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Alcohol Rehab and Peer Pressure

Alcohol Rehab and Peer Pressure

When people talk about peer pressure, it is usually in the context of young people and their friends. Fewer people talk about peer pressure on adults. Why do adults talk about young people and their difficulties but never the peer pressure they face themselves? Adults probably assume that they can bear the weight of the pressure, while the young people cannot. This assumption is often false.

Statistically, more adults abuse alcohol than minors. You would have to assume that more adults feel peer pressure to drink than minors. That would mean, also, that peer pressure on adults is far more serious than the peer pressure on youth.

In general, studies about alcohol abuse are broken into age groups: 12–17, 18–25, 26–35, and so on. We become so used to seeing these age groups that we forget about the alcohol problems faced by adults.

Alcohol rehab is as necessary for a 60-year-old drinker as it is for someone who is 16. Older adults may believe they can “hold their liquor” better than younger people, but the statistics do not take into consideration the social impact of the older drinkers upon the younger drinkers.

If a study were conducted that distributed the ravages of alcoholism across the adult population, scaling the study so that older drinkers bear more responsibility per incident, the study would probably show that the older the drinker, the more damage done. The study would have to be designed to accurately reflect  the issue of peer pressure among adults, and it shouldn’t be assumed that someone who is 25 can’t feel peer pressure from someone who is 40. The pressure to abuse alcohol can hit any age group.

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