must be acknowledged and addressed. Once the problem surfaces and the person decides to seek treatment, what’s next? What is the process of treatment for such an issue? How does one deal with an addiction to something they obviously cannot avoid for the rest of their lives?

Treatment for sex addiction differs from the treatment plans for other addictions in that lifelong abstinence is not the goal. The treatment plan is approached through a variety of options, depending on where treatment is sought. Some therapy centers offer treatment through a 12 Step Recovery Program while others use a Cognitive-Behavior Therapy model. Both programs use one-on-one therapy sessions as well as group therapy sessions to assist the person in seeing the problem behavior in a different light. The focus and ultimate goal in treatment of sex addiction is to control the problematic behavior and assist the person in learning about healthy sexual behavior. All sex addicts do not go on to become sex offenders, many rehabilitate and go on to live full lives with satisfying relationships.

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Do Your Research Before Committing to a Travel Nurse Job http://www.americanoutreach.org/do-your-research-before-committing-to-a-travel-nurse-job.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/do-your-research-before-committing-to-a-travel-nurse-job.htm#comments Fri, 17 Sep 2010 16:47:12 +0000 admin http://www.americanoutreach.org/?p=752

Becoming a traveling nurse can be a fun and rewarding career. Traveling nurses get to help others while seeing new areas around the world. But before you sign with an organization that hires traveling nurses, you should do your homework and make sure the organization and job is right for you.

The Internet is a great way to conduct your research. You’ll have a wealth of information literally at your fingertips. If you don’t have a nursing degree yet, that should be your first step. Search the Internet for schools that provide nursing degrees. Depending on where you live, you might have to relocate in order to attend a nursing school. You also might consider an online nursing school, which would allow you to study from home. Most online nursing schools require some type of externship, which you can arrange with a local hospital or clinic.

If you already have your nursing degree, you’ve accomplished one big step in becoming a traveling nurse. The next thing you need to do is look at the different agencies that employ travel nurses online. Before you start your search, decide if you want to stay in the United States or if you prefer to travel to another country. Some of the agencies only offer job opportunities in the United States. Others offer both domestic and international opportunities. As a traveling nurse, you have the exciting chance to visit parts of the world you’ve only dreamed of seeing. International nursing jobs are available in London, India, China, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and many other locations. And there are many places in the United States you would probably love to explore. Travel nursing will give you that chance.

Once you decide where you would like to travel to, check out the different websites of agencies that hire traveling nurses. The available jobs, the pay and the benefits can vary from agency to agency.


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Twelve Step Recovery Program: An Overview http://www.americanoutreach.org/twelve-step-recovery-program-an-overview.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/twelve-step-recovery-program-an-overview.htm#comments Thu, 16 Sep 2010 06:54:50 +0000 admin http://americanoutreach.org/?p=715

In the world of addiction and recovery, the Twelve Step Recovery Program is a widely accepted and utilized method of breaking addictions to drugs, alcohol, sex, food and so forth. Used in many treatment programs, both inpatient and outpatient, this program has been adapted for use in numerous recovery situations. While the guiding principles of the 12 Step program remain the same, the applications must be specific to the individual and his or her personal recovery journey. Without this personalization, the recovery process is not authentic and will not be successful.

Recovery is a decision and a journey that, while there is solid support to be found, is a very individual process that a person can truly only succeed at if they are dedicated to staying on the road to recovery no matter what happens along the way. The 12 Step Program is a supportive group situation that is facilitated by recovering peers who have been there and done that and are now helping newly recovering addicts find their way. The first step necessary to begin the recovery process is for the addict to admit his or her powerlessness over the addiction. In doing this, the person surrenders life to a higher power, however they wish to interpret that higher power. Religious beliefs are not pushed in the 12 Step Programs, merely the belief in some sort of higher power that can help along the way in life. After that admission, there exists a set of 12 principles that each recovering addict will work through personally. This is not a fast process, but a journey of self discovery and rebuilding of relationships.

The recovering addict will choose a sponsor to help guide them through this process, to support and answer questions. A sponsor is a fellow recovering addict who has gained experience and time sober and is willing to provide support and guidance. By investing their time and focus on this program and in remaining sober, recovering addicts can and do go on to lead fulfilling and productive lives free from addiction.

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How A Parent’s Alcoholism Affects The Children http://www.americanoutreach.org/how-a-parents-alcoholism-affects-the-children.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/how-a-parents-alcoholism-affects-the-children.htm#comments Tue, 14 Sep 2010 06:53:58 +0000 admin http://americanoutreach.org/?p=712

The presence of alcoholism in the home has been proven time and again to have detrimental effects on the children involved. There is no way around this, no justification to be had. It is clear that there are always serious consequences involved for children who grow up in an alcoholic home. This is true no matter which parent, mother or father, is the alcoholic in question. Not only does the child’s home life suffer at the hands of the alcoholic, but the chances of that child growing up to struggle with alcoholism themselves is increased many-fold.

Children who have parents affected by alcoholism often live in an environment that is far from ideal on all fronts. Physically, the environment is often sub par when it comes to food, clothing and such necessities. The alcoholic parent not only spends the family funds on their addiction, but also tends to mishandle funds in general. This is why teachers in schools should pay careful attention to the children who seem malnourished, wearing ill fitting clothing and struggling to have money for lunches and other school items. Emotionally, the damage done to a child living in an alcoholic family is traumatic and scarring. There is a lack of consistent, loving parenting that shows the child they are loved and cared for. When basic needs go unmet, children suffer in more than physical ways.

The environment of an alcoholic family is often rife with such negative elements as poor, if any, parenting with chaos reigning as a result, lack of trust that they will be cared for in any way builds up, there is no consistency to the care or routine of home life and all too often fear and abuse is part of this overall picture as well. It is important that children of alcoholics understand that the behavior is not their fault and that they are not alone. These two steps are a good start to healing the damage done by an alcoholic parent.

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The Hidden Alcoholic http://www.americanoutreach.org/the-hidden-alcoholic.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/the-hidden-alcoholic.htm#comments Sun, 12 Sep 2010 06:53:16 +0000 admin http://americanoutreach.org/?p=708

Some typical alcoholic beverages.
Image via Wikipedia

Often when most people think about alcoholics, they picture a downtrodden, rough looking maybe even homeless person who reeks of booze and carries a paper-bag covered bottle. Those types do exist, and in high numbers, but they are only one portrayal of a bona fide alcoholic. Another picture that comes to mind when folks think about alcoholism is the struggling addict, one who attends AA meetings and is a tortured soul battling his demons. There are those as well. However, there is one group of alcoholics that is lesser known, but just as embattled with the disease. This group is made up of those alcoholics who hold a good job, attend their kids’ sports games and keep their appointments. Those are not recognized traits of an alcoholic.

The myths of alcoholism, while based in truth, are rampant and can be deterrents to higher functioning alcoholics getting the help they need. Beliefs that alcoholics are drunk every day or that they miss work on a repetitive basis and therefore lose jobs often are just that-beliefs. Not characteristics found in every alcohol abuse situation. Alcoholics can be PTA leaders, successful CEOs, stay at home moms and Little League coaching dads, as long as they maintain functionality and hide their alcoholism well. This type of alcoholic is battling the exact same disease as the homeless man with his paper bag, it is just revealed in different ways and cycles through a different process.

This group of alcoholics is a dangerous group in that they rarely seek help for themselves and live firmly in denial. They drink to relieve stress or reward themselves for a job well done, and they drink to excess often. It is hard for families and friends to help them because the level of denial is often very deeply rooted. Nobody believes a bona fide alcoholic can be successful at their careers, maintain family relationships and function as they do. Hitting bottom does not often occur for this group, therefore awareness must come in a different way.

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Seeking Drug Treatment in Tennessee? http://www.americanoutreach.org/seeking-drug-treatment-in-tennessee.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/seeking-drug-treatment-in-tennessee.htm#comments Sun, 12 Sep 2010 05:10:23 +0000 admin http://www.americanoutreach.org/?p=757

If you are looking for Tennessee drug treatment, then La Paloma Treatment Center might be right for you. La Paloma Treatment Center, located in Memphis, Tennessee, specializes in a number of addiction treatment programs, including alcohol, cocaine, crystal meth, heroin, opiate, and prescription drug addictions. La Paloma also admits and works with patients experiencing multiple addictions.

The facility offers a number of amenities, including a state of the art detox unit, basketball court, weight and exercise room, as well as separate women’s and men’s residential units. Participants in the residential treatment program will also enjoy nutritious meals, encouraged meditation and quiet reflection time, as well as daily recreational opportunities.

The qualified staff at La Paloma Treatment Center include psychiatrists, psychologists, alcohol and drug abuse counselors, nurses, and clinical social workers. The staff will help oversee patient detoxification, as well as help develop each patient’s integrated treatment program. Patients are introduced to the 12-step program which is explored through daily group and individual therapy. Patients may also elect to enroll in life skills classes for continued enrichment while at the Center.

La Paloma Treatment Center believes that no individual and their addiction is the same, so each treatment program should be catered to the needs of individual patients. Using the Foundations Treatment Model, La Paloma employs an integrated treatment process that addresses the specific needs on the individual, his or her addiction, and the underlying reasons for that addiction.

La Paloma emphasizes treatment of the emotional or mental issues potentially causing the addiction, in addition to treatment of the addiction itself. The Center utilizes non-confrontational techniques of motivation interviewing as well as enhancement therapy, rather then simply relying on traditional methods of group and individual therapy.

By refusing to box a patient into a conventional treatment program, the Center is more able to edit and modify a program as it pertains to individual needs.

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Food Addiction: Learning To Live With It http://www.americanoutreach.org/food-addiction-learning-to-live-with-it.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/food-addiction-learning-to-live-with-it.htm#comments Fri, 10 Sep 2010 06:51:59 +0000 admin http://americanoutreach.org/?p=701

An addiction is defined as the case when any particular substance is brought into the body in excess amounts, despite the potentially harmful effects it may bring. Most of the time these substances are alcohol or drug related, but sometimes food can be an abused substance. When a person craves food, thinks about it all the time, plans for it and eats compulsively to excess, it is definitely an addiction to food. Professionals have long been addressing substance abuse with alcohol and drugs but have only in recent years been considering food addiction something to be dealt with.

Food addiction poses a unique challenge in that, unlike drugs or alcohol, those that suffer with it cannot simply cut the offending substance from their lives and build a new life without it. Food is something a body cannot get away from in order to conquer the addiction, thus making it a big challenge to learn to control. The consequences of unchecked food addiction can be severe, health threatening ones. Consequences such as obesity, eating disorders such as bulimia or anorexia, diabetes and other health issues as well as psychological problems are rife in those who deal with food addiction on a regular basis.

Treatment for food addiction is a challenge because avoiding the offending substance just cannot be done. It is an impulse control problem that must be addressed from the standpoint of what and how much is good for your body. Defining excess and compulsion are key points to dealing with an addiction such as food addiction. You have to figure out what your triggers for overeating and compulsive eating are and address the addiction from those standpoints in order to cope. If stressful situations cause you to turn to food even when you are not hungry, then the addiction can be addressed from the standpoint of learning other ways to handle stress. Ways such as exercising or cleaning house, calling a friend or taking a drive, typically something active to relieve stress and get through the cravings as well.

