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Alcoholism: Disease or Choice?

No one questions that excessive alcohol consumption is a devastating illness. The effects extend from the user to their family and, in the cases of drunk drivers, to other innocent people whom the user would have otherwise never met. The effects that excessive alcohol consumption can have on the body, as well as judgment, can [...]

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Can a Person Be Addicted To Junk Food?

Image via Wikipedia I strongly believe that a person can become addicted to junk food and quite fast. Like other addictions, junk food can cause several problems inside a person’s body. From obesity to organ failure has been seen as a side effect of excessive consumption of junk food. Like all other types of food, [...]

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Twelve Step Recovery Program: An Overview

In the world of addiction and recovery, the Twelve Step Recovery Program is a widely accepted and utilized method of breaking addictions to drugs, alcohol, sex, food and so forth. Used in many treatment programs, both inpatient and outpatient, this program has been adapted for use in numerous recovery situations. While the guiding principles of [...]

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Seeking Drug Treatment in Tennessee?

If you are looking for Tennessee drug treatment, then La Paloma Treatment Center might be right for you. La Paloma Treatment Center, located in Memphis, Tennessee, specializes in a number of addiction treatment programs, including alcohol, cocaine, crystal meth, heroin, opiate, and prescription drug addictions. La Paloma also admits and works with patients experiencing multiple [...]

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Alcohol Rehab and Peer Pressure

When people talk about peer pressure, it is usually in the context of young people and their friends. Fewer people talk about peer pressure on adults. Why do adults talk about young people and their difficulties but never the peer pressure they face themselves? Adults probably assume that they can bear the weight of the [...]

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The Pharmacist’s Role in Recovery at a Drug Rehab Facility

Image via Wikipedia There is a some debate when you talk about giving patients who have recently completed drug rehab medication. On one side you have the realistic problem that addicts have done immense damage to their body and they are trying to repair it and so the more pain they are in the more [...]

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