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Passion or Addiction? http://www.americanoutreach.org/passion-or-addiction.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/passion-or-addiction.htm#comments Wed, 08 Sep 2010 06:51:16 +0000 admin http://americanoutreach.org/?p=699

In this day and age, the words obsession, compulsion and addiction are tossed about rather easily to describe just about any time person is heavily involved in something. Referring not to substances such as drugs or alcohol, or even food, but in reference to activities, sometimes these words are over used. Where is the line between a passion or enjoyable obsession with something as opposed to an addiction that needs help to put an end to it? When you find a new hobby that you really enjoy and spend as much time as possible in pursuit of it, some people believe this is passion while others believe it is an unhealthy obsession and maybe even addiction. This is especially true of adults in reference to children’s fixations.

Passion for something implies enjoyment as well as the ability to focus on whatever it is for long periods of time and often. The same interpretation could be made to be unhealthy obsession by those looking to label the intense fascination as something it is not. While addiction and unhealthy obsessions are very real problems that require intense work on the part of those affected by them, there is a line that must be crossed before it becomes a problem. Long periods of time spent doing something does not constitute an addiction, neither does an avid pursuit. All too often, in this society, parents lament that their children will not do a particular thing for more than five minutes and yet those same parents lament when their children find things they enjoy doing for long periods of time. It is these parents that cry addiction when a child is merely passionate about his latest hobby.

This is not to downplay addictions, however if a child spends 3 hours playing a video game and 3 hours reading a book, does the parent worry about the reading time the same way they do the game time? It is important for parents to be careful before they worry and stop children from enjoying and learning from their pursuits fully.


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The Most Common Addictions http://www.americanoutreach.org/the-most-common-addictions.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/the-most-common-addictions.htm#comments Sun, 05 Sep 2010 06:50:25 +0000 admin http://americanoutreach.org/?p=693

Source: A Public Health Approach to Drug Contr...
Image via Wikipedia

The problem of addiction has been around likely as long as men have been alive, in some shape or fashion. It does seem that in recent years, addiction has become a buzz word for getting away with an obsession or unhealthy habit more than truly fighting an addiction. That being said, there are several common addictions that we hear about all the time with which those affected do need help from loved ones and professionals.

-Substance abuse such as that of alcohol and drugs has been a well known addiction for many years. Substance abuse has been expanded in recent years to somewhat include the practice of huffing substances such as glue, paint and so forth. This huffing type of substance abuse is typically found among teenagers and, like most addiction issues, signifies root problems to be addressed.

-Shopping is an addiction that is often not taken seriously by anyone who has not been personally impacted by it themselves or through a loved one. Shopping for a reason, even splurging or going on a shopping spree, is a valid and enjoyable experience for many people. It is when the urge to shop becomes a compulsion to buy something, anything at all, just to be buying something at that moment that it becomes a problem to address.

-Gambling becomes an addiction when the games are no longer enjoyable games but instead have become competitive pursuits to win more and more, for bigger and better stakes in order to get the fix needed. Then the cycle starts all over again.

-The workaholic is another addict who is not often taken seriously as one in need of help but often treated as one who just will not stop working. This person needs to be actively productive to the point of pure exhaustion to feel good about himself. It is a process for the workaholic to learn where to draw the line and participate in the rest of his life besides working.

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Video Games: When Is It Too Much? http://www.americanoutreach.org/video-games-when-is-it-too-much.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/video-games-when-is-it-too-much.htm#comments Fri, 03 Sep 2010 06:49:36 +0000 admin http://americanoutreach.org/?p=690

Future events marker for video games
Image via Wikipedia

Video games are part of this fascinating world of technology that seems to be ever-growing right before our eyes. It seems that not a day after we buy new electronics, a new version is being advertised. As a result of this growth, a whole generation of kids has grown up with video games being as second nature to them as baseball bats, television and bikes were to the generation before. In recent years, video game addiction is a phrase that has been bandied about from time to time as parents worry about how the kids are spending their time.

It does not help matters when the news reports stories of babies and toddlers neglected while their video game obsessed parents played away their lives or stories of crimes against another person committed by someone less than stable with a history of video game obsession. Rationality typically prevails, however, and people do realize that video games are like anything else—they can become an addiction if you allow them to. But that, in general, video gaming is a pastime just like any other.

There are those people, both laypersons and professionals, who believe that video gaming can be addictive, can manifest as a compulsive disorder such as gambling or abusing alcohol. These people say that the impulse control issues that can lead to addictions such as shopping obsessions or drug abuse are the same impulses that can lead to video game addiction. Addiction is when the person’s entire world revolves around getting a fix of whatever the obsession is. He or she spends all of their time thinking about the game, planning the next time to play, gaining intense pleasure from playing and feelings of anger and despair when the game or time is over. Then the cycle begins again. While any pursuit can become an addiction, given the right situation, it is important to carefully analyze a situation and be sure it is unhealthy. Many things can be a passion yet not an addiction.

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Substance Abuse: When Is Inpatient Treatment A Good Idea? http://www.americanoutreach.org/substance-abuse-when-is-inpatient-treatment-a-good-idea.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/substance-abuse-when-is-inpatient-treatment-a-good-idea.htm#comments Wed, 01 Sep 2010 06:48:34 +0000 admin http://americanoutreach.org/?p=683

A patient having his blood pressure taken by a...
Image via Wikipedia

When substance abuse is identified and the topic of treatment is at hand, there are several options to consider. The addict must be the one to decide on the method of treatment, for if he or she is not fully on board, the treatment process is destined to fail from the first step. The treatment options that are available for substance abuse addiction range from outpatient care plans to full inpatient hospitalization plans. The patient must be fully evaluated by a medical doctor to help determine which plan of action is the safest to consider.

While it is a big step to take, often inpatient treatment of the addiction is the best route to take for the addict’s safety as well as increased odds of a successful recovery program being put in place. The recovery process is the most important process of the addict’s life. Inpatient hospitalization treatment for substance abuse is when the patient is required to stay at the treatment center for the duration of the agreed upon treatment time. Once the patient agrees to this, they will not be allowed to leave. While the most intensive, this is typically the best approach to starting the road to recovery for most addicts.

The benefits of inpatient treatment when it comes to substance abuse are many. The first of which is the fact that the addict is isolated from everything in life that may influence him or her to drink or do drugs. Around the clock care is on hand and protection from outside influences and pressures is provided. This gives the newly recovering addict some space from real life stresses, worries as well as the availability of alcohol or drugs that may tempt him or her. It is so important to choose the route for recovery that will offer the recovering addict the highest possible chance for success at a sober life.

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Kicking your smoking habit has never been easier http://www.americanoutreach.org/kicking-your-smoking-habit-has-never-been-easier.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/kicking-your-smoking-habit-has-never-been-easier.htm#comments Fri, 20 Aug 2010 20:19:48 +0000 admin http://www.americanoutreach.org/?p=918

Some addictions in life can seem harmless at first, but can turn out to be extremely dangerous.  Smoking is one such addiction that is detrimental not just to your health and well-being, but also to society at large. What starts off as a bit of fun with peers while in college turns out to be something that you can’t even think of living without.  Once the toxic chemicals of cigarette smoke become a regular inhabitant in your system, the habit is hard to kick.

It is important to note that the pleasure that you derive from smoking (read nicotine) is ephemeral. The smoke that enters your bloodstream lingers on and stays with you long enough to cause diseases like oral cancer, bronchitis, asthma, and even heart attacks.

These health concerns not only affect smokers and the people that love them; consider also their employers.  When offering health insurance to their employees, employers are taking a huge risk that their smoking employees will decrease the companies’ profitability if the smoker gets cancer or heart disease as a result of his habit.  Considering all of these facts, corporate headquarters of nearly all businesses have laid out strict rules to be followed at the workplace. They do not encourage smoking during office hours. In fact, many companies have employee training programs that help them fight the habit, educate them on the ill effects of smoking, and so on.  There is a strong emphasis on combating issues like substance abuse and smoking in many employee training seminars. You and your co-workers need to understand that a healthy working environment is an absolute must to ensure that your boss does not lose you—and that you do not become a liability in the workplace.

For those who are severe addicts, there is always help available in the form of therapy. Such counseling can effectively deal with emotional issues that can trigger your addiction.  There is also the alternative of medications or gum products that help to lessen the severity of withdrawal symptoms. If you feel that your finances are posing a problem in your ability to pursue the help you need, you can always get in touch with a moneylender wanting to provide you a payday loan, so that you can begin to tackle the issue.

The process is simple–we are now in an era when getting a payday loan is a hassle-free process and just involves minimum or no documentation. So, get in touch with your medical expert or substance abuse counselor as soon as possible and start the process of ridding your body of the toxins that can wreak havoc on your body; it’s the only one you’ve got.


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You Should Go See a Chiropractor if You’ve Been in a Car Accident http://www.americanoutreach.org/you-should-go-see-a-chiropractor-if-youve-been-in-a-car-accident.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/you-should-go-see-a-chiropractor-if-youve-been-in-a-car-accident.htm#comments Thu, 19 Aug 2010 21:29:12 +0000 admin http://americanoutreach.org/?p=642

Toyota Yaris crash in Uetersen, Germany
Image via Wikipedia

Car accidents happen every day and a lot of the time they are unavoidable. You might be on your way to work and be rear-ended while stopped at a stop light or be involved in something more serious like a rollover or high speed crash. These are all things that you cannot predict happening – it’s just a fact of life. All you can do to make yourself safer on the road is drive your best and be aware of other drivers around you to decrease the chance of an accident happening. Although, even will all of the necessary precautions, there is still a chance that something will happen.

One thing is for sure though, whether the accident was your fault or not, you need to go to the emergency room or see your doctor to be checked out immediately after the accident. Be aware that many of the pain treatments given in the ER can lead to substance abuse. A lot of the time you will have injuries that you are not currently aware of, so it’s important to take precautions after being in a physically traumatic experience, even if you think you are okay. It can sometimes even take days to feel the physical effects of a car crash. Many times the emotional pain is just as bad which can lead to substance abuse.

Doctors will often recommend that you see a chiropractor for further evaluation and treatment, especially if you had any whiplash or are experiencing back pain. A chiropractor will be able to help you recover from these stress injuries. It is best to get treatment right away to avoid chronic pain due to the injuries. Chiropractors go through extensive training and schooling, so their opinions and treatment suggestions should be valued as highly as the advice of your general practitioner. Do what they say and you should be able to recover from your injuries.

Remember this bit of advice if you ever get in a car accident. It is better to have injuries taken care of as soon as they are received rather than waiting until they are causing pain or having debilitating effects especially if you develop a substance abuse problem. Your doctor and chiropractor can help you on your path to recovery. Don’t take any chances with your physical health.


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The Job Outlook for Chiropractors http://www.americanoutreach.org/the-job-outlook-for-chiropractors.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/the-job-outlook-for-chiropractors.htm#comments Wed, 18 Aug 2010 18:27:29 +0000 admin http://americanoutreach.org/?p=617

Inside a 40" diameter portable mild hyper...
Image via Wikipedia

Becoming chiropractor is a financially rewarding career choice because of the many job perks. Chiropractors treat patients with chronic pain and muscular problems with a holistic approach to the patient’s health, with special emphasis given on the spine. They understand that traditional pain remedies can lead to substance abuse issues. Chiropractors are generally seen as an alternative medicine option, but there is a rising trend for this type of treatment and the job outlook is said to be good. Most chiropractors have a specialty, such as sports injuries or elderly care. It is a career that pays well and has a good job outlook because of the need for chiropractors in every community.

If you are interested in becoming a chiropractor, you generally have to obtain a bachelor’s degree and then apply to a program of study. Requirements vary by school, so it’s best to check out programs during your undergraduate career to make sure you have taken all of the prerequisite classes and meet other requirements. Entrance into programs is competitive and it’s important to have a good undergraduate GPA as well as an emphasis on extracurricular activities and other activities that would make you a good fit for the program. Again, chiropractors emphasize non-drug related pain management ideals so it is best if you espouse to these also especially when dealing with patients that could potentially have a substance abuse problem.

Once you have been accepted into a program, you will study for four years with the goal of getting the Doctor of Chiropractic degree. As with all other medical programs, you will have to work hard and get good grades to be successful in the program. There is a state and national test you will need to worry about and it is best to start studying for the test at the onset of your program. You will not qualify for a license until you can pass the exam.

Chiropractors make a good salary. The mean income as of 2005 was $104,000 per year according to a government survey. Some chiropractors work in firms while others prefer to do business solo. There is a high demand in all areas for chiropractors, so you should do well once you get a degree and start practicing, no matter who you work for. Being a chiropractor is a good job.


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Treat Headaches with Chiropractic Care http://www.americanoutreach.org/treat-headaches-with-chiropractic-care.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/treat-headaches-with-chiropractic-care.htm#comments Tue, 17 Aug 2010 17:25:16 +0000 admin http://americanoutreach.org/?p=572

90/365: The headache look (+13 things)
Image by Mr.Thomas via Flickr

Many people suffer from headaches on a daily basis and they don’t know the cause. Many of these people are also suffering from substance abuse relating to their medicines. Some think the cause is stress while others worry they have a hormonal imbalance or other internal working that is not functioning properly. Whatever the problem might be, it is important to have recurring headaches analyzed by a doctor to determine the underlying cause. Your doctor might prescribe medication, suggest surgery, or maybe even refer you to someone else. It all just depends on what the matter is. You do not to risk creating a bigger problem–substance abuse–when other treatments are offered.

Traditional treatment is not always available and your doctor may suggest you see a chiropractor for further investigation. This helps prevent the substance abuse of medicines in patients. Chiropractors have been known to treat certain types of headaches with their treatment. A lot of the time a chiropractor is able to relieve some of the pressure and strain that is causing a person to have a headache, so seeing a chiropractor is a good option once more serious problems have been ruled out by your regular doctor. A chiropractor focuses on aligning your spine and other bones and muscles to improve your overall health. The treatment methods will vary on your symptoms, but most treatments involve the chiropractor moving your body in certain ways to relieve pressure. This has shown to be effective in helping people with recurring headaches.

When you come out of the chiropractor’s office, you often feel like you have just had an intense massage because all of your aches and pains have been treated. The chiropractor can’t fix everything, but they use techniques that have been proven effective and have been around practically forever. If you are suffering from a headache, a chiropractor will most likely focus on your neck and upper spine.

If you are looking for a chiropractor to treat your headache pain, you can ask for recommendations from your regular doctor or do some research on the Internet. Each chiropractor treats something different, so it’s important to choose the right one. A chiropractor might not be able to cure your headache pain, but it is worth a try if you have already seen your doctor and nothing else seems to be working.


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Drug Rehab California – It’s Even fun Drug Free http://www.americanoutreach.org/drug-rehab-california-its-even-fun-drug-free.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/drug-rehab-california-its-even-fun-drug-free.htm#comments Tue, 17 Aug 2010 05:53:23 +0000 admin http://americanoutreach.org/?p=678

California is the kind of place where people make their dreams come true. A man or woman can come to California with nothing at all, and end up making millions in movies, music or in all kinds of other business ventures. The smog may not be great, and the tendency towards Earth quakes may cause a bit of property damage every so often, but the state of California is the kind of place where you do not need any kind of drugs to experience a seriously powerful high. Drug rehab California should actually be a bit easier than it would be in other places, because of all of these opportunities for actual enjoyment. Nonetheless, a lot of people do get involved in “the scene.” As a person goes to parties, it is very easy to get swept up in living in the moment. While there is rarely much of the old stereotype of “peer pressure” to use any given drug, there does tend to be a lot of emphasis on the kind of enjoyment that goes beyond “just having a good time.” This can be why it is easy to slip back into the old habits, even after your rehab experience is over with. When you go to the clinic, your addiction does not actually end. It’s important to understand that no amount of clinical rehabilitation is enough to destroy the underlying habit. All you can do is make conscious life style changes. And one of those changes needs to be the removal of the elements of your life which cause you to relapse into old, damaging habits. The largest of those dangerous elements is the people you spend your time with. While you can still potentially handle the party scene without using, you may find the urge to get back into doing so to be too much of a temptation.


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People with a Possible Herniated Disc Should See a Chiropractor http://www.americanoutreach.org/people-with-a-possible-herniated-disc-should-see-a-chiropractor.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/people-with-a-possible-herniated-disc-should-see-a-chiropractor.htm#comments Sun, 15 Aug 2010 10:19:54 +0000 admin http://americanoutreach.org/?p=531

Drawing of a herniated disc in the lumbar spine.
Image via Wikipedia

The spine is one of the most important parts of the human body. Without it, a person couldn’t stand, sit, walk, or be mobile in any way. It is the part of the body that holds everything together. The spine is made up of lots of little discs that are held together by the spinal vertebra. When one of the discs slips out of place it is called a herniated disc. Without treatment, a herniated disc can leave a person crippled and in bed. This painful experience has led many people to abuse their medicines which leads to more substance abuse.

A herniated disc is very painful. Without immediate treatment, a herniated disc can cause chronic pain to an individual in their back. It is most common in people who are 35 or older, but it has been seen in younger patients. You should see a doctor at the first sign of back pain so that the problem can be treated before there is a rupture or the herniated disc becomes very bad. In order to prevent substance abuse of medicines,  some doctors might even recommend that you see a chiropractor frequently if you have a disc that has the potential to rupture. A chiropractor can make minor adjustments to your spine for preventative care if you see them regularly.

The spine is one of those things you don’t want to mess around with because of all the nerves it has and its importance in the body. This means it is very important to get pain in your back taken care of before it becomes more serious. Both your chiropractor and doctor can consult with each other about the best method of treatment so that you don’t have to suffer.

In order to diagnose a herniated disc, your doctor will most likely schedule an MRI and x-rays. This is the only way to know for sure if you have a herniated disc, as there are lots of things that could be causing you to have back pain. Although, herniated discs are very common. Trust your doctor and get the treatment he recommends, especially if it involves seeing a chiropractor for routine adjustments. Chiropractors can be instrumental in your health.

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Back Pain is the Number One Thing Chiropractors Treat http://www.americanoutreach.org/back-pain-is-the-number-one-thing-chiropractors-treat.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/back-pain-is-the-number-one-thing-chiropractors-treat.htm#comments Fri, 13 Aug 2010 17:16:23 +0000 admin http://americanoutreach.org/?p=486

Vertebral column.
Image via Wikipedia

Back pain is one of the most difficult things to treat because the spine is so delicate. One wrong move could render a person paralyzed or worse. This is why it is very important to take care when dealing with back pain and injuries related to the spine. If you are experiencing any type of back pain, you should see a doctor immediately for treatment. A chiropractor may also need to be consulted to make adjustments to your spine and suggestions for your health.

The first thing that a doctor will do when you go to them with back pain is find out what activities you participate in on a regular basis that are causing the pain. Then the doctor will probably order x-rays and an MRI to assess the internal workings of your body. It’s important to have these tests and procedures done to pinpoint the location of your pain and create a treatment plan. Once your doctor has figured out why you are hurting and where you are hurting, he will know where to go from there.

One possible plan of action your doctor may suggest is a series of appointments with a chiropractor. A chiropractor can move your body in certain ways that may realign your vertebrae and other parts of your body to help you feel better. Back pain does not have to be a fact of life when you visit a chiropractor. Your doctor will probably also prescribe pain medication so that you can still go about your day to day activities and not have the pain overwhelm you.

Back pain is the number one thing that chiropractors address. If your doctor recommends that you need surgery, you may want to consult with a chiropractor to see if your back pain can be treated without it, since there can be major complications related to surgery. It’s your health and you don’t have to trust just one individual with your health care. One misdiagnosis or treatment can mean years of pain down the road, so be careful with your health.


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Chiropractors Can Treat Some Sleep Disorders http://www.americanoutreach.org/chiropractors-can-treat-some-sleep-disorders.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/chiropractors-can-treat-some-sleep-disorders.htm#comments Thu, 12 Aug 2010 13:11:55 +0000 admin http://americanoutreach.org/?p=442

Excercise ball pushups at the Chiropractor's o...
Image by indieink via Flickr

Do you have a difficult time sleeping at night? Is it because you have pain in your back, neck or head?  Maybe, you worry about trying sleeping pills because you fear substance abuse issues more than lack of sleep. A chiropractor may be able to help relieve some of the pain so that you can sleep at night if the underlying problem is due to a misalignment in your body. Don’t rule out chiropractic care just because it is generally recognized as an alternative medicine.  Rather than risking the dangers of substance abuse, you can find a drug free alternative. Its benefits have been known for centuries and it can help you too. Even your regular doctor can advise you of the benefits of chiropractic care.

If you are having any type of recurring pain, you should go to your regular doctor to make sure there are no problems that need to be treated with surgery or other procedures. You must take great care so that you don’t develop substance abuse issues while on any pain medicine. Once you have the clear from your doctor, you can go see a chiropractor for further diagnosis and treatment. Your doctor may have prescribed pain medication to you, but this will not interfere with the physical treatment a chiropractor will give you.

Chiropractors make adjustments to the bones and muscles in your body to promote your overall health. Alignment is believed to be the key to a pain free and happy life according to chiropractic care. This is why chiropractors make sure that you have good posture and all of the muscles are lined up the way that they are supposed to. The treatment can be a lot like a massage and its relaxing.

In addition to seeing a chiropractor, you should make sure to get regular exercise and avoid eating food before you go to bed. This will help you be tired enough to fall asleep without the distractions of digestion. It is possible to live a pain-free life where you can go to bed and actually fall asleep and a chiropractor can help you achieve this.

Find a chiropractor in your area by doing a simple search on the Internet. There is probably one near you that meets your needs. If you want to sleep through the night without pain, a chiropractor might be your only solution. See if the treatment works for you.

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How Emergency Cash Loans Help PPO Patients http://www.americanoutreach.org/how-emergency-cash-loans-help-ppo-patients.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/how-emergency-cash-loans-help-ppo-patients.htm#comments Thu, 12 Aug 2010 08:05:39 +0000 admin http://americanoutreach.org/?p=669

It seems that most employers these days are going with PPO plans to outfit their employees with the health insurance coverage they need, but it only appears to be working out for the employers. If you are not familiar with the difference between the new and ultra popular PPO and the traditional but ever fading HMO plans, let’s take a minute to learn the difference.

A PPO plan is a plan where the patients have the choice to pick their own doctors. They don’t need to go with a particular hospital and they don’t need referrals to see a specialist. This is a freedom of choice plan in the healthcare industry.

An HMO, on the other hand, requires patients to receive referrals and all medical issues are funneled through their primary care physician. These are the less patient friendly insurance plans.

So if the HMO is clearly a less patient friendly plan, then why are employees who use PPO plans so unhappy? The answer is cost. The fact is that a PPO plan has a lot more built in costs to the patient than an HMO. A PPO requires a patient to pay a deductible right off the bat. Usually this deductible is 250 to 500 dollars. Then they are required to pay at least ten percent of all medical costs; this amount increases if they choose an out of network provider.

With a traditional HMO, the patient pays a predetermined co-pay depending on the service.  That is where there cost ends. While a PPO patient does have an out of pocket limit, unless the patient stays away from a doctors office all year they will end up paying more than an HMO patient and in some cases PPO patients end up taking out emergency cash loans to cover the expenses.  While viable in the short term, HMOs provide better long term assistance.

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Preventing Addiction to Prescription Medications http://www.americanoutreach.org/preventing-addiction-to-prescription-medications.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/preventing-addiction-to-prescription-medications.htm#comments Wed, 11 Aug 2010 12:10:24 +0000 admin http://americanoutreach.org/?p=420

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Addiction to prescription medications is rare when patients take the medications specifically as prescribed, following all instructions. However, there are still many circumstances in which an individual unwillingly become addicted to pain relieving medications and other prescriptions drugs, falling deep into the rabbit hole.

There are ways to prevent the addiction to prescription medication from ever occurring. First of all, you should always give your doctor a full medical history. If she notices that you’ve been on pain medications for back problems for an extended period of time and they don’t seem to be working as well, then there is a possibility that you will take more than prescribed to alleviate the pain, so it may be time to seek other preventative options.

Additionally, you should always take medications exactly as indicated on the prescription label and other instructions provided by the pharmacy. Don’t take matters into your own hands. The instructions are there for a reason – to prevent addiction. It’s also important to clearly know the effects the medications can have on your body and what precautions to take in accordance with them.

If you’re afraid that you or someone you know may be addicted to prescriptions medications, there are a few questions that will help you make the proper determination. Have you ever witnessed your loved one taking more than the prescribed dosage? Have you ever felt guilt after taking a prescription drug or a need to cut back on the usage of that drug? Has your loved one ever reacted harshly when you mention his use of a prescription drug? Have you ever used a prescription drug for something other than its designated use, such as to “eliminate stress” or as a “pick-me-up?”

If the answer to any of these questions for you or a loved one is yes, then there is likely cause for concern. Despite the shame you may feel, or the concern that your loved one will be upset with you, it’s important to confront the situation immediately either with a professional or someone else you can trust.


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Confronting Addiction http://www.americanoutreach.org/confronting-addiction.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/confronting-addiction.htm#comments Tue, 10 Aug 2010 16:08:24 +0000 admin http://americanoutreach.org/?p=395

The task ahead of you will not be easy. There is nothing simple about letting a loved one know that you believe him to have an addiction to drugs or alcohol. However, it’s a conversation that must occur in order to help him overcome this stronghold in his life. The question is, how do you do it effectively?

If you truly care about someone and want to see her get better, then you must first push your own emotions aside and make her the priority. Initiating this confrontation may be the only chance she gets to recover.

Determine whether or not your loved one knows she has a problem. She may be aware of it and either be enjoying herself too much to care or be in so deep that she can’t foreseeably come out of it on her own. Then again, she may have no idea at all that she developed an addiction. Where she stands on the matter will affect how you approach her.

Be prepared for emotional instability when you confront your friend or loved one. This may be due to the drugs or alcohol, but generally individuals doesn’t develop an addiction problem without underlying emotional issues that lead them to seek a way out. Your friend or loved one’s reaction may be full scale and you need to be ready for it.

Plan ahead and think about what you’re going to say – write it down if you have to. You’ll also need to research the addiction so that you have a good grasp of what your loved one may be going through emotionally and physically. Nothing conveys good intentions more clearly than a little understanding. You also need to have a plan of action in mind, such as rehabilitation facilities and residential alcohol program.

Above all else, you must show your support. Assure your loved one that you will be with him every step of the way. Consider getting others involved that will be supportive and encouraging throughout the recovery process. After all, this is not something that most people can deal with alone.


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Some Pregnancy Pain Can Be Treated by a Chiropractor http://www.americanoutreach.org/some-pregnancy-pain-can-be-treated-by-a-chiropractor.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/some-pregnancy-pain-can-be-treated-by-a-chiropractor.htm#comments Sun, 08 Aug 2010 15:18:20 +0000 admin http://americanoutreach.org/?p=508

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Labor is not the only thing that is painful to a pregnant woman. Many women experience muscular pain and headaches due to pregnancy related issues throughout their pregnancy. She cannot take traditional medications as she could develop a substance abuse problem too. As an expectant mother gains weight, her center of balance is compromised which can put a lot of strain on her lower lumbar area. Plus, the hormonal changes can cause headaches and other discomfort. There are a lot of things a pregnant woman can do, however, to reduce pregnancy pain and be comfortable.

One thing a pregnant woman can do to relieve pain is to use a body pillow for support while sleeping or lying down. By using a hugging position on the pillow, all of the proper areas of the body can be supported. It is important to keep the bones and muscles in the body aligned as much as possible to avoid pain. Pregnant women can also wear back braces and other type of support while they are awake. A pregnant woman’s body is not use to all of the extra weight and the use of braces can help.

Some women find that seeing a chiropractor routinely throughout a pregnancy can have a lot of benefits too. Alternative ways of dealing with pain help reduce the chances of a substance abuse problem.  A chiropractor can make minor adjustments to a person’s body through treatment to help patients maintain their overall health. Chiropractic care is similar to a massage in that the patient comes out feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. What pregnant woman wouldn’t want to feel like that? One visit is not usually enough for a woman to have pregnancy pain treated completely.

Most discomfort comes to pregnant women during the third trimester when the baby is getting very large. Again, using alternative and natural solutions can improve health and reduce substance abuse issues.  It’s important for the expectant mother to take it easy to avoid strain that might present complications later in life. They should do some light exercise and eat healthy. Expectant mothers should also focus on keeping themselves happy and balanced. Pregnancy takes a huge toll on a woman’s body, but there are certain things that can be done to lighten the aftermath.

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Teenager Abuse of hydrocodone http://www.americanoutreach.org/teenager-abuse-of-hydrocodone.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/teenager-abuse-of-hydrocodone.htm#comments Fri, 06 Aug 2010 15:05:23 +0000 admin http://americanoutreach.org/?p=352

Brand name Vicodin from Abbot Laboratories.
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Although teens across the country are suspect to fall under the influence of peer pressure into experimenting with drugs such as marijuana, many succumb to a more dangerous habit of abusing drugs commonly used for medicinal purposes.

The teens are usually first introduced to such drugs, not through colleagues but as prescriptions to combat the adverse painful aftereffects of major procedures. They mistakenly overdose at first under the false pretense that more is better when it comes to pain relief through prescription pills. Others overdose intentionally through the encouragement of peers or media. Ultimately, when their prescriptions run out, they find alternative sources. Several studies have described those who abused it as having indicated that it brings about a euphoric state and a general physical numbing feeling.

One such drug commonly prescribed in the United States is hydrocodone, a typical trademarked brand of which is called Vicodin. This health medicine is laced with acetaminophen to discourage substance abuse and to increase the pain-killing effects of the hydrocodone. This rarely has it’s intended effect of scaring teens from overdosing as those that intend to misuse their prescriptions do so regardless. Instead, some of the adverse effects of this deterrent have been long-term liver damage in first time abusers and even death.

Long time abusers, and first time abusers with internet access though can easily find ways of removing the acetaminophen and rendering that aspect of the drug harmless. The extraction process is called cold water extraction and through some fairly simple methods, they easily get access to the drug relevant to the actual abuse.

Although this drug is abused, it has an extensive history of medical use. Today it is prescribed for several mildly serious surgical operations at medical centers around the United States. It will be prescribed, generally with Ibuprofin, to teens that have their wisdom teeth extracted for example, or those that require small surgery following a minor injury.

Unlike some other drugs popular amongst teenagers such as marijuana, which is only psychologically addictive, hydrocodone is physically addictive and can lead to long-term dependency which is costly and unhealthy.


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Teenager Abuse of Marijuana http://www.americanoutreach.org/teenager-abuse-of-marijuana.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/teenager-abuse-of-marijuana.htm#comments Thu, 05 Aug 2010 16:43:39 +0000 admin http://americanoutreach.org/?p=311

"Marijuana Cigarette"
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Many teens in the United States of America expiration with drugs at some point in time. One drug that has become ever-prevalent is Marijuana. Over time, Marijuana has gained popularity and in turn is now called by many different names which it owes to prevalent drug-culture, such as: 420, pot, weed, Mary Jane, skunk, dope, grass, chronic, etc. This drug is abused and sold by drug-dealers in many major cities and small towns. The high from this drug leaves abusers in a state of euphoria, while individuals have also described it as inducing paranoia.

The drug does have use as a health medicine though and is legalized, with the acquisition of a permit, in many states and cities around the United States of America. Some states have stricter laws on who qualifies for such a card, such as terminally ill patients. Other states have far weaker laws with regards to the abuse of this substance as it’s gained much prevalence and cracking down on users is far less effective than indicting dealers and growers. These cards are also referred to as "green cards" in drug-culture, although this is usually meant to refer to a person with the legal permit that also deals the drug.

Marijuana, unlike "hard" drugs, such as cocaine, does not cause physical dependency. This makes marijuana an ideal drug for experimentation amongst teens as the repercussions are often down-played under the pretense that the drug has no long term ill-effects. Though the drug is not physically addictive, it does lead to psychological addiction, the victims of which are often disparaged as stoners or pot-heads. It has also been suggested by certain studies that though there is no physical dependency, there is a strong chance that Marijuana will act as a gateway drug. Most teens that experiment with drugs eventually move on and don’t go back to substance abuse while others fall into a pattern of abuse that starts with "soft" drugs such as marijuana and leads them to yearn a stronger high, which in turn is achieved by progressive adoption of more dangerous drugs such as cocaine.


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Alcohol Rehab and Peer Pressure http://www.americanoutreach.org/alcohol-rehab-and-peer-pressure.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/alcohol-rehab-and-peer-pressure.htm#comments Wed, 04 Aug 2010 15:58:27 +0000 admin http://americanoutreach.org/?p=680

When people talk about peer pressure, it is usually in the context of young people and their friends. Fewer people talk about peer pressure on adults. Why do adults talk about young people and their difficulties but never the peer pressure they face themselves? Adults probably assume that they can bear the weight of the pressure, while the young people cannot. This assumption is often false.

Statistically, more adults abuse alcohol than minors. You would have to assume that more adults feel peer pressure to drink than minors. That would mean, also, that peer pressure on adults is far more serious than the peer pressure on youth.

In general, studies about alcohol abuse are broken into age groups: 12–17, 18–25, 26–35, and so on. We become so used to seeing these age groups that we forget about the alcohol problems faced by adults.

Alcohol rehab is as necessary for a 60-year-old drinker as it is for someone who is 16. Older adults may believe they can “hold their liquor” better than younger people, but the statistics do not take into consideration the social impact of the older drinkers upon the younger drinkers.

If a study were conducted that distributed the ravages of alcoholism across the adult population, scaling the study so that older drinkers bear more responsibility per incident, the study would probably show that the older the drinker, the more damage done. The study would have to be designed to accurately reflect  the issue of peer pressure among adults, and it shouldn’t be assumed that someone who is 25 can’t feel peer pressure from someone who is 40. The pressure to abuse alcohol can hit any age group.

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Teenager Abuse of Synthetic Cannabinoids http://www.americanoutreach.org/teenager-abuse-of-synthetic-cannabinoids.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/teenager-abuse-of-synthetic-cannabinoids.htm#comments Wed, 04 Aug 2010 14:54:49 +0000 admin http://americanoutreach.org/?p=264

teenager-drug addicts
Image by kr4gin via Flickr

Many teenagers abuse drugs such as marijuana which are available from illegal drug dealers, or with a prescription, in some states, from legal dispensaries. This is difficult for many drug abusers as employers around the United States of America enforce random arbitrary drug screenings, from urine tests to rarer tests of blood and/or hair. This difficulty, along with that of finding reliable drug dealers has led many teens to start abusing synthetic cannabinoids. Synthetic cannabinoids are sold online, and in many smoke shops, labeled as incense. Although it is labeled as incense, it is smoked in much the same way as marijuana with users rolling up blunts, or smoking it through weed pipes and bongs. Drug-culture has termed all synthetic cannabinoids by the term "Spice", adopted from one particular popular brand of the drug.

Although synthetic cannabinoids still aren’t scheduled in the United States of America, several countries and American states have moved to ban them. Presently, they are illegal in the American states of Kansas, Georgia and Tennessee with potential legislation against them under consideration in several other states. The United States Commander of Marine Corps Forces, Pacific (MARFORPAC) has officially banned Navy and Marine personnel from abusing this particular drug in light of several cases of abuse discovered amongst personnel stationed at East Asian bases. In much the same vein, the United States Air Force has moved to prohibit the use of this drug for all of it’s personnel also.

At present, very little research has been conducted on the short and long term effects of synthetic cannabinoids. As such, there is no present medicinal use sanctioned by hospitals of this particular drug. It’s uses are purely recreational and generally limited to the demographic of drug abusers that don’t want a test to determine that they have THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) in their bodily system.

Likewise, at present, as the long term effects of this relatively new drug are totally unknown, it’s addictiveness is also disputed. Certain individuals have claimed that these drugs are addictive and that the high achieved therefrom is far more significant than that induced through marijuana.


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Teenager Abuse of Ecstasy http://www.americanoutreach.org/teenager-abuse-of-ecstasy.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/teenager-abuse-of-ecstasy.htm#comments Tue, 03 Aug 2010 19:00:01 +0000 admin http://americanoutreach.org/?p=240

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Classified as a schedule 1 drug, a stimulant, in the United States of America, ecstasy (MDMA or3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine as it’s) drug is popularly abused by teenagers at parties and clubs. Ecstasy leaves it’s users in a euphoric state of intense pleasure and empathy. Studies suggest that the drug increases the desire to touch one another and induces sexual feelings. Such studies find an increase in sexual desire, particularly amongst women although such a feeling is not quite as dominant amongst males. When ecstasy is being abused, the street term applied to the fact is that such a person is rolling, as derived from the fact that ecstasy is also called roll (in street slang). Although several studies have found that the abuse of ecstasy leads to the temporary casting off of certain socially-conscious inhibitions, the drug has ill long-term effects damaging an individual’s memory abilities.

Although there doesn’t seem to be any incentive for the use of ecstasy as a health medicine, several researchers have proposed that it may be possible for ecstasy to be a prescribed drug for certain medical conditions in the near future. Amongst these medical conditions is post-traumatic stress disorder. This finding isn’t hard to believe considering that from the 1960s to the 1980s, certain doctors did in fact prescribe ecstasy to some of their patients and several professionals have criticized some of the studies which suggested long term woes resulting from ecstasy  use. They argue that these particular studies haved suffered from several severe methodological problems such as the researchers having not taken into account the other drugs that their test subjects may also have been abusing such as alcohol, marijuana and cocaine.

Aside from health hazards, ecstasy is a drug that causes psychological and physical addiction to those who abuse it. Those who abuse large quantities and those who abuse it for a significant amount of time are more likely to suffer from such dependency. That isn’t to say that using it a handful of times is safe as there have also been cases of low dose, low occasion users becoming addicted to the drug.

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The Pharmacist’s Role in Recovery at a Drug Rehab Facility http://www.americanoutreach.org/the-pharmacists-role-in-recovery-at-a-drug-rehab-facility.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/the-pharmacists-role-in-recovery-at-a-drug-rehab-facility.htm#comments Mon, 02 Aug 2010 17:06:16 +0000 admin http://americanoutreach.org/?p=671

Drug companies use direct-to-prescriber advert...
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There is a some debate when you talk about giving patients who have recently completed drug rehab medication. On one side you have the realistic problem that addicts have done immense damage to their body and they are trying to repair it and so the more pain they are in the more likely they are to get high to combat those feelings. On the other hand you don’t ever want to see a situation where the addict of one drug is weaned off of the drug by forming an equally toxic dependency to another drug.

The matter compounds itself further when an addict is coming off an addiction to prescription medication. Often times what would be used to take the edge off or numb the pain is the same things the addict is trying to wean off of in the first place. The problem becomes bigger and there is very little black and white area to navigate through.

This is why the role of the pharmacist is very important as the patient runs his way through recovery. As a patient is trying to enter back into normal life, but at the same time receiving medication for an addiction issue, it is then up to the pharmacist and the prescribing doctor to help the patient with his overall well being.

Pharmacists can see a list of the medications a patient is taking to see if a patient is coming in for early refills or looking to pay cash to avoid the trail or denial by the insurance. These are tell-tale signs that the addict may be relapsing. This is a good time for the pharmacist to let the doctor know that the patient is looking for early refills and thus keeping tabs on the patient so the doctor is informed and can help stop a relapse before it gets out of hand.

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Understanding substance abuse http://www.americanoutreach.org/understanding-substance-abuse.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/understanding-substance-abuse.htm#comments Sun, 01 Aug 2010 08:56:33 +0000 admin http://americanoutreach.org/?p=216

Substance abuse affects millions of Americans every year. Everything from pain pills to cold medicine to alcohol and drugs are abused in households across the nation. Substance abuse does not just hurt the person using the substance. It affects the families of the individual as well as the community and country at large. But in order to tackle a substance abuse problem, it’s important to first understand the concept of substance abuse.

Substance abuse is not the same thing as addiction or dependence. A person abusing certain substances can be free of addiction but still abuse something they shouldn’t. In other cases, abusers are dependent on their substance of choice. Substance abuse is defined by a pattern of negative use of a certain substance like alcohol.
The reasons people abuse different substances are extremely varied – about as varied as the people who abuse them. Family history and interaction and well as childhood socialization have all been shown to significantly impact substance abuse later in life.

Some symptoms of substance abuse include removing oneself from everyday activities, hiding the substance and lying about using it or the amount used. Some substances, like alcohol, have more specific symptoms, like “blacking out” and not remembering what you did the next day. The list of symptoms varies by the substance and again by the individual.

One of the places that shows the clearest societal costs of substance abuse is the hospital emergency room. Often, these emergency rooms are forced to cope with the physical trauma that results from substance abuse.
Other places that can help someone cope with substance abuse issues are rehabilitation centers. These centers can provide live-in treatment twenty four hours a day for patients. Unfortunately, studies have shown that effective treatment and prevention are extremely individual and hard to predict. Prevention and education in children and adolescents have shown the best chance to curb the abuse problem on a national level.

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Substance Abuse and Detox http://www.americanoutreach.org/substance-abuse-and-detox.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/substance-abuse-and-detox.htm#comments Thu, 29 Jul 2010 09:42:36 +0000 admin http://americanoutreach.org/?p=201

Detoxing from an addict substance is a process that applies to any individual terminating the use of any substance or drug to which he or she is addicted.  The ultimate goal of the drug detox program is to eliminate toxins and the residuals of drugs from the body.  If this is not done, the drug residues will continue to cause cravings for years after the drug use has ceased.

Withdrawal symptoms appear when the addict discontinues the use, really, of any addictive substance.  The addict will also experience varying physiological reactions as the mind and emotions are recalibrating the loss of the substance. Withdrawal symptoms do vary significantly because of the use of multiple drugs.

Drug Withdrawal
Drug withdrawal symptoms can be life threatening. The trained detox facility incorporates counseling and therapy during detox to help with psychological distress. In most incidents, the detox from drugs must take place in a treatment facility that has medical oversight if it is to be successful.

Drug Cravings
One reason that drug detox is difficult is because of the drug cravings that the addict will experience. The drug cravings are the result of the imprinting of euphoria  that the drug leaves on the memory of the drug addict. The memory motivates the craving for the drug because of this imprint. The agony that the drug addict will experience during detox is from the brain that has been trained to depend on drugs to trigger the release of dopamine.  The drug addict still believes the quickest way to feel good is to take another drink or a another injection, another snort or another prescription drug.

Professional Care and A Secure Place
There are two absolutes that a treatment facility must have — professional care and a secure place because of the physiological distress and the literal physical pain a drug addict  may experience. A professional can guide the addict through the process so he or she does not give up before the detox is complete.


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Start Saving on Prescription Medications http://www.americanoutreach.org/start-saving-on-prescription-medications.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/start-saving-on-prescription-medications.htm#comments Sat, 19 Jun 2010 19:23:56 +0000 admin http://americanoutreach.org/?p=88

Whether you take prescription medications for severe allergies, a chronic back injury, or a seasonal skin condition, if you don’t have a prescription card, you can still lower your monthly bills. The cost of some prescription drugs have skyrocketed, and the consumer is left struggling to afford the medication in this shaky economy. If you can’t afford medical insurance right now, but you still need to routinely take prescription drugs, there’s a solution. Start saving right now with a free prescription drug discount card. Spend a few minutes online, then reap multiple ongoing benefits from your new card.

There are so many benefits when you sign up for a free prescription card. Just think of all the money that you’ll save when you get the medications you need at a fraction of the price. Another benefit is having access to an online site that offers explanations of each medication in plain language. You’ll also enjoy articles on specific medications, their side effects, and how to avoid accidental drug abuse. You may also sign up for more information to see if you qualify for programs that offer free or substantially reduced prescription drugs and treatments. If you’re reaching retirement age, you’ll definitely want to read about how Medicare has changed its program and stay updated on the latest news.

A discount prescription card can give you the comfort of knowing that you and your loved ones can receive the drugs you need for a price you can afford. But, what about the pets in your family? The cost of some animal medications can be costly too. So sign up for a free prescription drug card to safeguard the loyal and loving pets in your home. Medical insurance is costly, but your prescription card doesn’t have to be. Sign up for your free card and start saving.


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Developing a Substance Abuse Policy in the Workplace http://www.americanoutreach.org/developing-a-substance-abuse-policy-in-the-workplace.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/developing-a-substance-abuse-policy-in-the-workplace.htm#comments Fri, 18 Jun 2010 16:10:05 +0000 admin http://americanoutreach.org/?p=52

The economic impacts of substance abuse to businesses or industry may be traditionally difficult to measure but it is definite that it has an economic impact. Many costs are hidden by general absenteeism or illnesses “unnoticed” because of a simple lack of productivity. The substance abuse may not be linked to the causes of accidents initially.

Whether the costs are direct or indirect, it is not fair to the company or to the other employees who are put at risk. So it is mandatory for a company to have a zero-tolerance for any type of substance abuse. It is just as important for the company to have a policy that addresses the issues of substance abuse be it alcohol or street drugs or doctor-prescribed drugs, as it it to have a policy of workplace conduct.

Managers and supervisors should have the knowledge and the authority to spot a problem that an employee may be having in the early stages so as not to put others at risk. The employees should be offered educational programs in the new employee training about the pitfalls and dangers of substance abuse and what the consequences will be if an employee abuses drugs. The education program must also include a clear definition of substance abuse — what it is and what it is not. In the education program the employee must clearly understand the policy which the company has regarding substance abuse. The employee must know that the management will provide confidentiality and they will also provide direction for treatment.

The elements which should be in a substance abuse policy are an emphasis that the program is confidential comprehensive to be supported jointly by both labor and management. Another element that must be in the policy is an education program for management so that they can recognize quickly the signs of impaired behavior. The policy must state clearly what, where and when the drug and alcohol testing will be given. The employee must understand that there will be random testing any day or any time.


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Residential Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers Offer 24/7 Recovery http://www.americanoutreach.org/residential-drug-and-alcohol-treatment-centers-offer-247-recovery.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/residential-drug-and-alcohol-treatment-centers-offer-247-recovery.htm#comments Thu, 17 Jun 2010 06:46:09 +0000 admin http://americanoutreach.org/?p=86

The road to recovery begins with one step. For many, that first step will lead them to the welcoming doors of the many residential drug and alcohol treatment centers located around the country. These are the live-in facilities where patients can receive around the clock care and treatment for their addictions. They are safe havens that provide the atmosphere to heal and set up a new life plan for rejoining society.

When an addict has hit rock bottom, it has usually resulted in many months and years of substance abuse. To kick a habit and find ways to manage addictive behaviors is going to take time. In fact, it’s actually a lifelong journey. But first they will need to detox. You really can’t work on any recovery when your system is still clogged with poisons. A residential drug and alcohol treatment center is well equipped with staff to handle an addict’s withdraw symptoms. Once the physical addiction is broken, the patients then turns to the intensive work of the emotional recovery. Being in a treatment center means you’ll be immersed in the recovery process 24/7. You can’t run away; you can only get better by confronting the issues head on.

As a patient works through their recovery process in a treatment center, they will find great comfort in being surrounded not only by a qualified staff but by other individuals who are struggling with the same issues. Releasing that burden of “doing it alone” can be a very powerful tool. Having people who have been at the bottom themselves and lived to tell the tale provides the necessary motivation and inspiration to heal. A stay at a treatment center shouldn’t be looked at as the last resort but as the first real path towards leading a more enriched and complete life.


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Substance Abuse in the Workplace http://www.americanoutreach.org/substance-abuse-in-the-workplace.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/substance-abuse-in-the-workplace.htm#comments Fri, 11 Jun 2010 12:25:53 +0000 admin http://americanoutreach.org/?p=59

The loss to companies in the United States due to substance abuse by employees totals $100 billion a year . Some people use substances such as alcohol or illicit drugs and some people even misuse prescription drugs and still attempt to function in the workplace. Abuse of substances affects the workplace just as the workplace may affect substance abuse but sadly it is becoming more accepted.

There are two sides of the workplace and substance abuse. One side is that the workplace requires alertness, and accurate and quick reflexes. So an employee may feel that he or she “needs” a drug or substance to be alert and be focused. The other side of the workplace issue is that drugs may give focus, etc but as the substance is abused, the employee will suffer from an impairment to these very qualities. It can go so far as to even cause accidents, interfere with the accuracy of the employee’s work or the efficiency of work.

Substance abuse can cause other issues at work also including more absenteeism, preoccupation with obtaining and using substances either at work or before arriving at work or when leaving work. The distraction can go so far as to engage in illegal activities at work such as selling illicit drugs to others in the workplace.

We think that it is the hard-core substance abuser who is detrimental to the workplace, however, statistics show differently. The social drinkers is the most responsible for lost productivity by tying the hangover issue to production in the workplace. Twenty-three percent of upper management admitted to having a drink during the work day compared to only 8% of the hourly employees.

There may be offensive behavior complaints from one employee against another but when the truth is known, the underlying problem was substance abuse. Not only does a drug or alcohol problem cloud a person’s judgment but employees are 3.6 times more likely to injure themselves or another person in a workplace accident. Another interesting fact in addition, up to 40% of industrial fatalities and 47% of industrial injuries are linked to alcoholism.


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Treatment versus Cure for Substance Abuse http://www.americanoutreach.org/treatment-versus-cure-for-substance-abuse.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/treatment-versus-cure-for-substance-abuse.htm#comments Sat, 05 Jun 2010 10:31:31 +0000 admin http://americanoutreach.org/?p=161

It is widely believed that it is impossible to permanently cure a person of addiction to alcohol or drugs. There are many conditions or diseases which have no cure but they are managed. Addiction to alcohol and drugs are two of these disease will have to be managed through the duration of an individual’s life. However, the initial “cleaning up” process does need to be under medical supervision and with a treatment center’s environment. An addict will not quit his or her habit and he or she very well may not be able to quit without outside assistance.

A more sophisticated understanding of addiction has emerged in the last two decades and this is helping to clarify the disconnect between expectations and reality.

Addiction is a brain disease. Long-term drug use causes profound changes in brain structure and function that result in uncontrollable compulsive drug craving, seeking, and use.

Addiction is a multifaceted disease. It is a “bio-behavioral disorder” because it impacts a person’s physical, emotional, and mental health as well as family, colleagues, neighbors, and community. The changes in brain function and structure that occur with drug use persist long after drug use is stopped. “Cure” is not an attainable or appropriate goal but treatment to manage the disease is an appropriate goal. Substance abuse treatment can successfully address the multiple facets of addiction.

Treatment has been shown to be successful when taken seriously and pursued consistently. The treatment has to address the multi-facetness of addiction because addiction usually occurs simultaneously with other physical or mental health problems. Considering those aspects of addiction, alcohol treatment program work better if they are tailored to each person’s needs. A successful treatment program must be reassessed periodically so that it can be adjusted for the person’s specific needs.

When the addict begins the treatment process, the professionals must continue to reiterate to him or her that there is not a cure for alcohol addiction or drug addiction but it is very much a manageable disease


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Understanding Club Drugs http://www.americanoutreach.org/understanding-club-drugs.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/understanding-club-drugs.htm#comments Tue, 01 Jun 2010 04:46:56 +0000 admin http://americanoutreach.org/?p=68

Club drugs are a pharmacological group of compound drugs abused by teens and young adults at nightclubs, raves, or trance scenes. Raves and trance events are night-long dances held in warehouse type facilities. Those who are attracted to club drugs like the low cost and the intoxicating highs that are believed to deepen the rave or trance experience.

GHB (Xyrem)
GHM is a CNS depressant that was approved by the Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of narcolepsy. GHB also stimulates protein synthesis so is used by bodybuilders to aid in fat reduction and muscle building. GHB is found naturally in the brain, but at concentrations much lower than doses that are abused. When taken at high doses, its sedative effects may result in sleep, coma, or even death.

Rohypnol is chemically similar to Valium or Xanax.. Rohypnol is usually taken orally, although it can be ground up and snorted. Rohypnol can produce anterograde amnesia, in which individuals may not remember events they experienced while under its influence. If Rohypnol is mixed with alcohol or other CNS depressants, it has the potential of being lethal to the user.

Ketamine is a dissociative anesthetic, used in veterinary practice. Ketamine is usually snorted or injected intra-muscularly. Ketamine distorts perceptions of sight and sound and produces feelings of detachment from the environment and also detachment from oneself. At higher doses, ketamine causes hallucinations; or when taken in higher doses this club drug can cause delirium and amnesia. In extreme high doses, Ketamine causes potentially fatal respiratory problems.

MDMA (Ecstasy)
Ecstasy is a stimulant and hallucinogen related to methamphetamine. Chronic abuse may produce long-lasting neurotoxic effects in the brain; increases heart rate and body temperature, has contributed to heart and kidney failure; and also masks the sense of thirst.

Methamphetamine is a very addictive stimulant that is toxic to dopamine nerve terminals in the CNS. It is a white, odorless, bitter-tasting powder so is taken orally or by snorting. It can also be injecting and if it is in the form of a rock “crystal”, it is heated and smoked.


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Risk Factors of Substance Abuse in The Family http://www.americanoutreach.org/risk-factors-of-substance-abuse-in-the-family.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/risk-factors-of-substance-abuse-in-the-family.htm#comments Mon, 24 May 2010 04:21:14 +0000 admin http://americanoutreach.org/?p=70

Substance abuse results from a complex interaction of the individual, the family, the peer community, and a variety of societal factors. The result of various surveys through the years shows that substance abuse is generational. When there is a history of substance abuse in the family, it substantially increases the risk for abuse and dependence to continue among the members of a family.

There are two risk factors that are important in the family regarding substance abuse — genetics and family dysfunctions. Although genetics play a substantial role in substance abuse, the family environment often promotes and protects the substance abuser and the disease.

In 1990, research discovered that the D2 dopamine receptor was linked to severe alcoholism. The brain of a substance abuser has the A1 variation of the DRD2 gene with fewer dopamine receptors in the pleasure center of the brain. So the individual who becomes addicted to drugs to increase the dopamine levels to compensate for that deficiency.

Genetics contribute to substance abuse vulnerability on a variety of levels. There are genetic influences that contribute to the initiation of drug and there are different genetic influences that contribute to actual drug use and addiction. Drug pharmaco-dynamics influence the “sensation-seeking” personality traits which a genetically vulnerable individual has. This vulnerability exacerbates drug toxicities and minimizes any type of protective factor against alcohol poisoning or hangovers.

Problematic family and partner conflicts increase the risk for substance abuse. A survey showed that teenagers who argued with their parents several times a week had a greater likelihood of having used marijuana in the past year than when there was little or no conflict in the home. It is not only the presence of conflict but it is the absence of love and care that increases the risk for substance abuse in the family.

Research is scant but childhood abuse appears to, again, place the abused at risk, be it as a teenager, as a young adult, or as an elder adult. The abuse of drugs can be an effort to self-medicate in attempting to erase the emotional pain associated with the abuse.


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The Favored Drugs of Abuse http://www.americanoutreach.org/the-favored-drugs-of-abuse.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/the-favored-drugs-of-abuse.htm#comments Fri, 23 Apr 2010 11:23:22 +0000 admin http://americanoutreach.org/?p=78

Some of the drugs most often associated with drug abuse include alcohol, amphetamines, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, cocaine, methaqualone, and opioids.

Alcohol — Ethanol has been used for many decades as the intoxicating ingredient of alcoholic beverages. Ethanol for use in alcoholic beverages is produced by fermentation.

Amphetamines — Amphetamine is a psychostimulant drug that produces increased wakefulness and focus. The user will also experience decreased fatigue and appetite. Amphetamine is one of the potent drugs that increases levels of dopamine in the brain that in turn creates a state of euphoria for the user. Many times drugs are used initially for a medical condition that is beneficial to the user. Such is the case with amphetamine as it was used at one time to diminish appetite and thus control weight and it has been used as a performance enhancer.

Barbiturates — Barbiturates act as central nervous system depressants so they create a broad spectrum of effects that range from mild sedation to total anesthesia. Barbiturates are also effective as hypnotics or anticonvulsants for conditions such as epilepsy. Long-acting barbiturates are prescribed for treating insomnia at night or during the day as a sedative to treat tension and anxiety. The risks are so high for addiction to the drug or a fatal overdose, that doctors rarely prescribe them.

Benzodiazepines — Benzodiazepines have qualities of sedation, hypnotic, anticonvulsant, and muscle relaxant. Benezodiazepines can also be combined with other central nervous system depressants at the risk of resulting in toxicity. Benzodiazepines, even though used for innocent medical conditions, still remain the most notable drug for scarring the user with negative withdrawal effects persisting for years after the drug abuser stops using.

Cocaine — The possession, cultivation, and distribution of cocaine are illegal in virtually all parts of the world. Cocaine is a stimulant of the central nervous system and it is also an appetite suppressant. Cocaine creates a sense of euphoria as well as increasing body temperature, blood pressure, and heart rate. Occasionally, sudden death occurs after the first use of cocaine. Cocaine is an addictive stimulant drug that can be snorted or it can be dissolved in water and injected.


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The New Faces in Substance Abuse http://www.americanoutreach.org/the-new-faces-in-substance-abuse.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/the-new-faces-in-substance-abuse.htm#comments Mon, 12 Apr 2010 04:43:37 +0000 admin http://americanoutreach.org/?p=84

Substance abuse addictions are powerful and can hold a strangle grip on its victim. The substances which are abused are generally drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. Abused substances are defined as something that produces varying forms of intoxication to alter judgment, perception, or physical control.

The usual victim we visualize is the rebellious teen who hangs with the wrong “possy” at school, tries drugs, gets hooked, then is an addict on the other side. But the users and dealers connected to substance abuse have a new face that brings a subtle threat to society. No longer is the tough tattooed, ring bearing 20-year old, the drug-dealer today. No longer is the kid who got bad grades and wore a path to the principal’s office, the substance abuse victim.

Medical doctors are becoming the “dealers.” A 20-something who merely has trouble concentrating on a 15-hour course load at the university and who recently had a back injury is the substance abuser. There are communities of doctors who will write prescriptions for high powered pain killers no questions asked. The 20-something with chronic back pain knows who these doctors are and makes the rounds to each one getting one of the three opioid pain killers.

These 3 prescription opioid pain relievers were most frequently involved in hospital emergency department visits related to nonmedical use from 2004 to 2008 are Oxycodone products; Hydrocodone products; and Methadone products. The use of all three of these drugs has skyrocketed to 152%, 123% and 73% respectively. But these licensed medical professionals are responsible for all the kids abusing substance. The boys should be out playing football and the girls should mastering the skills of culinary.

Substance abuse is rampant on the street and, unfortunately in some, and I stress, some medical doctor’s offices. Parents are rising up to fight the battle in the street and with the court system to shut down the cartel of dealing medical doctors.


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Recovery High Schools http://www.americanoutreach.org/recovery-high-schools.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/recovery-high-schools.htm#comments Tue, 06 Apr 2010 10:22:39 +0000 admin http://americanoutreach.org/?p=151

When an recovering drug addict walks out of the rehab facility, the last place that he or she will go is the bar where the alcohol was purchased or the street where the drug transactions were made. However, when a teen walks out of the rehab facility, where are they sent? They are sent to their old academic environment because the best thing for them is to go to school and finish their high school classes. When a parent sends their recovering teen back to the academic setting, they are literally throwing them to the wolves. More times than not, school is where they purchased their drugs.

There may be students who return to their former academic environment and remain sober and are successful in continuing their recovery. However, the return-to-use rate is very high for adolescents and young adults. One solution to addressing this problem is a recovery school.

Recovery High Schools, Sober High Schools, or Rehab High Schools feature a high school curriculum side-by-side with a recovery support program and also a typical 12-step model of recovery. Academic services and assistance with recovery and continuing care is given daily. The Recovery School does not operate as a treatment center but it exists as an ongoing recovery and rehab support. The Recovery School requires that the students enrolled in the program be actively working through their recovery. The academic courses will give the students credit towards a high school or a college degree.

The needs of students in crisis have access to therapeutic services and licensed counselors and staff in these recovery schools. Recovery Schools have been around since the late 1970s. The first collegiate recovery community was started at Brown University in 1977. The first Recovery High School started in 1987 in the Twin Cities. There are approximately 15 to 18 collegiate recovery communities and 3 to 35 recovery high schools in various states. Recovery schools provide recovering addict students an opportunity to be educated in a safe, supportive environment that is empowered with embedded recovery support and guidance.


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About American Outreach http://www.americanoutreach.org/about.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/about.htm#comments Fri, 02 Apr 2010 18:39:59 +0000 admin http://americanoutreach.org/?page_id=2

The American Outreach is a collection of information to educate people about the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse. We believe that knowledge is power and the more you know about addictions, the better equipped you are to overcome them.

One of our goals is to provide information that will help parents and loved ones of potential abusers learn the early warning signs so they can step in and get help during the critical early days.

If your child or loved one is already addicted and needs help to overcome it, we’ll show you where to get the help you need. Where to get the information YOU need to help them on the road to recovery.

AmericanOutreach.org is dedicated to bringing you the very best information available about the treatment of substance abuse.


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Combined Drug Intoxication http://www.americanoutreach.org/combined-drug-intoxication.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/combined-drug-intoxication.htm#comments Mon, 22 Mar 2010 23:12:20 +0000 admin http://americanoutreach.org/?p=66

Combined Drug Intoxication (CDI) also known as Multiple Drug Intake (MDI) or lethal polydrug intoxication, is sometimes reported simply as an “overdose”. CDI is due to the simultaneous use of multiple drugs, whether prescription, over-the-counter, recreational, or a combination of any of these. The reasons for toxicity vary depending on the mixture of drugs and how they interact with each other.

Anna Nicole Smith died from CDI/MDI with the autopsy detecting 11 drugs in her bloodstream. After Actor Heath Ledger died on January 22, 2008 his toxicology report concluded that the cause of death was acute intoxication resulting from the effects of oxycodone, hydrocodone, diazepam, temazepam, alprazolam and doxylamine so the manner of death resulted from the abuse of prescription medications or combined drug intoxication(CDI).

Drug overdose often happens as a result of the use of multiple drugs with counter indications simultaneously. There are certain drugs which potentiate the effects of another drug and result in much stronger effects than either drug taken alone would produce. Alcohol will potentiate the effects of other depressants and then causing respiratory depression and a slowed heartbeat. Multiple drug usage may weaken the heart, and cause intestinal blockage which fails during constipated bowel movements. Then the victim is found dead on a toilets.

People who engage in polypharmacy are at an elevated risk of death from CDI. The wealthy individual and the entire family are at high risk simply due to their ability to buy expensive drugs. Certain drug combinations can cause a mechanical interaction with blood that causes excessive clotting. Clots can travel to the heart, brain, or lungs and block blood flow, This can cause unconsciousness or death.

The drug addict is often looking for the same pleasure as was experienced with the first jolt. If one drug will not give that jolt then the user will experiment with a new one. The pleasure from that one subsides and so the drug addict looks for another new one. Before long he or she is a victim of Combined Drug Intoxication.

Over two decades from 1983 to 2004, CDI deaths have risen 360.5%.


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Alcohol as the Drug of Choice http://www.americanoutreach.org/alcohol-as-the-drug-of-choice.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/alcohol-as-the-drug-of-choice.htm#comments Mon, 22 Mar 2010 11:34:58 +0000 admin http://americanoutreach.org/?p=76

In most behavior altering drugs, one of the areas that is affected is the central nervous system (CNS). Alcohol acts as a depressant to the central nervous system so it leads to a decrease in activity, tensions, anxiety, and inhibitions. Alcohol seem like the answer to the pressures and stresses of life because the user is, as it were, “taken out” of the realities of life. Drinkers often have the opinion or belief that it is possible for them to “handle” the alcohol in their system and that it does not impair them in any way. The truth is that only a few drinks can alter behavior, slow down the motor skills, and dramatically decrease the ability to think clearly. It may be true that alcohol impairs concentration and judgment within limits. However, it is without doubt, that drinking a substantial amount of alcohol causes drunkenness or intoxication.

Alcoholism is, plain and simple, when an individual drinks alcoholic beverages to the point that it interferes with physical and mental health, and social interactions, as well as family and job responsibilities.The term “alcoholism” was introduced in society in 1849 by Magnus Huss. Then in later years, the medical sector replaced the term with “alcohol abuse” and “alcohol dependence. In any case, alcoholism is a disabling addictive disorder and in most cases the addict is helpless to reverse the addictive alone.

There are many health and social risks for the alcoholic. The user may have age, ethnic group, sex or genetic predispositions that increase the risk of becoming an alcoholic. For all individuals using alcohol, however, physiological changes will occur in the brain that will, over time, result in an increased tolerance and a deeper physical dependence on alcohol. This change of brain chemistry lends itself to an alcoholic not being able to cease consuming alcohol and if he or she does attempt to stop, the result will be severe withdrawal symptoms.

Alcohol has been known to negatively impact almost every organ in the body. The most damaging is when the brain is impacted because of the psychiatric disorders and behavior-altering affects that alcoholism perpetuates.


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Substance Abuse Invades the Family http://www.americanoutreach.org/substance-abuse-invades-the-family.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/substance-abuse-invades-the-family.htm#comments Wed, 17 Mar 2010 03:23:23 +0000 admin http://americanoutreach.org/?p=82

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Drug addiction is a disease that claims victims and entangles all those around the victim into a perpetual crisis mode. Drug addiction is more dangerous to the family unit than if a armed robber slipped in the back door in the dead of night and stole every valuable piece of jewelry. Many time the members of the family, particularly a mom or dad in an effort of “helping”, will continue to throw a life line to the drowning addict and reel them in from the brink of total self-destruction, then leave the line attached. So the addict knows that the next time the high seas threaten to swallow them, mom and dad will reel them in again.

When a child or a teen or a 20-something man or woman or whatever age individual starts abusing drugs be it simply as an attempt to “fit in” or a way to handle severe chronic back pain, it seems rational and controllable. But then the drug has a grip that neither will power or a “I’ll just not do it,” attitude can change. Substance abuse results in drug addiction. Drug addiction results in eventual death. Death results in the entire family falling into a state of guilt and despair that they could not reel in the drug addict one more time. That guilt could last a lifetime.

Substance abuse has no pretty cure or romantic slant to it. The cold hard facts remain that drug addiction ruins individual and obliterates the family unit. There are cures for substance abuse but there are no quick fixes. Too many times the drug addict is not willing to do the hard work that is required to come back from the brink never to return. The addict is not totally to blame. Drugs alter the brain, destroy their decision-making mechanism, and stifle their reasoning ability. A rational family member when talking to their beloved son or daughter is talking to the drug not to their teenager.

Substance abuse can stop with the right professional assistance and medical intervention. But the entire family needs to be rescued, not just the drug addict.

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Specific Drug Addiction Detox http://www.americanoutreach.org/specific-drug-addiction-detox.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/specific-drug-addiction-detox.htm#comments Mon, 08 Mar 2010 10:28:17 +0000 admin http://americanoutreach.org/?p=157

Drug detox programs mainly provide medical stabilization in a safe environment. There are different withdrawals and various challenges for each drug. When an individual starts a detox program, he or she will suffer withdrawals of varying severity.

Ecstasy Detox
An ecstasy withdrawal could include symptoms such as — depression, anxiety, panic attacks, sleeplessness, de-personalization, de-realization, and paranoid delusions.

Opium Detox
Opium is the crudest form and also the least potent of the Opiates that consists of a milky latex fluid in the un-ripened seed pod of the opium poppy. Opium withdrawal symptoms can include nausea, sweating, cramps, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, muscle spasms, depression, anxiety, mood swings, and insomnia. The length of time for detox depends on the amount of drugs taken and the length of time taken. At the shortest the detox time is five to seven days.

Methadone Detox
A methadone detox program includes medical supervision of the discontinuing of the drug. Methadone detox is more difficult than heroin withdrawal. Methadone is stored in the fatty tissues in the body so the detox process is long and gradual. Methadone is used for initial detox purposes only. Methadone withdrawal symptoms include body aches and pain, sweats, abdominal cramps, nausea, irritability, mood swings, runny nose, and tremors.

Vicodin Withdrawal
Vicodin, a derivative of opium, is one of the most commonly abused prescription medications today. If a regular Vicodin user stops taking Vicodin, he or she will experience Vicodin withdrawal within six to twelve hours. The intensity of Vicodin withdrawal may increase for 24 to 72 hours then gradually decline over the next seven to fourteen days. The symptoms of Vicodin withdrawal include restlessness, muscle pain, bone pain, insomnia, diarrhea, vomiting, cold flashes, goose bumps, involuntary leg movements, watery eyes, runny nose, loss of appetite, irritability, panic, nausea, chills and sweating

Detox is only a component in the treatment and recovery process of an individual who has engaged in substance abuse. Long-term recovery is achieved through multi-faceted treatment so that the real root cause of the drug addiction is addressed rather than simply the physical effects.


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Long-Term Treatment for Substance Abusers http://www.americanoutreach.org/long-term-treatment-for-substance-abusers.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/long-term-treatment-for-substance-abusers.htm#comments Thu, 04 Mar 2010 10:20:22 +0000 admin http://americanoutreach.org/?p=149

There are as many ideas and philosophies about the length of drug and alcohol detox and treatment as there are facilities. And rightly so because some addicts are in a much more serious place because of the length of time and the number of drugs involved. So each substance abuser who enters rehab will need to be evaluated on an individual basis. But let’s look at five reasons that a patient should engage in long-term drug and alcohol treatment

First, if the outcome of the drug addict’s assessment indicates they have been using drugs heavily for many years, a long-term treatment plan is necessary. Detox is one thing but after that is the rehab treatment process. Even detox may take longer if the addict has been using for many years or has been abusing multiple substances.

Second, if the substance abuser is in complete denial of the serious nature of their drug and or alcohol abuse he or she will need to be in an extended period of time. This may very well be the case particularly if an intervention was staged for the substance abuser and he or she was taken to rehab against his voluntary will.

Third, if the substance abuser has been referred by residential treatment; for an extended period in treatment means that the recovering addict, because of the severity of his and her addiction.

Fourth, if the recovering addict has been through some lower level of treatment previous and failed, it will be recommended by the current counselor for an extend stay at the treatment center and for sure a very structured aftercare program will be required.

Fifth, generally the recovery industry is of the opinion that most recovering addicts and recovering alcoholics would be in the best position for success if the treatment plan is at least 90 days

The primary purpose of long-term treatment and rehabs have a strong emphasis on establishing new behaviors and altered lifestyles. The way that will work is if the recovering addict faithfully attends programs of aftercare.


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FYI About Substance Abuse, Addictions and Treatments http://www.americanoutreach.org/fyi-about-substance-abuse-addictions-and-treatments.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/fyi-about-substance-abuse-addictions-and-treatments.htm#comments Tue, 02 Mar 2010 10:26:36 +0000 admin http://americanoutreach.org/?p=155

Substance Abuse
Substance abuse can involve alcohol, or any number of drugs including cocaine, heroin, crystal meth, Vicodin, OxyContin, marijuana, ecstasy or other substances. Substance abuse refers to the overindulgence in or the dependence of a drug or other chemical, or both, leading to effects that are destructive to the individual’s physical and mental health.

Substance abuse leads to addiction. Addiction is a physical and psychological dependence on one or multiple substances leading to compulsive behavior. Substance abuse turns into an addiction when the individual is unable to stop taking the substance or substances. Addiction is also the development of a tolerance to the drug so more and more of the substance is needed to release the same amount of dopamine.

The key elements for substance abuse treatment programs include detox, counseling and aftercare. Since there are psychological and physical components to the disease of addiction, all three of these core programs are essential to real success for the addict. The substance abuse is an out growth of other issues so unless the primary issues are addressed, the substance abuse will continue on the other side of rehab. The behavior must be eliminated and new skills learned to deal with stress, disappointment, and long-standing hurt.

Detox involves having the individual stop the use of drugs or alcohol in a medically supervised environment. Detox is the process of getting the addict to a physically stable condition.

Counseling represents the “heart” of the substance abuse treatment plan. It involves Individual, group and family counseling so all parties understand what the dynamics of substance abuse really are.

The aftercare program is where the breakdown in full treatment occurs. In the rehab facility, the recovering addict is surrounded with support and medical advice and love. The aftercare program is not as structured and if the rehab did not address all the elements of addiction, all could be lost here. Aftercare can include follow-up counseling, 12-step meetings or even a specific time living at a half-way house. This also helps to ease the individual back into a substance-free life.


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Long-term Affects of Substance Abuse http://www.americanoutreach.org/long-term-affects-of-substance-abuse.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/long-term-affects-of-substance-abuse.htm#comments Tue, 23 Feb 2010 12:43:01 +0000 admin http://americanoutreach.org/?p=50

Both alcohol and drug abuse have long-term affects on almost every organ in the body. There are some organs that receive a higher impact immediately such as the brain and the digestive system. The most devastating short-term and long-term effect is that alcohol and drugs both, hijack the brain’s normal “reward” pathways. This hijacking results in an addict taking more an more drugs and adding additional drugs to attempt to realize the same pleasurable jolt that was first experienced. Substance abuse alters the areas of the brain responsible for self-control, judgment, emotional regulation, motivation, memory, and learning. At times a substance abuser may have the momentary desire to stop the addiction but because of all the things just listed, the addict given over the reins of his or her life to the substance be it alcohol or drugs.

Specific long-term affects are alcoholic hepatitis, some kinds of stroke, heart disease, and high blood pressure. Health risks not commonly connected to substance abuse are cancer of the voice box, colon, mouth, liver, throat, rectum, esophagus, and the kidneys. Abusive drinking over time is also associated with the medical conditions of epilepsy, nerve damage, loss of brain cells, irritated stomach lining and bleeding from stomach ulcers.

Approximately 10 to 20% of individuals who abuse alcohol develop cirrhosis of the liver which can be fatal. Cirrhosis is irreversible, but if the affected person stops drinking, his or her chances of survival improve. Alcoholic hepatitis is also irreversible but has the potential of improving if the alcoholic becomes clean of his addiction.

Most people believe that once he or she becomes “clean” by stopping the drugs, the problem is gone, but the truth of the matter is that the underlying biochemistry that caused a person to become addicted remains. The reason that merely stopping the drugs is not the cure all is that drugs only put a “feel good” ointment on the deep problem. Taking the drug away will still leave low self-esteem, anxiety, loneliness, or an unhappy family life. Drugs bring their own host of problems, including major disruptions to normal, daily functioning.


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Intervention Mechanism for the Substance Abuser http://www.americanoutreach.org/intervention-mechanism-for-the-substance-abuser.htm http://www.americanoutreach.org/intervention-mechanism-for-the-substance-abuser.htm#comments Mon, 22 Feb 2010 07:24:29 +0000 admin http://americanoutreach.org/?p=61

Drug abuse and or substance abuse is a complex mirage of behavioral, physical, environmental, and pharmacological factors. For the drug addict or the support web around him or her to think that all is needed is will power to “just say no” would be naive and foolish. The drug addict may have physical coordinates which cause the addictive substance to poison him, as it were. A young woman who has grown up with an alcoholic dad may despise alcohol because of the havoc in her childhood. However, she has the propensity for addictions because of the environment of addictive behavior with which she was subjected. She may develop an addiction to cocaine.

The medical community categorizes addiction as a “disease” or a chronic and progressive illness. The medical community also refers to it as a “chemical dependence” rather than an addiction. This means little a a boy or girl, man or woman who is in the vice grip either a withdrawal or the highs of their drug of choice.

During the early years of substance abuse, the user has some degree of control over using or not using. In the later years the drug addiction presents few choices of ceasing without major medical and behavioral intervention.

The intervention tool has been used in many different setting. An intervention is used to offer immediate, short-term help to individuals who are in a crisis life-threatening place. An intervention is used to force a redirection for an individual with a life-threatening drug addition. The mechanism of an intervention is when a friend or a family member, someone whom the addict respects and feels close to. Steps into the realm of the addicts secrets and tells him or her, that things are going to change and he or she is on the way to a treatment facility.

If the drug addict is not on a high and can communicate with a little bit of rational, the transfer may be made without incident and may be somewhat compliant to the plan. The drug addict must not be given option to argue out of the intervention plan.


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There are several different philosophies about addiction, detox, rehab and an ongoing management program. The goal in any rehab program is to produce stable and observable results. The addict or recovering addict should never buy into the philosophy that he or she is trapped in a hopeless disease and a lifelong battle. A recovering addict may always be recovering but if the detox, rehab and treatment is comprehensive, it will not be a lifelong battle, challenging but not a battle.

Approximately, 80% of youth and / or adults who have completed a substance abuse treatment program are unable to maintain sobriety after returning back home. What they forget is sobriety is a lifelong commitment. The addict has to incorporate some type of 12-step program into their life or surround himself or herself with some type of accountability group. Just as soon as the recovering addict thinks he or she has passed up the last temptation, a weakness will sneak up from behind and give a surprise zap. Once a recovering addict stumbles, the road to full addiction is short.

It is relatively easy to fall prey to the cycle of drug addiction, detox, rehab, living sobriety, a stumble, drug addiction and so on. It is relatively difficult to break that cycle and turn it into a straight line from rehab to living in sobriety, accountability group, 12-step program. The recovering addict must develop a plan of action or drug addiction will overcome him or her at an unsuspecting moment or a surprise bend in the road.

A plan of action will be part of breaking the vicious cycle of drug addiction. A plan of action has to take on a daily routine. The recovering addict has to aggressively program into his or her day at least one thing to do to win the fight for his or her sobriety during those 24 hours. It may be a simple thing such as writing a positive “can do” quote and keep it visible throughout the day.

The recovering addict can change the 80% failure.


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